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Pool Hose | 4 Questions You Must Know Before Using It

A pool is an excellent place for relaxing or hang-out. So, you should keep your pool clean. Pool service technicians are costly. You can drain your pool on your own with the help of a pool hose, and this pool hose will reduce your expenses too. A pool vacuum can be made by using a pool hose. Vacuum pool hose is essential for cleaning the pool properly. It decreases your costs too. The vacuuming process with a pool hose is very easy. You can also connect the pool vacuum hose to the skimmer.

How To Drain A Swimming Pool With A Garden Hose

You can drain your pool on your own with the help of a pool hose. This garden hose will decrease your expenses. Use a standard garden hose and follow the steps listed below.

Pool hose

Step 1

Fix one end of the hose to the faucet.  You need to place the other end of the hose in the pool, and that hose will be completely submerged.

Step 2

Now, turn on the faucet to allow a full stream of water rather than a trickle to travel through the hose. Turn off the water supply for 30 seconds or so after noticing water exiting from the submerged end of the hose, which indicates the hose is full.

Step 3

You should have removed the hose from the faucet quickly and kink the hose near the end previously fixed to the faucet. That kink will help to keep the water in the hose.

Step 4

Carry the kinked end of the hose to the drainage location and hold the hose end higher than the water level in the swimming pool. Now release the kink in the hose. Set the hose end down once you arrive at the designated drainage area.

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How To Make A Pool Vacuum By Using A Pool Hose?

A pool vacuum can be made by using a pool hose. You may consider using home-made pool cleaners because it is a cheaper option. The steps of creating a pool vacuum utilizing a garden hose are given here.

Step 1

Choose the pool hose that is of the right length. Consider the size of your pool in ensuring the size of the garden hose. For example, a small kiddie pool won’t require a long garden hose because the bottom of the pool is not very far. Use a pool hose with a reasonable length for a permanent pool with a deep and shallow end.

Step 2

Now, attach one end of the garden hose to the vacuum bag. Make sure that the vacuum bag is connected to the appropriate end of the garden hose. Connect the side of the garden hose to a valve that fits the vacuum’s bypass. Generally, vacuum cleaners are always equipped with a vacuum bag. For a perfect home-made pool cleaner, you can consider a household vacuum component from the household cleaner.

Step 3

You need to fit the telescopic handle to the garden hose. The other end of the garden hose may be equipped with handles holes that match the telescopic handle. You can fit the handle to the hose manually.  A rope can be used to tie a knot. Use a clean rope to avoid introducing dirt back into the pool.

Step 4

After fitting the telescopic handle to the garden hose, hold it firmly and use it to lower the vacuum. If the handle touches the bottom of the pool, it will provide a good surface area for the garden hose.

Step 5

You should have scanned through the floor of the pool, paying keen attention to the dirtiest parts. Repeat this process several times. Do this work slowly and ensure that there is enough time to suck in water through the garden hose pipe. Fine debris and dirt can be sucked into the garden hose due to the low pressure exerted by the vacuum bag.

Step 6

After cleaning the floor of the pool properly, gently remove your home-made pool vacuum from the pool. Do this process slowly and patiently to prevent stirring dirt in the water. Untie the knot carefully and remove the garden hose nozzle attached to the vacuum bag. Clean the vacuum and empty the debris bag.

How To Vacuum The Pool With A Hose?

If you want a simple alternative vacuum method, you can use a hose pool vacuum. The vacuuming process of a pool with a hose is given here.

Step 1

Attach the vacuum bag to the proper valve on the vacuum body. The vacuum bag will collect all the debris and dirt that you vacuum up from the pool.

Step 2

Now, remove the telescoping handle from your leaf skimmer. Some telescopes are secure with two pins. Turn off the skimmer, and set it aside.

Step 3

It’s the perfect time to insert the telescoping handle into the handle hole on the hose pool vacuum. And enter the end of your hose into the hose valve on the vacuum. Turn on the water supply to the hose and lower the vacuum into the pool.

Step 4

The telescoping handle is typically used to move the vacuum along the floor of the pool slowly. Whenever the vacuum loses suction, turn off the hose, pull the vacuum out of the pool and empty the vacuum bag.

How To Connect The Pool Vacuum Hose To the Skimmer?

The connection process of the pool vacuum hose to the skimmer is easy. The steps are:

Step-1: Adjust the water level

Ensure that the water level is at a  mid skimming level, and that’s good enough to vacuum your pool.

Step-2: Clean up the skimmer basket

Clean the skimmer basket properly. You have to ensure that there is no debris and dirt.

Step-3: Attach the vacuum head to the pole

Attach your hose to the swivel end. After attaching the hose, you will be able to lock the hose and vacuum in place. Now, connect the pole and the handle bracket of the vacuum head. Lock the two ends in place, just like with the hose.

Step-4: Put the vacuum in the pool

Place the setup vacuum’s head inside the pool. And put the hose in the pool so that it fills up with water.

Step-5: Connect the skimmer

Here, you have to connect the other end of the hose to the skimmer. Then, fit it in the skimmer basket or bag. You can also use a pool vacuum skimmer connector to connect them easily.

Step-6: Start vacuuming the pool

After confirming all the steps, you are done with the whole set up. You can begin vacuuming the swimming pool. The vacuum will suck out the debris and place them in the skimmer bag. Using this vacuum, you can simply suck in all the dirt from the walls and on the floor.

Frequently Asked Questions | Pool Hose

How long time will you need to fill a pool with a hose?

To fill up a 10,000-gallon pool with a garden hose, it may take one or two days to fill a pool. And for a 5000-gallon pool, it will take 12 to 24 hours to fill your pool with a hose.

How to attach vacuum hose?

Attaching the hose to the vacuum head is very easy. You just need to connect one end of the hose to the vacuum head. The other part of the vacuum pool cleaner that you need to prepare to start cleaning the pool are vacuum head, telescopic pole, and skim vacuum.

Final Thought

Swimming is a pleasurable work. But swim in dirty water is not relaxing for you. So, you have to clean your pool correctly. A home-made pool cleaner is the cheapest option for cleaning your pool. Here, we have many options and steps for you to use a pool hose in different ways. Choose your preferred option and enjoy swimming.

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