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Solar Pool Covers | Are Your Pool Safe For Your Children?

Solar pool covers are very useful to pool users to keep their pool water heated. Besides solar pool covers reduce the pool chemical costing. Because it puts a barrier between the sun and the pool water. And this prevents the evaporation of chlorine from the pool water. Further, it protects pool water from excessive evaporation. So your pool water stays at a balanced level and you need not add water frequently to your pool in summer. 

Factors that you Should Consider at the time of Buying a solar pool Covers

Before buying a swimming pool cover, you need to consider several features of a pool cover. Let’s take a look at these features below:

 Pool size

Firstly you need to consider the size of the pool and the dimension of the pool cover. Consider the shape of your pool. Because your pool can be rectangular in shape or in a round shape. So you have to buy the pool covers according to the pool shape. The solar pool cover should be longer than your pool size. If you have a 10 feet round pool, you will need a 15 feet solar pool cover. It should be around 4” larger to trim the cover properly

Solar pool covers


The colour of the pool cover is a crucial factor. There are some pool covers that have a transparent layer. Here more light and energy pass through the pool cover to the pool water. So the pool water gets warmer quickly.

On the other hand, a transparent pool cover cannot absorb more heat whole darker color cover can do that task. Every solar pool covers have its unique feature based on transparency and absorbing heat in the swimming pool.


The thickness of the solar pool cover is another mandatory feature that should be considered. You can find solar pool covers in different thicknesses like 8 Mil, 12 Mil, 14 Mil, and 16 Mil. The pool cover that has less thickness, can pass heat from the sun easily. But it cannot absorb heat efficiently. In terms of thick solar pool cover, here heat take more time to pass through the pool but it can absorb and trap the heat more efficiently than the lighter one

Types of Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover can be found in three types. These are categorized according to shape, color, and type of the pool.

Type 01: Based on Shape

The pool cover can be found in several shapes that ensure proper fit according to the shape of your pool. You can buy rectangular, round, and oval shape covers according to your preference.

Type 02: Based On Colour

As we already discussed the color of the solar pool cover, you can find it generally in three colors. These are clear, light blue, and dark blue. When the color of your solar pool cover is darker, it can trap more heat in your pool. If you want to use a cover on your pool at night, the darker color solar cover is the best choice for you. At daylight, the transparent pool cover works best.

Type 03: Based OnPool type

The last type is based on the pool type. There is a separate solar pool cover available for the inground pool and for the above ground pool. So you can use the pool cover based on your pool type.

How to install Solar pool covers 

You can install solar pool cover by yourself . this will need a little bit of planning and little elbow grease. Let’s dive into the detail of installing solar pool covers.

 Step 1

Take a tape and measure the size of your pool. After measuring you can determine the size of the solar pool cover that you need. You have to choose the right measured pool cover to use on your pool. You can measure the size of your pool by width and length when it is in rectangular size. In terms of oval and round shape pool, determine the area of your pool to  get the right measurement

 Step 2

Go to the pool supply store and buy the solar pool cover according to your specification. If you do not find the exact size, buy the larger size pool cover.

 Step 3

Place the cover flat through your pool. Keep the bubble side down of your cover and move it smoothly to avoid wrinkles.


Move the cover to a flat area to cut it in a perfect size. Cut the extra part of your pool cover. You can mark the extra portion before cutting to get a proper finishing.

 Step 5

Place the trimmed cover on your swimming pool. At the time of removing the cover, stand on the end of the pool. Then pull up the cover 1 feet and fold it . do it till the whole cover completely pulled up. This will help you to remove the cover within a short time, minimum space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Solar Pool Covers Actually Work?

When you lay the solar pool cover on your pool, the heat is absorbed in the air-filled bubbles and the energy transfers into the pool water. It is 95% effective to stop heat loss from the pool and stop evaporation of water from the pool. And the solar pool cover makes the pool water warmer which is needed during the cool nights. It reduces the chemical reaction which is formed from the UV radiation of the a solar pool cover works great to keep the pool water healthy.

How Fast Does A Solar Cover Heat A Pool?

The solar pool cover typically increases the temperature of the pool water 5 to 8 degrees at 12 hours of usage. A transparent pool cover absorbs heat from the sunlight and it heats the water about 0.7 degrees F  per hour

What colour solar pool cover heats the best?

The dark blue solar cover works best to trap the heat in the pool. And transparent cover works best for heat gain in pool water. So you will find the best balance between transparent cover and dark blue cover in the light blue colour solar cover



A solar pool cover can save you a great deal of money. Because you need not heat your pool water with a heater. You can keep your pool water warm in the cold nights by using it. If you have a pool heater then it will increase the efficiency of it. So it is a great choice for you if you want warmer water at your pool

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