temporary fences for pools

Temporary fences for pools | Are They Safe For Pool?

When you have a pool, you and your family can have a quality time in summer. By swimming in the pool, you can stay cool in these unbearable hot days. And you have to take proper preventive measures to remain safe while using the pool. It can appear as a life-threatening issue to your child and pets who do not know swimming. For this purpose, you can use temporary fences for pools.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning in the pool has mostly occurred and it is the leading cause of death of the children from ages five to nine in the US. You can be safe from this kind of accident by using temporary fences for pools


What are temporary fences for pools

Temporary fences are used in pools to remain safe from unwanted accidents. It is easy to install and the removal process is also simple. You need to use temporary fencing in your pool and it is required by the law of swimming pool construction. It can be a lifesaver to your adorable babies and pets. The babies and pets can fall into the water when they are not at your direct observation. Here the temporary fences can prevent them from playing and drowning into the pool water. Besides, it has a self-closing gate which ensures the safety level for your lovable one.

temporary fences for pools
temporary fences for pools make your pool safe

You can be surprised to learn that pool fences can decrease the accidental drowning rate near to 83%. Sometimes it is not possible to build a permanent fence due to rental policies or some other reasons. But you can’t take the risk of your babies or pets. Here, the temporary fences are the best solution for you. Sometimes, such kind of situation arrives that you don’t have any child or pets but your guests or neighbor has babies. So, in this situation, you need a temporary fence to avoid risk. 


Temporary fence for pool safety

The temporary fence ensures the safety of your babies or pets from drowning into the pool water. As a human, it is a little bit tough to keep direct observation 24/7 to the toddlers. Because they are very speedy and do not stay in one place for a long time. In this situation, temporary pool fences can ensure both your relaxation and the safety of your baby. You have to lock the fence door manually each time after entrance or exit from the pool. Keep the fence enough to prevent them from jumping over the fence wall.

When you are staying in a rental house, you need to obey the codes of the property owners. Most of the time the owners don’t allow to make any hole on the pool patio or in other parts. And, there are different kinds of temporary fences where you don’t have to make holes on your pool ground. So it can be a complete package to you for enjoying the pool with proper safety and maintain the owners’ code. 


Temporary pool fencing for dogs 


Every year, thousands of dogs and other pets drown in the swimming pool and lose their life. Pets are also regarded as a part of our family and they should be taken care of properly. But most of the time the pool owners don’t have the concern about their pets in terms of fencing the pool. Because they think that all the dogs and other pets can swim naturally. But that is not the fact. Some of the pets can swim and most of the pets cannot swim at an early age.


Safety tips

  1. You have to examine whether your dog can swim or not. And observe its swimming proficiency.
  2. Push them into the pool water and notice their situation in times of accidental falling into the water. Because some pets can swim at daylight but get frightened in darkness.
  3. The dogs that have seizure disorder are not safe in the pool water without direct supervision.
  4. If your pet or dog is blind, there is a high risk for them to drown into the pool water. So, take proper care of them


Temporary fencing for above ground pools 


The above-ground pool structure itself can be used as a fence or barrier. It generally stays top of the pool structure and a ladder is used to enter into the above ground pool. Temporary fencing safety of above ground pool is as bellow:


  1. The ladder of the pool should be locked properly with a temporary fence. It will prevent the access of children and pets to the above-ground pool.
  2. The wall of the fence must have a minimum of 4 feet or 48 inches height from the surface of the pool area.
  3. The vertical clearance between the bottom of the fence and the pool surface should not be more than 4 inches. And it should be attached from the inner side of the swimming pool.
  4. If the pool surface is grassy and non-solid, the distance must be decreased into 2 inches. In the case of mesh fences, the distance should be 1 inch.
  5. The opening or empty space between the vertical and horizontal members should not be more than 4 inches in diameter. it will ensure the safety of your pets. Because they can try entering into the pool with these small holes.
  6. Sometimes, the fence is made of horizontal and vertical members. In this case, the space between the vertical members should be a maximum of 1¾ inches in width. The ladder of the pool should be duly covered by the fence or the entry can be fenced to avoid child and pets entrance into the pool


Final thought

Your child and pets are invaluable parts of your life and you should take proper care of them. When you have a pool, their life can be at stake anytime. By investing a little amount to temporary fences for pools, you can prevent the risk of losing your adorable babies and pets. Be careful about the safety measures of your pool and enjoy swimming.

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