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Vinyl Pool Fence | 10 Steps To Make Your Pool Safe For Children

It’s is 8 o’clock and the tension of Emma is going to start about Noah. This 3-year boy is a matter of worried for the family members because he is a very hyperactive boy. He goes around the backyard without the concern of Emma and Adam. So, today they are planning to install pool fences around their pool. But what type of pool fences is the best for them. They found some great pool fences idea and determined to install vinyl pool fences around their pool. 

Vinyl Pool fence

The exclusive feature of vinyl fences is, it is water-resistant. Besides, it includes self-closing hinges which will ensure to close the fence door automatically. It will ensure the safety of the children and pets and prevent unauthorized access to the pool by the outsiders. Emma and Adam is passing weekend and so they want to install the vinyl pool fence by themself. But they have no previous fence installing experience. Here is the step by step guide to install vinyl pool fences. 


How to install vinyl pool fences? 

Installing vinyl pool fences is not a herculean task. Just follow the following steps to install perfectly around your pool. There are different steps of installing a vinyl pool fence on your pool. Lets took a look at them below:

Before starting the installation process of the vinyl pool, let’s familiarize with some tools.

Required Tools

  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Post-hole digger/ auger
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood or metal stakes.
  • Level
  • Sae
  • Drill
  • Wrences
  • Spray Paint
  • Wheelbarrow

Step 01

Before digging for the installation of a vinyl pool fence, contact the local utility center. This will help you to find what is under your pool area. Sometimes different kinds of utility lines like current, gas, and water line can pass under your pool area. Without taking proper measure you should not proceed to work because it can be life-threatening to you. 

Step 02

Determine the amount of fence that you need and then go to the shop or order online. You can draw the layout of the fence to find the better one. After receiving the product, start installing the fence by digging holes for the fence posts. 

Step 03

Find the corner and gate location and mark them properly. Make sure the gap between the two posts should not exceed 6 feet. After marking the place of holes, start digging holes. You can put a layer of gravel at the bottom of the fence post holes. 

dig soil for vinyl pool fences

Step 04

Then place the posts in a straight line and you can use a string line to ensure the straightness of each post. Start plumbing and leveling the post into its position. Keep the bottom gap 2” from the ground to adjust it whenever you want.

Step 05

Now take wood and hammer and place the hammer on the fence post. Hammer on the wood to adjust the post duly. Here the wood will save your posts from getting damaged.

Step 06

Install the gate posts after all the normal posts get installed. Keep the space between the two gate posts according to the size of the gate. Proper leveling and plumbing is very crucial for the perfect operation of the gate. Here the gate will automatically close when the gate posts are properly leveled.

Step 07

Place the bottom rail into the post and it will maintain the same distance from each side of the rail. You can secure the rail from damage by using notches, rail clips, glue tabs, and screws. They are used to attach the bottom rail and prevent the movement of the rail. 

Step 08

Now you need to insert a vinyl picket and stiffener in the rail which will give the fence additional strength. Here you have to install the top rail. Here the rail could slide into the top routed hole of the opposite post. Take proper care in order to line the picket and make them parallel with the post. Attach screws and rail clips to secure the top rail. 

Step 09

You can make the gate posts stronger by inserting steel or concrete into it. Before applying concrete into the post, screw the gate hardware with the gate post.

Step 10

Maintain proper form of concrete as pert it should not too thick or too soupy. Dont pour the concrete mix on the vinyl fence. Because you will find it difficult to remove concrete from the vinyl fence when it will get hard. If it falls accidentally, wipes it as soon as it is in wet form. 

Step 11

Attach the hinge and ensure an equal gap in both sides of the gate. Install an upgraded latch to the gate. At last-place caps on the posts with glue to provide a proper finish to your pool fence.


Can I use vinyl Pool Fences around the above ground pool? 

Above-ground pools are typically safe enough from the inground pool in terms of the access of babies and pets. But the steps or the entry of the above-ground pool should be fenced properly to prevent unauthorised access.

Make a safety fencing around the entry part of the pool. Here waterproof vinyl fences will be the best solution for you to secure your above-ground pool.  

What is the vinyl picket fence? 

Vinyl picket fences are made of vinyl which is a special form of plastic. Traditionally picket fences were made of wood but now they have arrived in different variations. A vinyl picket fence is found 36 to 48 inches tall. The horizontal bottom rail and the top rail are affixed with the fence post. It strengthens the fence post and increases the lifetime of the vinyl pool fence. Click the link below to learn more about vinyl picket fence. 

Note: vinyl picket fence


Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does it cost to put a fence around a pool?

A pool fence costs $1600 to $10000 to install and purchase and the price varies on the area of the pool and pool fence types. If you use a chain-link or mesh fence, it will cost $1000 to $5000. In terms of vinyl, glass or aluminium fence it will cost $2000 to $12000.

How high must a fence be around a swimming pool?

The pool fence should be a minimum of 48 inches high from the ground. This height is necessary to prevent the access of your adorable child or pets. Otherwise, they can jump over the pool fence and there is a great chance of accidental occurrence. 

Final thought

The pool fence guidelines differ from one place to another place but its importance is the same for anywhere. The vinyl pool fence is one of the best pool fences which is used to prevent child drowning. It adds privacy to your beautiful swimming pool and also requires a little maintenance than the other kind of pool fences. So use the pool fence to make your pool more secure and maintain your privacy.

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