Pool Noodles

Pool Noodles | 3 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying Them

There are various types of equipment that are used as water toys. The pool noodles are very popular not only for toys but also as a life-saver. They have multiple uses.  To learn swimming comfortably, these noodles are one of the best to use.

What is a pool noodle?

A pool noodle is a cylindrical piece of polyethylene foam. It is usually used for swimming. Noodles are useful when people go for learning to swim, for floating, for rescue, etc.

Pool Noodles for learning swimming

Uses Of Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are fun to use. Though they are used for pool toys, you can make just about anything, with a little creativity. Like-

  • They are generally used to learn swimming. It helps to float so that persona can be saved and can learn swimming quickly.
  • In any water accident, they are used to rescue people.
  • You can make a soft playhouse. There are no sharp edges in a noodle, so kids are safe even they are roughhousing in their indoor tent.
  • You can create a beverage boat with a noodle. In that case, pool noodle has become an adult toy because they help beers and other beverages stay within reach – no climbing out of the water necessary.
  • A person can make a homemade sprinkler with a pool noodle. A pool noodle and some duct tape can make an excellent stand-in for toy-store sprinklers.
  • The pool noodles are also famous for using as boot stands. One noodle does the trick for several pairs of boots.
  • Buy many pool noodles and attach to the wall at the height and in the color order that suits your fancy, you can make a headboard. It also works for the bedroom in a summer home.

With the pool noodles, you can also make a wreath, porch decorations, a shopping cart cover, car seat footrest, doorstop, napkin rings, etc.


The average price of multicolor pool noodles is approximately $24.99.

Super Soft Foam Pool Noodles By WOW Sports

Wow Pool Noodles are great very popular for its extra-large size. It can support up to 250 pounds. Its thickness, ribbed texture, luxurious foam, and non-slip features make it comfortable.

The sun rays, pool chemicals, and salt-water can’t damage the pool. Its heavy-duty vinyl-coated features give extra durability.

Factors That We Should Check Before Buying A Pool Noodle

The purpose of purchasing a pool noodle can be different. So, you should consider the following factors before buying a pool noodle.


Noodle with the dimension of 160 centimeters (63 in) and about 7 centimeters (2.8 in) in lengths is considered as a standard one


Pool noodle will float a 200pound man, tie a 200lb weight onto it, and sink to the bottom. So one should be careful about it.


The big boss noodle is about 4inches in diameter with a 3/4inch hole in the center and comes 9 per case. The standard hollow noodles are a little less than 2, and ½ inches in diameter with a bit of larger than ½ inch hole in the center and are sold in cases of 20.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Pool Noodles

Is it okay to leave floats in the pool?

Don’t leave your pool float in the pool overnight. The plastic or vinyl will break down over time due to the exposure to the pool chemicals, sunshine, and heat.

Are pool noodles toxic?

They are probably safe. Other products made with EVA include foam belts and mats. Styrofoam – like products make of EVA are possibly not harmful.

Can pool noodles melt?

A noodle melt on a super hot pipe, but so will polystyrene “ OEM foam” when laid up against a hot tube.

Are pool noodles waterproof?

Pool noodles are commonly used as water toys, as they are very light and float on water. The material they are made from does not absorb water. Due to this, they do not deform when in contact with water.


Pool noodles are very much useful and are safe to use. But for more safety, before you head off to the pool or beach, do a little research and think twice before you buy.

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