Stock tank Pool

Everything You Need To Know About Stock tank Pool

A stock tank pool is made of galvanized steel frames. These steel frames are harder than plastic. It is like a kiddie pool for adult persons. Nowadays, stock tank pools have become trendy. You can buy these steel frames according to your desire. Adult people can easily stretch out their legs in this pool.

What is the stock tank pool?

A stock tank pool has recently become trendy. You can quickly turn these pools into DIY pools. This tank is used as a watering trough for livestock. A metal tank can turn into a pool by adding a pool pump with a filter system, and you should keep your pool clean with chlorine tabs in a swimming pool cleaner floater.

Stock tank Pool
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Uses of Stock Tank pool:

* To stock water

* To provide drinking water to cattle, horse and any other pets

* To use as a pond for the ducks and bath place for pets

* To use in farming as to store waters

* Can be used as a playground for children

Types of Stock Tank Pools

There are several types of stock tank pools. Such as, plastic stock tank pool, galvanized stock tank pool. Their advantages and disadvantages are given below:

Plastic stock tank pool

The main advantage of a plastic pool tank is that it’s lightweight and won’t rust. These tanks will conduct less heat so that the water will stay cool longer. But they will crack or break from a massive impact.  You have to scrub appropriately to remove dirt and algae from the tank. There are different shapes of plastic tanks like a round, square, rectangle. Round and oval shape based plastic tanks are self-supporting. But square and rectangular plastic tanks need a separate external frame to stand upright.

Galvanized stock tank pool

The galvanized stock tank pool is also known as metal tanks. These tanks are more massive. Metal tanks conduct more heat, and it will warm water quickly on summer days. They won’t break easily, and it doesn’t need an external frame to stand upright. The most extraordinary thing is their slick surface can easily remove algae.

Reasons You Need A Stock Tank Pool?

A stock tank pool has many benefits. The reasons for installing a stock tank pool is given here:

It takes less space

A stock tank pool doesn’t take much space, and many stock tank pools are about 8 feet in diameter by 2 feet high. Here smaller tanks include a six-footer. But other pools stretch to 10 feet or more, and you can set this tank in your yard, patio, or on a deck. Try to use it outdoors.

Stock tanks stand for livestock.

You can use stock tanks as giant water bowls for goats, cattle, horses, and pigs. Besides, you can use this tank to plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Amazing durability

Stock tank pools are tough enough to hold up for a few months each year at your swimming pool. These tanks are made of galvanized metal so that it will rust a little.

They are the cheapest.

The best thing about this pool tank is the cheaper cost. So, this is budget-friendly.  This stock tank pool is less expensive than an inflatable kiddie pool.

Easy to clean the pool

Every swimming pool needs proper maintenance.  Cleaning is an essential work that is included in maintenance.  You can add a pump and filter unit to keep your pool water clean. Chlorine tabs and a hand net will keep your stock tank pool crystal clear all summer.

Problems With Stock Tank Pools

There are various kinds of disadvantages of stock tank pools. The problems are given below:

They will rust

If you’re using chlorine tablets directly into the galvanized pool, it may cause rust in your tank. You should put the chlorine tablets in a chlorine float before mixing it into the metal pool. This process will help you to avoid corrosion or rust of your stock tank.

A stock tank can create mosquitoes.

We know that standing water can create mosquitoes.  For moving the water, you should install a pump to your tank. And you also can connect a mosquito netting system around the tank. This method will help you to stop breeding sites for mosquitoes.

The pool gets too hot.

Sometimes the pool gets too hot. For avoiding this problem, you should create your tank pool under a tree. You also can use a solar sail or umbrella. Don’t worry about the water getting too hot, because an umbrella can reduce this problem. If your pool sits in full sun all day, you can take this stock tank under a Joshua tree. Metal can conduct heat or cold, keep that in mind. The sun’s heat will raise the stock tank’s temperature, and the tank will cool down overnight.

Storing stock tank during winter

Some stock tanks have a coating to withstand harsh weather. This tank is also designed for outside watering your animals year-round. If you have a freestanding tank and not surrounded by any decking, you can store the tank in the offseason. Just flip over the tank and store it in your garage.

Problems with the set-up

In the case of setting up a stock tank pool, it requires careful site selection and a few accessories. Though setting up is DIY- friendly, it’s not simple as plopping the tank down anywhere and filling it up. One needs to ensure that the place can support the weight of the container, water, and the number of persons who swim in the tank.

In general, the more massive metal tanks require a solid foundation such as concrete, and should not be set up on wooden decks with weak sports.

Maintenance Problem

The most common problem while using a tank is the maintenance problem. A tank needs to be adequately cleaned. Otherwise, an unhealthy, dirty tank may cause to rise of many viruses, diseases, and pollution.

How To Fix The Problems

Proper maintenance is the key to the pristine pool water. Filter pumps will filter out a good deal of human contaminants and bacteria in the pool. However, dirt and grime makes the pool’s water unsighty and its twigs can cause injuries.

Here are some maintenance tips:

  1. Wtih the use of pool skimmer, remove leaves, debris, and twigs from the pool’s water.
  2. Consider situating the pool in the shade of a tree or on a covered patio to maintain pleasant water temperature.
  3. Use chlorine tablets as recommended on the packaging to kill bacteria and stave off algae.
  4. At the time of using chlorine tablets, use a chlorine floater instead of throwing in the pool.
  5. Use pool-vacuum for the cleaning purpose.
  6. When you don’t use the stock tank pool of off-season, cover it with grarage or a shed to get rid of bugs.

How To Set Up A Stock Tank Pool?

The whole procedure of setting up a stock tank pool is given below. Follow the steps and set up your stock tank pool.

Step 1: Tank size and location

Firstly, you should consider the location for installing a pool. It doesn’t matter where you put your pool, but consider two things for its location. The area should be flat and level. Ensure that the site is free of roots, rocks, and humps. Ensure the location is level.

You probably have a spot in your yard that fits this requirement. Check again with a construction level and visual inspection first. You can level the area with a shovel and some sand. It is recommended to place your stock tank pools on decks according to their weight. Moreover, if you are going to put it on your deck, you have to be very careful about weight. Make sure that the structure can hold the weight of the stock tank pool.

You should consider other amenities when you are going to add steps or a ladder, or other landscaping around the pool. Ensure that there is a room around the pool. This is the right time to choose a size and shape for your pool. Your stock tank pool could be a round or oval shape. Multiple people and kids prefer circular shape tanks. This tank allows room to spread out.

On the other hand, oval stock tanks are long but skinny. So, this tank is suitable for one or two people. The round shape of the stock tank is most popular.

Step 2: Install the filter pump.

A filter pump will keep your pool clean and fresh during the summer season. Installing a filter pump is a basic need for a tank pool. Installing a filter pump is the best way to keep your pool fresh from all the dirt. This is the perfect remedy because it filters debris and circulates water to your pool. The filter pump is designed for above ground pool.

Step 3: Keep the water blue and clear all summer

The final step is to maintain the water of your pool throughout the year. You can enjoy the stock tank pool when it is clean and bright. It won’t be great to swim in murky, grimy, and full of debris water. So, remember that stock tank pools require maintenance and upkeep. Maintain your pool water properly by adding a filter pump.

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After installing the filter pump, you should add one or two chlorinating tabs each week to your pool. A skimmer net can remove larger debris like leaves, twigs, and bugs. You have to replace the filter occasionally. It can last two weeks or two months, depending on the dirt and debris that gets in your pool. So, a filter pump will keep your water blue and crystal clear.

How To Make A Stock Tank Pool?

A stock tank pool is getting popular day by day. It could be made by yourself. So, the process is here:

Step 1

Get the stock tank pool to your house. You can buy it from your local farm store, or this is available in online shops also. You have to find a place that is level and flat and not close to so many trees. You can put extra sand in that place where you want your pool. Because this will make an excellent base for your stock tank pool, make sure that the electrical outlet is close to the tank. The pool filter needs to be attached to the electrical outlet and tank pool also. Before preparing the place for your pool tank, ensure that you have enough location for installing the entire thing.

Step 2

After setting up the stock tank pool, it is the right time to set up the pool filter. The setting process of a pool filter is easy. You have to cut two holes in the stock tank pool for fixing the filter tubes with it.  The position of the holes will be 2-3 feet apart from each other. Create these holes in the middle of the top half of the pool walls.

Now, take a look at the outside diameter of the attachment piece because that will fit through the hole before you cut it. Cut the tank two ⅛  inches wide. You can use a corded drill and a drill bit with a 2.5-inch diameter, which will be slightly more significant than the attachment pieces. It will work correctly. If your holes were too small, the tubes would be covered with lots of extra adhesives. So, cut the hole accurately.

Step 3

This is the right time to attach the plunger valves and secure the filter tubes with epoxy. Set the big round end with the filter inside of the pool. You can use plumber epoxy and waterproof epoxy that will hold up nicely. Moreover, PC-11 epoxy is designed for underwater, and it can take massive amounts of pressure quickly. Using the PC-11, mix the epoxy properly from the two containers together and apply it around the attachment. After applying the mixed epoxy, let it cure for 24 hours.

Step 4

Now, attach the pool filter tubes and fill the pool with water. Remember that you have to let the epoxy fully dry for at least 24 hours before filling the pool with water. If there is any problem after filling the pool with water, you should drain it and dry the pool. In some cases, the threading on one of the hoses can be off a little bit. Release the tiny valve on the top of the debris catcher. This work will help you to release the air and allow the filter to work correctly. Do these work when you are going to turn on the pool filter.

Frequently Asked Questions | Stock Tank Pool

Should I paint the stock tank pool?

You can paint your tank pool if you like to paint it. It is not mandatory to paint the tank pool. But paint will increase the beauty of your stock tank pool. The other benefit of the paint is, it will keep your metal away from rusting. As we know, galvanized metal is durable, and it won’t rust easily. If you want to paint your stock tank pool correctly, you will need many cans of spray paint. First, prep the surface properly and then paint the stock tank pool. Paint on the stock tank pool depends on your desire. You can do it if you want.

Do I have to use chlorine?

The usage of chlorine is not necessary or highly recommendable. Chlorine is typically used to make the pool water clean and low maintenance. The usage of chlorine depends on you. It is right that these chlorine tablets will keep your pool water clean. If you want to maintain your pool by using chlorine, it’s up to you. It is wholly optional.

Are the stock tank pools safe? 

If you can properly maintain a stock pool, it is a hundred per cent safe tool. But for this, you also need to learn the maintenance practices that ensure water in stock is safe for swimming- free of debris, human contaminants, and waterborne bacteria that can cause rashes or infections.

How long does a stock tank pool last?

We read that ground pools usually last about three years, but the material or plastic tanks can last well over ten if you take care of it.

How do stock tank pools work?

To work a pool properly one needs to set a transfer pump and small aerators. At the time of transferring and moving the tank water, they keep the water from getting too hot, prevent algae and other buildups, and prevent mosquitoes from breeding. Also, pool chemicals will also help keep the water clean.


The swimming pool is a great place where you can enjoy your swim time with your family and friends. The stock tank pool also can be an enjoyable place for your family. It is a flexible option for the swimming pool lovers because you can move it as per your wish. So, you can install a stock tank pool by following the above instructions.

A stock tank pool is necessary for our daily life. On the other hand, it’s very much necessary to maintain it properly. Otherwise, it may turn into difficulties which will add more issues to the daily works.

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