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Saltwater chlorinator | You Mustn’t Ignore Its 5 Advantages

When you have a saltwater chlorinator, you can enjoy crystal clear pool water. Here you need not add chlorine to your water. Thus, you can say goodbye to irritating smell and other health problems. As you have saltwater chlorinator in your pool, you don’t have to spend much time maintaining your pool. This will generate appropriate amounts of chlorine that is suitable according to your pool size.


Advantages of using Saltwater chlorinator in the Pool


There are many advantages of saltwater chlorinators than traditional normal water pool. It will make your swimming pool shine and it costs less than other pool sanitizing process. Let’s dive into the advantages of salt water chlorinators.


Eliminates harsh chemicals

You need not add sanitizing chemicals in your saltwater pool. Because chlorine already exists in the saltwater pool and that little amount of chlorine is generated from the saltwater chlorinator. So, you can eliminate toxic and harsh chemicals and ensure healthy swimming. 

Low maintenance

A saltwater pool requires low maintenance. You can naturally find your pool water crystal clear. As stated earlier, you don’t need to add another sanitizer here. Just make sure the pool water alkalinity, pH and water hardness tests regularly to ensure pool water healthiness. Besides, the salt chlorinator produces salt as a byproduct. So, it requires to add a little amount of salt further.


The initial cost of salt water chlorinator is a little bit high. But the maintenance cost is very low. So, if you calculate the overall yearly cost, you will find saltwater chlorinator more affordable than other options. As you eliminate external sanitizers, your cost will reduce dramatically. 


The saltwater chlorinator is flexible to use in a residential pool, commercial pool, spas and hot tubs. Besides you can install it easily to your pool. So, it plays a dynamic role in terms of flexibility.

Healthier option

You will find saltwater chlorinator healthier for the swimmers. It provides serenity to the swimmers who have sensitive skin, eyes, and nose. Moreover, it is best for people who have allergies. 

saltwater chlorinator
Advantages and Disadvantages of saltwater chlorinator


Disadvantages of using Saltwater chlorinator in the Pool


There are some cons of saltwater chlorinators. Let’s take a look at them below:

High pH level

Salt chlorinators produce sodium hypochlorite and it has a high pH level. So you have to apply acid to your pool for balancing the pH level. Apply acid weekly for maintaining the pH level properly.

Excess salt cells

The salt level of your pool has to maintain duly. You need to clean the salt cell from time to time. Moreover, sometimes you have to replace the salt cells of your chlorinator.

High initial cost

A saltwater chlorinators initial cost is high. It will require $1400 to $2000, plus installation cost to apply a saltwater chlorinator system initially. 


Safety Concerns At the time of Using Salt Chlorinator

Ensure the necessary safety measures at the time of using saltwater chlorinators. The following guidelines should be obeyed upon installation

saltwater chlorinator

1)A saltwater chlorinator has an inbuilt water flow sensor. And it will stop automatically when lack of water flow. Don’t use chlorinator without water flowing because it can cause the buildup of flammable gases. And this will result in fire or explosion at the chlorinator.


2)Keep the equipment out of reach of children. Don’t allow children near the pool in the time of installing the saltwater chlorinator. If any power supply cable and chlorinator cell cable get damaged, replace it as early as possible by a professional.


3)At the time of installing and using the electrical equipment, never disobey the basic safety precautions. Before installing the salt water chlorinator, turn off all power to your installation area.


4)Connect a circuit which is protected by ground fault circuit interrupter. The chlorinator needs airflow for cooling down the entire unit at times of operation. So, never install beneath the skirt of a spa or hot tub for maintaining proper airflow.


5)The control box should be installed a minimum 5 feet vertically from the ground to prevent rainwater splash-off. Do not use the chlorinator with storable pools. Complete the process of installation with a professional to avoid the risk of electric shock, fire or any kind of injury. Never run a spa or hot tub when the suction fittings are broken or missing


Frequently Asked Questions

How do saltwater chlorinators work?

The chlorinators make use of a process and that is called electrolysis. It takes dissolved salt (sodium chloride and also called as table salt) and split salt into hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite as well. When hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite mixed with the water, the cleaning process gets started. These chemicals destroy bacteria and prevent algae growth of the pool water.


Now comes the best part of this process. the hypochlorous acid converted back into sodium chloride. So you don’t need to continuously add salt to your pool water. For that reason, it is called as a self-sustaining process. When the salt will be diluted in a high amount by overfilling the pool. Then, you will need to add salt to your pool water


How long do saltwater chlorinators last?

If you maintain your saltwater chlorinator in the right manner, the chlorinator system will last from 3 to 7 years without any trouble. you can replace the cell or the board of the chlorinator when it gets damaged. It will cost nearly $500 to $1100 to replace the parts. The cost will vary according to the body parts of the chlorinator system



Though the initial cost of a saltwater chlorinator is a little bit high, you can get a lot of extra advantage by using it. Besides, it has greater flexibility to any kind of pool, spa and hot tubes. If you look into its working process, you will satisfy. Because it sanitizes the pool water automatically by converting acids into salt. Then it utilizes the salt to sanitize your pool. You will feel like swimming into the ocean when you implement this chlorinator into your pool. So use saltwater chlorinator, get relaxed about the maintenance process and make the water crystal clear.


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