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Should You Install Shipping Container Pool ?

If you want a smart alternative to the traditional swimming pool, undoubtedly you can go for a shipping container pool. It is a creative way to repurpose and recycle, a shipping container.

What is a shipping container pool?

A shipping container pool is a swimming pool that is made from a shipping container. They are very much eco-friendly. 

Benefits of shipping container pool

A shipping container pool has many benefits. Such as-

  1. They are less expensive than the traditional swimming pool.
  2. It can be reused obsolete containers in a new and innovative way, also reduces the amount of waste.
  3. A shipping container can be highly customized to suit the needs of the owner.
  4. It sits above ground; it does not need to be built into the field of the backyard.
  5. It can easily be transported by road on a truck when you decided to move your home.
  6. Most of the pools come as complete kits with everything one needs, including pool lighting and filtration system. So container pools can be used straight away as soon as they have been installed.
  7. One can use it in various ways, so it is a multi-tasker.

How to install a shipping container pool

Size: It comes in two sizes.

 They are- 

1. eight feet by twenty feet 

2.eight feet by forty feet

But one can customize his own pool. Like one can choose from 12 foot, 15foot, with own range of depths and widths.

The inside surface: From its name, you can’t say that a shipping container pool is just a shipping container filled with water.

Besides having a steel cover, there is another layer of steel inside the steel walls to make it watertight.

The second layer of steel adds a significant amount of weight to the pool.

 Some pools are then lined with a fibreglass shell. 

Installation: It can be easily installed in the outdoors. You can easily install it in your back yard by a crane.

The cover: A covered pool traps on heat, conserves water, and protects your pool from the debris and unwanted access.

Lifespan: A typical container can last up to 12 to 14years. When a vessel comes out of the shipping service, many of them are sold for storage. A used box can easily surpass another more than ten years.

Water tightness: The primary purpose of the shipping container is to transport goods across the water or ocean. So these shipping containers are waterproof, and so the Shipping container pools are waterproof. They have water resistance so that any splashing could not lead to rust. A container is equipped with heavy-duty rubber door seals that keep water and wind out. So shipping containers have water tightness. 

The best material for pools: 

Fiberglass: Fiberglass pools are highly praised for some good reasons. Like-

  1. The fiberglass finishing on a pool has no pores on the surface.
  2. It is easy to maintain and highly durable, also quick to install.

Vinyl: It is durable but more susceptible to scratches and tears. Sometimes they may require frequent replacement. It’s cheaper.

Concrete: It is incredibly durable, but the rough surface can ve rough on feet. It requires more maintenance than the pools of fibreglasses.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Shipping Container Pool

How much a shipping container pool cost?

>> A traditional pool coast $35,000 to $65,000. In comparison to the materials, basically, vinyl pools are cheaper, which expenses between $16,500 to $39,900.

Can you bury a shipping container pool?

>> No, it is never designed to be immersed. A shipping container is hugely stable and robust, but if it is buried, it can differentiate the underground structure and requires extreme depth. 

Final Thought

The shipping container pool has so many dimensions for usage. But it has some disadvantages too. Like- they all are of the same sizes, the quality can not be guaranteed, the metal can sometimes rust, might be expensive to heat and cold, etc. But in case of fun and relaxation, it is the best medium to have.

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