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A wading pool is a suitable place to cool off from the blazing heat in summer. You can use a tarp in a wading pool like a cover. A wading pool has an economical pool structure. And that offers all the benefits of a swimming pool in its shallow depth. For building this pool in your backyard, you can take help from a professional pool builder because it will enhance your pool safety and standard.

What is a wading pool

A wading pool requires a structure, basin, chamber, or tank intended to contain an artificial body of water. Mostly it is provided for young children. The container includes a human-made body of water with a depth of water equal to 2 feet 6 inches or lower.

How To Use A Tarp As A Wading Pool Cover

A tarp can be used as a wading pool cover. Here are some steps of using a tarp as a wading pool.  

Step-1: Determining tarp size 

First, measure the diameter of the above-ground swimming pool. By covering the pool, you can calculate how large a tarp is. You should allow an extra 2 feet on all sides. And that can be 4 feet more than the pool diameter. Now, ensure that the cover is more suitable to drape over the pool sides. 

Step -2: Materials buying process

After determining tarp size, it is the right time to buy the tarp, bungee cords, tent stakes. These materials are available in online shops, hardware, or camping stores. You can select a heavy-duty woven polyethylene or polyvinyl tarp. This tarp will give the pool cover extra weight. Please keep it in place, and don’t use an out-dated canvas cloth because they don’t hold up well over time.  

Step-3: Covering the pool

Now, Stretch the tarp across the pool because it is enough to prevent sagging in the middle. This process will be helpful to you if you have no helpers to assist you. Drive tents are stake into the ground, where the tarp’s four corners drape off the pool. Drive the stakes into the ground at an angle, because it will keep them from pulling out. Now, you have to attach bungee cords to the corners of the tarp.

wading pool decoration

For this reason, most tarps are made with metal grommets design. It would help if you hooked the bungee cords to the tent stakes to hold the tarp pool cover. You can use the large tarp to interim grommets along the tarp’s edge by driving additional stakes and securing the tarp to use extra bungee cords. 

How to build a wading pool

For building a wading pool, you should have followed some procedures. The most comfortable system to construct a wading pool is given below:

Step-1: Select the location

Find some locations for building a wading pool. Then, select a place to dig a shallow pit eight feet square.

Step-2: Dig the well

The well needs to be 12 inches deep around the edge. It will be more profound in the middle. Create the bottom smooth and firm. 

Step-3: Pool frame building method

Pick out the four pieces of 4 x 4 and cut one end of each diagonally at a 45-degree angle. Now, nail one part of 4 x 4 to each end of the pieces of marine plywood. Confirm that the cut end of the 4 x 4 is the edge of the plywood. By joining the other sections, make a frame of the eight-foot square. And seal the frame before you line the pool. 

Step-4: Line the beginning

Put the frame into the pit and place it as far down as possible. And the cut ends of the 4 x 4s should be facing up. Fill the gaps between the frame and the soil, fill the gaps with soil.  

Step-5: Lay sand in the hole

You should have placed a two-inch layer of sand at the bottom of the hole. And level out the sand.

Step-6: Fit the pool liner accurately

You can spread the plastic sheet over the frame. Now push it into the pit over the sand for implementing the pool liner properly. Then, go over the bottom and remove the wrinkles as much as possible. Make folds in the sides and keep this as neat as possible. Press the liner firmly into the corners.

Step-7: Secure the pool liner

For securing the pool liner, use the soil that you 

dugout to hold the frame. And you can use pour sand over the plastic sheeting around the pool. Sheets of marine plywood can do the job also. Make a deck around the pool. These methods will make your pool durable and secure. And it is quick to build. It will give you a few months of service without any trouble. You can use a submersible pump to empty the pool and change the pool water. 

How to decorate a wading pool

Decorating enhances the beauty of a pool. Let’s discuss the method of decorating a pool. 

Step-1: Add floating flowers

Floating flowers add an aesthetic touch to your pool. It will give you an excellent look at any party you want to throw.and it seems almost too easy to add.

Step-2: Add floating fountains

Floating fountains are less famous than pool floats. By adding these incredible devices, you can make your pool a beautiful party centerpiece. 

Step-3: Set underwater light 

Many pools take up a lot of space and can not cast lights properly. So, it is easy to set underwater lights. By adding marine light show products, you can turn your dark pool into a party fixture. You can choose the brightness according to your choice. There are many products like multicolored light or just pure white light. It will Make your pool gorgeous for a late-night party.

Step-4: Add pool floats

Pool floats are used for season swimming. It is considered as a great toy. Pool floats have a festive atmosphere in your backyard for parties.

wading pool decoration with flamingo

Step-5: Add floating candles

Floating candles can give you a great look at your pool in late-night parties. These candles are available in a ton of different shapes and sizes. Many pool owners would like to decorate their pool with floating candles. 

Step-6: Patio heaters

If you want to throw a backyard party in cold weather, then you should have to consider patio heaters. It is not necessary to enhance the beauty of the decoration. But it is essential for you.

Step-7: Light columns

The light column is a growing trend. It is also called as topiaries. You can set these stacks of light around your pool. Match these lights with floating candles or even a pool fountain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum depth of a wading pool?

A wading pool is a structure, basin, chamber, or tank containing an artificial body of water. The maximum depth of a wading pool is 0.75 meters (2 feet 6 inches). It mostly provides for the recreational or instructive use of young children.

How do you keep a kiddie pool clean?

You can keep a kiddie pool clean by covering the pool. Chlorine is used to keep the water clean by using net remove floating debris. Use the aqua broom to sweep the bottom. Confirm that kid’s feet clean before entering. You can eliminate sunscreen buildup with scumballs.remove the leaves, sticks.

Final Thought

Now, you have everything about the uses of a tarp for a wading pool. So, you can consider your thought about the tarp. We have shared all the information about how to use the tarp in a wading pool and other related information of the wading pool. Follow the above instructions and make a wading pool by using a tarp. We hope these instructions will help you to build it.

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