Pool hose for vacuum

Pool hose for vacuum | Don’t Skip 7 Steps For Attaching Hose

A swimming pool provides the best way to exercise and entertainment at home. Sometimes the pool gets filled with debris and pollutants that hinder your swimming experience. In that case, you can use a pool hose for vacuum. Vacuuming is the best process to clean your swimming pool thoroughly. 

How to Attach a pool vacuum with filter 

Before starting pool vacuuming, you need to attach the pool vacuum with a filter. Let’s take a look at how to attach a pool vacuum with a filter and attach it effectively.

Step 01: Remove the skimmer basket

Open the cover of the skimmer and remove the skimmer basket. Here you need to press a black rubber plug and thus you can leave the basket and skimmer cover open. Further, put the skimmer basket near to the pump. So, you can ensure the availability of the vacuum attachment.

Step 02: Identify Suction Valve

Go to the pool and identify the suction valve which is connected to the skimmer. Every pool pump has a different setting about the water filtration system. So, read the pump manual for its proper information about vacuum hose attachment.

Step 03: Attach pole with a hose

Lock the telescopic pole into the vacuum hose heads opening properly. Now you need to suppress the swivel cuff end of the hose on the vacuum head together.

Step 04: Submerge vacuum head

Land the vacuum head that is connected with the vacuum hose, into the pool water. It needs to submerge into the water with a telescopic pole. Adjust the vacuum head to place at the bottom of the pool

Step 05: Submerge floating hose

Inspect the hose portion which is drowned into the water. Press the floating vacuum hose to submerge into the pool water. Push the hose into the water slowly to remove air from it.

Step 06: Attach another end of the hose into the skimmer basket

Open the skimmer basket and push the exposed hose end into the skimmer basket opening. Sometimes you will need a hose adapter to attach it duly.

Step 07: Remove the telescopic pole

Remove the telescopic pole from the pool water. Now your pool vacuum hose is ready to vacuum the debris from the pool bottom

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How to clean a pool hose with pool hose cleaner

A clogged pool vacuum hose is unable to vacuum and clean your pool. It needs to clean time to time for better vacuuming. This handy guide will show you how to clean a pool vacuum hose and increase its efficiency.

1)Take a large flat area and put the hose on it. Now, lay the vacuum hose straight from one end to another end completely. The hose should be totally extended.

2)Arrange a garden hose and connect it to a water faucet. Now you have to insert another end of the garden hose inside the vacuum hose. This will help to pass water through the vacuum hose

3)Collect a plastic bag and attach it at the join of the vacuum hose and a garden hose. Now apply duct tape which will create a tight seal at both ends of the garden hose.

4)Turn on the water faucet. Here water will flow through the garden hose to the vacuum hose. The water flow will make the pressure inside the vacuum hose and it will push out the blockage of the vacuum hose at the other end of the hose

How to keep pool hose from tangling? 

Pool hose is typically used to vacuum a swimming pool. But sometimes it will cause a nightmare when the hoses get tangled. Let’s have detail about how to keep pool hose from tangling

Pool hose for vacuum

Stretch the pool hoses

Take the pool hose and disconnect the tangle. Then stretch the hose on a large flat area. If you stretch the hose on a warmer day, the solar heat will help to remove the tangle easily.

Pool hose length

When the hose length is excessive, it will cause tangling to your pool hose. Whatever you do, excessive long hoses will always create tangles. Too much long hose generally floats on the water and creates tangles. So use the exact size of pool hose to avoid irritating tangles. And if your hose is too long then trim it up to the appropriate size.

Check your connector

Tangles are also generated from the hose and swivel connectors. After using it for a long time these connectors get stiffed. As a result, you will not be able to move the hose as you want. Here you should stretch the hose as much as you can and the problem will be solved. Besides you can add more swivels for preventing tangles. Add swivels where the tangle forms. This will provide your hose extra room and you can move the hose without getting tangled.


Check your RPM setting

Your pool cleaner wheels can work well at a specific RPM setting. Sometimes the pool cleaner wheels can run faster than the appropriate speed. This will cause your pool vacuum hose tangling. In that case, you need to lower the RPM setting.


Hose tangling will happen when it is extremely cold weather outside. The pool hose will work best when the temperature is above 70°F. If you have to use pool hose for vacuum the pool in cold weather, stretch out the hose first.

Clean the filters and valves

If your pool filters and valves filled with debris, the water circulation process will not run smoothly. That also causes hose tangling. Check the pool filters and valves from time to time to avoid this problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Pool hose for vacuum

What is pool hose adapter 

A pool hose adapter is used to attach two or more thread forms together. Besides you can use an adapter to attach plumbing. By installing an adapter, you can attach multiple types of hose ends within a single connection. Sometimes you can find the unequal size of components that are needed for the pool fittings. That task can also be implemented with the adapter. You can find adapters in different variations. Adapters can be found in two males, two females and one female- one male type. And each of the types has different kinds of sizes. So, you can collect it according to your preference. 

how to replace a pool hose cuff? 

To replace the pool hose cuff, you need to remove the original cuff first. Then firmly pull it out and turn it clockwise. Stop turning when the glue bond gets broken. Pull and twist the hose and the cuff will pop out from the hose. If that process fails, you need to take a cup of hot water. Then submerge the cuff into the hot water for thirty seconds and it will be removed.

Apply sone contact cement on the hose threads. Now, affix a new cuff to the hose by twisting counterclockwise. Tighten up the cuff with the hose properly


Final Thought

A clean pool is like a piece of heaven in summer. With the right pool hose and vacuum heads, you can keep your pool clean very effectively. So, you need to choose the right pool hose for vacuum. For every pool owner who wants a shiny look of the pool, pool hose vacuum and the vacuum head is a must. So, use the pool hose vacuum and ensure the cleanliness of your pool.

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