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Pool Skimmer | Everything That You Need To Know About It

The pool skimmer is the most crucial part of the pool that helps to clean your pool. It also helps to circulate pool water and keeps balanced pool chemicals. To get the maximum benefit out of pool skimmer, you need to know the proper way of installing and maintaining a skimmer. In this article, I have described everything that you need to know before installing and using pool skimmer. You can know the proper way of installing and maintaining the pool after reading it.

What Is A Pool Skimmer

A pool skimmer is a machine that helps to remove leaves, debris, and other particles from the pool. It also helps to circulate pool water to mix the pool’s chemical evenly to keep the balance of the chemical.

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How To Vacuum A Pool Using Skimmer

You can remove floating leaves, specks of dirt, and other objects by a manual skimmer. But, You need to take extra care after heavy use of the pool and heavy rain. Heavy rains bring lots of leaves, debris, and other objects that can’t be removed with hand skimmer.

To clean the bottom of the pool, you need to vacuum pool water. To vacuum a pool using a skimmer, you need to follow the following steps.

Required Materials

  1. A vacuum head
  2. A vacuum hose ( Buy a vacuum hose to clean every part of the swimming pool)
  3. A telescopic Pole ( To reach the vacuum head on the bottom of the pool )

Step 01: First of all, you need to attach the telescoping pole to the vacuum head. Attach in such a way that the vacuum-head doesn’t fall from the pole on the bottom of the pool.

Step 02: Then, you need to attach one end of the hose to the head’s outlet fitting.

Step 03: After attaching the hose and pole on the vacuum head, submerge the vacuum head on the pool’s bottom. At the same time, push the entire length of the vacuum hose to fill with water.

Step 04: It is time to connect the pool vacuum to the skimmer’s suction. Remove the lid and strainer basket of the skimmer. Through the skimmer inlet, thread the hose carefully. At the time of threading hose, don’t remove the hose from the water.

Step 05: Now, plug the open end of the hose into the skimmer’s suction port.

Using slow and long strokes, start vacuuming your pool. To remove all the debris from the bottom of the pool, overlap your strokes on the bottom of the pool.

How To Adjust Pool Skimmer Suction

Pool skimmers play a crucial part in the pool circulation system. Regardless of types of pool, you can remove all kinds of debris with the pool skimmer.

When the skimmer starts working, its suction system brings pool water into the skimmer. When water goes to the pool filter through the skimmer, skimmer basket filter the leaves, if the skimmer fails to keep the leaves in the skimmer basket, you should change it and replace it with a new basket that can capture more small particles.

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How To Increase Suction In The Pool Skimmer

The ability to suction in the pool skimmer decreases over time. There are many reasons why suction speed decrease. Drawing air somewhere or blockage can reduce the suction in the pool skimmer. Let’s see some reasons for low suction in detail.

  1. Clogging in the Pump Area: Pool pump helps clean the pool’s water and remove dust, debris, and other contaminants. Clogging happens in different parts of the pump, such as the impeller, pipe, valve, and pump basket. To improve the suction in the pool skimmer, you need to determine where the clog is.
  2. Problems with the skimmer valve: The skimmer valve’s problems are other sources for why the suction weakens. Clogging can happen in the area, and you also should check if there is any damage in the skimmer line.

Let’s see the process of increasing suction in the pool skimmer.

  • First of all, you need to remove the blockage from the skimmer. Take out the skimmer basket from the skimmer and remove leaves from the basket. Use Garden hose to clean the skimmer basket completely.
  • Then check the pool pump linked to the pool skimmer. Like the skimmer, you also need to clean the basket of the pump. Remove the lid from the pool pump and take out the basket of the pump. Now clean the basket with a garden hose to remove leaves and other debris from the basket.
  • When placing the lid of the pump, you need to check the O-ring of the top. You also should check the barrel’s unions of in and out of the pump.
  • Now, check every connection of the pump and pipes.

Functions of Pool Vacuum and Skimmer

As both pool vacuum and skimmer help clean the pool’s water, many people become confused and ask me to clarify the pool vacuum functions and the functions of the pool skimmer.

Pool vacuum and pool skimmer are sometimes used as complementary products and play an essential role in the pool cleaning process. Pool skimmer helps to separate big debris from small ones. Pool skimmer also segregates the big leaves, debris, and other contaminants from going to the pump.

On the other hand, the pool vacuum is a powerful machine to remove all kinds of debris from the pool. Its powerful suction system takes out all kinds of waste from the bottom and side of the pool.

How To Connect The Pool Vacuum To Skimmer

To swim in the pool healthily, you need to know the proper way to clean the pool. A pool’s vacuum is an indispensable part of the pool. To remove dust, debris, and other contaminants from the pool, you need to connect the pool vacuum to the skimmer. You can’t remove all specks of dirt without connecting the pool vacuum to the skimmer. In this section, I will discuss the full process of joining the pool vacuum to the skimmer.

Step 01: Adjust the level of water

You need to keep the water level at the mid-level of the skimmer to connect the pool vacuum to the skimmer successfully.

Step 02: Remove the debris from the skimmer basket

Having leaves, dust, and debris in the skimmer basket can block and clog in the skimmer. So, before connecting the pool vacuum, remove all debris from the skimmer. Use a garden hose and spray water on the basket to remove debris.

Step 03: Attach the pole hose and the pole to the vacuum head

To vacuum the bottom of the pool, you need to add the pole and hose to the vacuum head. Use a standard-sized pole and long hose so that you can clean every part of the pool easily. After connecting the hose and pole to the vacuum head, place the vacuum head inside the pool. Put the whole hose under the water so that it fills with water.

Step 04: Connect the hose to the skimmer

One end of the hose has already been connected to the vacuum head. Now, you need to connect the other end of the hose to the skimmer. You can either put the end of the hose on the skimmer basket or use pool vacuum skimmer connector to connect them easily.

Here, the process of connecting the pool vacuum to the skimmer finishes. Now, start the vacuum and observe whether the vacuum is performing well or not.

How Does A Pool Skimmer Work

A pool skimmer generally pulls water and floating objects such as leaves, and specks of dirt into the skimmer. Skimmer basket helps to prevent leaves, dust, and debris from going the pool pump. Thus, a skimmer protects the pump and prolongs the lifespan of the pump and filter.

Experts recommend using more skimmers when the size of the pool is more than 700 square feet. The inground pool skimmer is set up into the deck. There is a cover on the deck to access the skimmer. You need to clean the skimmer basket frequently to clean the pool. Clogging in the skimmer basket can hinder the even flow of the water.

How To Add Stabilizer To Pool Without Skimmer

You can add stabilizers in different ways. Adding a stabilizer through pool skimmer is a popular way. But, you can also add a stabilizer without pool skimmer. Let’s see how you can add a stabilizer to the pool without a skimmer.

First of all, buy a stabilizer either from the nearest superstore or order online.

Then, take the exact amount of stabilizer for your pool. Read the direction written on the packet of the stabilizer. If you know the total volume of the water in your pool, then it is better. If not, calculate the total amount by multiplying the length, width, and average height of the skimmer.

Now, take the right amount of stabilizer in a soft white cloth. Keep the stabilizer on any side of the pool.

How To Install A Pool Skimmer

Installing a pool skimmer is an easy process, but you need to take special care to work effectively. Here, you will learn how to install different types of pool skimmer in different types of pool. The process may vary depending on the size, and models of the pool skimmer. But, you will get a fundamental direction here so that you can install pool skimmer easily.

Required Materials

  1. Skimmer
  2. The wall gasket
  3. The screws
  4. The Face Plate

Step 01: First of all, you need to place the gasket around the hole of the skimmer. Place double-layered gasket in such a way that one layer remains inside the wall of the pool, and the other side of the skimmer remains outside the wall.

Step 02: Now place the skimmer on the outside of the wall and hold it over the hole.

Step 03: It is very tough to install a skimmer without one helping person. Call your friends or family members to place the Face Plate on the inside of the wall. When it is perfectly placed over the hole, you need to pole screws of the Face place. To tighten the screws, use a hand screwdriver instead of a power drill. A power drill may cause damage to your pool.

Step 04: After mounting the skimmer on the pool’s wall, you need to cut the liner within the Face Plate. Be careful at the time of cutting a liner so that you don’t cut the liner of the pool.

Step 05: Now bring a pool hose to connect the skimmer to the Pump.


The Process Of Installing A Concrete Pool Skimmer

The cost of installing skimmer in the concrete pool is very complex. The cost is also high in the inground pool skimmer. Let’s see the process of installing pool skimmer in the in-ground pool.

Types of Pool Skimmer

Type 01: Manual Pool Skimmer

The manual pool skimmer is the simplest form of the pool skimmer and doesn’t require any source of electricity to start working. It consists of a pool pole and a fine mesh net. It is generally used to remove floating leaves and other particles.

Type 02: Automatic pool skimmer

An automatic pool skimmer is an auto-workable machine that removes leaves and other floating particles. It removes the hassle of manual work of skimming. You can save your valuable time by setting automatic pool skimmer.

Type 03: Self-contained Skimmer

Self-contained is solar-based automatic floating pool skimmers. Though it is new in the pool market, the popularity of this type of pool skimmer is increasing day by day. Self-contained pool skimmer gets energy from the sun and collects leaves and other floating objects.

Pool skimmers are also classified into two broad categories, such as above ground pool skimmer and inground pool skimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions | Pool Skimmer

How much does it cost to replace pool skimmer

Replacing an inground pool skimmer cost $1,500 to $1,600 dollar. On the other hand, you need to pay $150 to $200 to replace a pool skimmer.

Final Thought

The pool skimmer is an important part of the pool cleaning process. It helps to protect the pool’s pump and filter by separating leaves, dust, and other floating contaminants from the pool water. I hope my discussion about pool skimmer helps you to know the importance of pool skimmer as well as the proper way of skimming pool.

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