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Spool Pools | Are You Searching For A Budget Friendly Pool?

The spool pool is a cost effective way for getting all benefits of pool and spa. It is very popular for its simplicity, versatility, and budget-friendliness.

What is a spool poll 

Spool pool is basically a combination of two words-spa and pool. It is also called cocktail pool. It is designed as a solution of having a swimming pool in a limited space. Spool pool is gradually becoming a trending part for small families.

Increadible spool pool

They can be customized to any size. Generally they are much smaller than a swimming pool, but nearly twice length of an average spa.

The basic difference of a spa and spool pool is it’s depth. Spool pool is deeper than the spa.

Measurements Of Spool Pool

Generally a spool can be a length of 10-16 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide.

For a family of 6 to 8 members, 18 feet by 36 feet pool is recommended.

For a family of less than 6 members, 16 feet by 32 feet is recommended.

Variations Of Spool Pool

There are some types of spool pool. Such as.

Spa spool: This kind of pool is actually made for relaxation or to spend some quality time with ownself.It’s a pool actually with the facilities of spa. In the Northeastern part of the world it is very much common. It become a part of daily life during summer to them.

Bar spool: Basically this is the extension of the kitchen which can be converted into a pool, when the space of the backyard is limited. A particular place of getting peace with some cocktails.In maximum cases, people have cocktail parties there to enjoy the evening.

Benifits of a spool pool

There are several benifits of this type of pool.Like-

  • Budget friendly : It is a cheaper project than the swimming pool.Its cost,usage and labour is always bear less expensive.
  • Adaptability: It can be fitted at a small place, can be an extension of kitchen.
  • Health benifits: A spoil helps to keep mind fresh.It has both mental and physical health benefits.
  • Eco-friendly: It need almost 70-80% less water and electricity than the traditional one.

Factors That You Should Consider At The Time Of Building Spool Pool


To build your own spool 1st you have to have a specific land or part of your yard. Vinyl is the best option in case of materials.But copper is considered more attractive than the vinyl. Though copper is more expensive than vinyl.


The expected expense to set up a spool pool is around $22,650, but it depends upon the personal customization of the owner.


Materials Cost
Concrete $23,000
Fiberglasses $15,000
Copper $50,000
Vinyl $10,000
Cedar (round 6’ diameter) $5,000


Additional features: To make your sokol more benificial some more options is sometimes necessary. Such as-

  • Heater
  • Water lighting
  • Steps
  • Seating arrangement
  • Music system
  • Underwater trademill
  • Pool vacuum etc.

Frequently Asked Questions | Spool Pool

  • Are the spools cheaper than pools? 

More often a spool is cheaper than a traditional swimming pool and more than a conventional spa.

  • What does a spool look alike? 

Typically measuring 10-16 feet long and 6-8 feet wide,spools are ide for restricted spaces or oldy shaped backyards.

  • What is a good size of spool? 

The good size for a pool is generally 16 feet by 32 feet.

  • What is the need of additional features? 

Additional features is needed to make you pool more attractive and beneficial.

  • Copper or vinyl – which is more cheaper and beinifical? Basically vinyl is most used and cheaper to be used as the material of spool.But copper makes a spool more attractive.
  • How can I maintain my spool? For the proper maintain your spool hygienity is must. Then one should be more careful about the additional features. To make a good view of spool one must arrange his own spool according to his budget and effort.

The spool pool doesn’t have spacious place for swimming but it is great for relaxing. Its unique features attract all the homeowners.

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