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Pool Thermometer | Don’t Choose The Wrong Type

A swimming pool thermometer is an electronic device. This device is used to monitor the temperature of your pool. Some thermometers have an alert system, which is very useful. Using a pool thermometer, you can ensure the desired water temperature that is very necessary for swimmers’ health-related issues.

What is a pool thermometer?

A pool thermometer is a machine that is used to monitor the temperature of your pool. Notably, this thermometer has digital and remote options. It will remain in your pool at all times. The pool thermometer will work all-time in your pool to keep a permanent record of the pool and air temperature. You can set a digital pool thermometer to your pool. This digital thermometer has a remote that will display these readings on a large, backlit screen from inside your home.

If you want a more simple and affordable option, there are cheaper options for accurate temperature reading. These thermometers are available in different animal shapes or cartoon characters. And digital pool thermometers continuously transmit information to the display soothe in real-time.  These thermometers will monitor and record humidity also.

Pool owners can set the alarm to notify pre-set changes in temperature. It gives constant monitoring capabilities and alarm functions.  So, a pool owner has complete control over the water temperature. If you want a high temperature of your pool water, then you can increase heating. On the other hand, if the temperature rises above the set temperature, you can decrease heat.

Types of pool thermometer

There are several types of pool thermometer. Let’s take a look at them below:

1) Digital thermometer

Digital thermometers are based on advanced technology. It is the most popular type of thermometer because of its technology. This thermometer can display temperature on a separate display console or with some models, even in a smartphone app. The primary advantages of digital thermometers are technologically advanced and accurate. And the disadvantage is it’s cost a little more than an analog thermometer.

2) Analog thermometer

Analog thermometers are just the basic types of thermometer. It uses mercury to show the temperature. The analog thermometer is easy to use, cheap and lasts longer than a digital thermometer. This thermometer has some disadvantages, too, because mercury of the analog thermometer can be damaged by direct sunlight.

3) Floating thermometer

Floating thermometers float on the pool surface and measure the water temperature with sensors inside of the unit. These thermometers can be either analog or digital. It can be slightly less accurate than other types. Because these thermometers are not entirely submerged underneath the pool surface. And it will pick up part of it’s reading from the air surrounding it.

Floating Pool Thermometer

4) Hanging thermometer

Hanging thermometers are generally attached to the side of the pool with the ladder. And the ladder is submerged a few inches under the surface of the pool water. These thermometer types can be either analog or digital. But it gives a reasonably accurate reading as the temperature is taken from sensors submerged under the surface.

5) Handheld thermometer

Typically, handheld thermometers are held in your hand like a gun. And it has an infrared laser that is directed at the water to give a temperature reading. And these all things are considered pretty as well.

Benefits Of Pool Thermometer

Now, you know what a pool thermometer does. But you have to see why it is necessary for your pool. If you know the exact temperature of your pool, it offers a couple of benefits other than merely avoiding a cold shock.

Pool heater troubleshooting

Whenever someone takes the trouble and spends the money to heat the swimming pool, it is essential to know that everything is working correctly. That’s why you should have a pool thermometer. If your pool heater or solar pool cover isn’t doing its work correctly, you can tell it feels colder than it should be. But if you know just how far the temperature has fallen, you can increase heating. The thermometer can show you the water temperature, and you can turn up the heater.

Energy savings

A pool heater may not be as needed in the height of summer. Here you can use a pool thermometer and save energy. You will able to measure the temperature of your pool by a pool thermometer without using electricity. If you keep an eye on your water temperature, it can allow you to turn the heater down. Sometimes, you can even turn off the heater, and it will be great to save energy and money. And you can do something good for the environment.

Health benefits

Many people need specific water temperatures for swimming. Because heat can make multiple worse sclerosis symptoms, you can ensure comfortable water temperature by a pool thermometer.  And suitable pool water won’t overheat your body. Besides, Warm water is convenient for younger children and elderly pool guests. They will be unable to tolerate or cope up with colder water. So, it is necessary to keep the temperature at levels that won’t harm them. Typically, a pool thermometer is the only way to check the water temperature. By using this machine, you are going to be sure that the water is warm or cold. You will get health benefits by using this thermometer.

Bluetooth Pool Thermometer

Bluetooth pool thermometers are more comfortable and very convenient to monitor the temperature in your pool. You can use a smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device to check your readings. And it also gives you the option of getting the water temperature readings in Fahrenheit or celsius. This device stores the daily and recorded maximum and minimum water temperatures of your pool. This feature has an alert system to let you know when the water reaches your set temperature.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Pool Thermometer

What’s a Galileo thermometer?

Galileo thermometer has a beautiful way to measure the water temperature. There is no more excellent way to measure the temperature without using a galileo thermometer. Galileo Galilei had invented this thermoscope in the early 17th century. It comprises multiple glass spheres, each filled with a colored liquid mixture that often contains alcohol. But sometimes, it merely adds water with food coloring.  Floating balls float inside the surrounding water over time and water temperature.

Are pool thermometers accurate?

Pool thermometers are allowed to take accurate temperature readings of your pool water. They are also able to show the PH levels of water. This device is necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of the pool users. Besides, Swimming pool thermometers can allow accurate water temperature readings of the contained water.

What is a comfortable swimming pool temperature?

Comfortable swimming pool temperatures depend on the swimmers. Usually, the usual pool temperature for a residential pool is 78°F and 82°F (26°C and 28°C). But you have to know that some temperature can be harmful to specific at-risk groups of people. And also can make your pool vulnerable to contaminants. On the other hand, some temperatures are conducive to more athletic activities.

Final Thought

A pool thermometer is a vital device for a pool. Because the pool’s water temperature can affect swimmers, it can create a pleasant and comfortable environment or wreak havoc on your muscles. The health of the water also depends on the water temperature. So, you have to choose the right swimming pool thermometer.  So, make the right choice according to your need and desire.

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