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Everything You Need to Know about Pool Stain Remover

The pool owners want to keep their pool clean and shiny. For this purpose, they keep balancing the pool water and maintaining the proper sanitizer level of the pool. But they become frustrated when they see a lot of stains still exist in the pool. Pool stains can ruin your total swimming experience. A good pool stain remover is the best solution. But, “Which one is best in your pool?” is a common question. So, you need to know what is pool stain and how to remove it using the right pool stain remover.  

What is Pool Stain? 

Pool stain means discoloration of the pool wall, pool liner, and several parts that can be clearly distinguished from the other part of the pool. It is caused by chemical or physical interaction of metal or organic materials.

Types of Pool Stains? 

There are generally two types of pool stains found in the swimming pool. These are:

Organic stains

These stains are caused by leaves, twigs, berries, and other debris that drown in the pool ground. If this debris is not cleared duly or left for a long time in the pool, then these stains formed.

organic pool stain remover
The organic pool stain remover is natural and easy to remover

Metal stains

Metal stains are formed when different types of metal are suddenly introduced to the pool. Besides, the metal stain can also be brought about if you use copper pipes in your pool water system.

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Ways of Removing Pool Stains from the Pool? 

When you want to remove stains from your pool, you have to follow several steps. Let’s take a look at them below

Step 1: Inspect the color of the pool stain

You can find different kinds of stain colors in your pool. Such as green-brown, the pinkish-red, brown-black-purple, etc. colour of stains. For each color of stain, you need a separate stain removal plan. So, identify the stain color properly to use a proper stain remover.

Step 2: Search for organic stains to your pool

When the stains are typically found in green, brown, and bluish-purple color, it refers to organic stains. These are caused by drowning organic material like leaves, twigs, etc. And it is easy to remove. You can use chlorine directly to the stained area to remove it.

Step 3: Identify the metal-based stains

Metal-based or inorganic stains generally result in blue, green, teal, black, and dark purple colors. The metal base stains can be caused by corrosion from the copper pipes, iron, and manganese. Here you need to identify, which kind of metal is causing stains to your pool. Then you can treat it perfectly.

Step 4: Remove the stains by a professional

If you are not skilled enough to remove the stains by yourself, you can seek professional assistance. This will cost you extra, but you can get a stain-free pool easily and quickly. And you can also learn by observing their stain removal methods.

Step 5: Ensure proper water sample to diagnosis duly

You can take a clear bottle to take the water sample for the diagnosis of your pool water. Always take the sample water from the middle of the pool. It will give the most efficient test results. Besides, you need to perform a total metal test with the regular testing of the pool water.

Step 6: Use test strips

Again, you can utilize test strips to test the water by yourself. Take the water sample as the above-stated method. Then put a test strip into the sample water and wait for 15 seconds. The strip colour will be changed. Match the colour with the instruction manual. Here you can identify the reasons for your pool stains

Step 7: Remove the stains

Then use the stain remover according to the stain types. You can remove both organic and metal-based stain with the stain remover. Different kinds of stain need different kinds of stain remover. As you identified the stain types now, apply the proper  stain remover to the stained area

How To Remove Organic Stains From The Pool? 

When you identified that your pool stain is organic stain, the solution is chlorine. Follow the steps below to remove the organic stains from your pool.

Pool stain remover

Balance your pool water

Test your pool water and make sure the alkalinity level is from 100 ppm to 150 ppm. And the pH level should be from 7.4 to 7.6.

Use pool shock

Here you need to shock the pool water. Use 1 pound of Cal hypo for 10000 gallons of water when the stain is little. But in terms of large stains, use 3 times of shock than the regular dose.

Brush the pool

Now brush the entire pool particularly the stained areas. Then run the pool pump for eight hours to circulate the shock thoroughly into the pool water. Again brush the pool and scrub the stained area. Thus the organic pool stain will be removed.

How To Remove Algae Stains From The Pool? 

Algae and algae stains are different things. You can clean up algae by your pool skimmer or vacuuming but algae stains are not removed in these ways. Algae stain is a part of organic stains and it can be easily removed with chlorine. Apply some chlorine on the stained area and scrub it with a brush. That’s it, the algae stains will disappear. 

How To Remove Rust Stains From The Vinyl Pool Liner? 

The vinyl pool liner is designed to provide a nice look to the pool ground. But over time it can be faded by rust stains. By following some instructions, you can remove the rust stain from your vinyl pool liner

Inspect the stained area

Pay special attention to the ladders and the diving board support area. Because most of the rust typically form there. Besides, inspect the entire pool to find the rust stain in order to remove them at the same time.

Clean manually

For a little amount of rust stain, you can use a scrubbing brush and rub the rust stain place. When the rust stain is large, use a steel wire brush to rub the area. If you find rust at the pool ground, rub the area with an extendable broom. 

Use chemicals to remove rust stain

Sometimes you cannot remove the rust stain manually. Here you have to use chemicals to remove the stain. Take an old sock and fill it with oxalic acid. Put the filled sock on the rust stain and scrub it properly. Continue scrubbing till the removal of the stain.

Clean the entire pool

If all stated methods are not worked properly, you need to clean the entire pool. In that case, you can use ascorbic acid which is very effective to clean rust stain. Apply the acid according to the instructions of its manufacturers.

The chemical circulation in pool water largely depends on the effective above ground pool skimmer. Let’s know How do above ground pool skimmers work

How To Remove Copper Stains From Pool

Copper stains appear in light mint or grey colour on the pool walls and floor. Let’s dive into copper stain removal process:

Step 01

Turn off the pool pump first. Now you need to lower the chlorine level of the pool water by adding chlorine neutralizer. The chlorine level should be 0.3 ppm in that case.

Copper stain in the pool water


Decrease the pH level to 7.2. Here you can use 1-gallon muriatic acid for per 20000 gallons of water. Then apply 1 bottle super stain treat for per 15000 gallons of water.

Step 3

Wait 1 hour after adding these chemicals then brush the pool. Now balance the pool water again. You need to ensure the pH level above 7.2. then you can turn on the pool pump

Safety That I should Keep In Mind at the time of Using Pool Stain Remover

Pool stain remover can be dangerous if it isn’t handled carefully. You have to maintain proper safety measures while providing chemicals in the pool. Let’s dive into the detail of pool chemical using safety measures:

Storage of stain remover

The chemicals should be stored in clean, dry, and far from direct sunlight. They should be kept far from the children’s reach. Never use an unlabeled container of chemicals. Destroy or dump the unlabeled chemicals with proper wearing.

 Handling of chemicals

Give proper attention at the time of handling of chemicals. If you are not trained about chemical usage, keep away from it. Read the instructions of each of the chemical containers carefully because every chemical has its own instruction to use.

Ensure safety response plans

Read the immediate safety response plans instruction from the chemical container. Keep the necessary contact of the nearest hospital related to the chemical reaction. It will help you in case of an emergency.

Put on protection wearing

You must wear respirators, aprons, goggles, and gloves when you are using or handling pool stain remover. By maintaining these instructions, you can use the pool stain remover safely.


Identifying the stain types in your pool may seem difficult at first. But when you can inspect the cause of the stain and the source of the stain, you can remove it easily. Do it yourself when you are trained enough or get the stain removed by a professional. Clean the stain of your pool and get a better swimming experience.

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