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Children are fond of toys and games. They are always curious about new things and still have an affection for something new. Swimming pool games are a medium of adding thrill and pleasure to their daily activities. Summer is the best time to enjoy these refreshing games.

Childrens love pool games

Here we have rounded up  some of the best and safest swimming pool games for kids :


Top 20 Popular Pool Games All Over the world

Different pool games are played all over the world based on culture. Here are some popular pool games.

# 01: The most common of all- Marco Polo

It is the water version of Hide-and-clap for kids. Also known as the game of tag in water.

  • There will be one chosen person with closed eyes who will act as Marco, and others will act as Polo.
  • The Polos will move around clapping and will save themselves caught from the Marco.
  • Who will be caught by the Marco will be the new Marco.

This is an exciting game for children to play in the water with the chill. It also doesn’t need any expensive toy or tool

#02: Hey Mr.Fox Favourite Pool Games

It is one of the most common ones to play in the swimming pool. This fantastic game can be performed when a family get-together is happening, and all the cousins and friends are together!!!

  • In this game, one among the player will be Mr.Fox. HE/she will stand at one corner of the pool, and other kids will stand on the opposite side.
  • The other kids will ask, hey, what is the time Mr.Fox? Mr.Fox will answer instantly, and the others will go one step ahead by five times clapping.
  • Whenever the Fox will say it’s lunchtime, the kids have to go to the previous or initial place without being tagged.
  • The one who will be saved from being tagged by Mr.Fox will be the winner.

This game helps children to become energetic and give the children great pleasure.

#03: The madness of “Ping-Pong”

It is known as the best swimming pool game for all ages. It can be played in the water, a small customized pool. You just need some ping-pong balls to play it.

  • At the first toss the balls all in the pool at once.
  • All the kids jump together in the pool and let them collect the balls.
  • The one who will collect more balls will be the winner.

This game is super fun and thrilling, which makes the playing time perfect for the kids.

# 04: Beach Ball Race

It’s a super simple game belong to the racing category.  You need a beach ball to perform it.

  • Each child needs a ball and has to push it to the other corner of the pool.
  • No throwing allow in this game.
  • Children need to touch the ball continuously and race to move from one side to another side.
  • Who will do it more perfectly will be the winner.

Beach Ball Race# 05: The most exciting one, ‘F-I-S-H’

This game is for both adults and kids. It is kind of similar to ‘H-O-R-S-E’ in basketball.

  • One party has to show some poses or movement for 5 seconds, and the opponent has to copy them.
  • The failure group in copying the movement will be given a letter. The first one to sound FISH is splashed.

# 06: Let’s dance – ‘Splash Dance’

This sport is about creativity and also for both adults and kids.

  • There should be two groups consists of 4players. Each team has to perform some dance movements using water, pool tools, props. The team with creative outcome wins.

# 07: Noodle Joust

This game is loved by kids so much.

  • Kids have to sit on the parents’ shoulders and use pools noodles to join with each other.
  • Kids have to knock the other person off the shoulder.
  • Some times it looks like they are quarreling, but it is fun!

#08: Let’s find the bottle- ‘The invisible bottle’

It’s a challenging one.

  • Some bottles are filled with water and then are hidden around the bottom of the pool. The players have to find the containers.
  • The one who finds more is the winner.

# 09: Monkey-Monkey what Color Do You Choose

It’s a funny game.

  • One kid will be the ‘it’ among all. The other kid will be on the opposite side of the pool.
  • The ‘it’ will announce a color, and the others will find that color in the surroundings.
  • Who fails to find will be the next ‘it.’

# 10: Underwater Obstacle Course

  • To perform this, one has to punch some holes in a few hula hoops and fill them with water. Then put a small part of a pool noodle to make them able to float.
  • One person has to hold the hood underwater. The other person has to swim through the hoops and gather objects off the bottoms.

It’s an adult game and a tough one.

# 11: Numbers Crunch

Number  20 to 30 ping pong balls with a waterproof marker and then spread them into the water.

  • Instruct your kids to find a ball with a definite number.
  • The one who gets most of them right will be the winner.

# 12: Tug of Water

  • A thick rope is tied in both ends of the pool.
  •  Like the tug of war, a line of two groups, is formed.
  • The team pulls down the other into the poos is the winner.

tug of water

# 13: Battleship and Submarines

  • Split people into two teams- battleship and submarine.

Take a position on each side of the pool.

  • Battleship leaves the base and comes into the middle to touch the submarine.
  • If they can touch and come to their court, they are the winner. But if the submarine reaches them first, the submarine team will be the winner. It is the ultimate fun.

Children are playing games in the pool

# 14: Top Belly Flop

Need one diving board. Dive from the top of the board with extended arms and legs and enact the loudest, it is somehow painful while touching the water.

To clean water, you may need to use Chlorine Tablets

# 15: Greased Watermelon

  • There should be two groups. A ‘ground’ should be lubricated with some oily substance like petroleum jelly and toss it in the middle of the pool.
  • After the whistle, players, have to grab it and pass it to others until a score is made with a goal.
  • The greasy ground and the flowy water will make the game more exciting and fun.

# 16: The Octopus

There will be an ‘it’ in this game. All other players have to swim to the other side without getting tagged by the ‘it.’

  • Anyone who gets tagged by the ‘it’ has to join the hand with the ‘it.’
  • So, apparently, there will be a long line formed in the middle that will make the others tough to pass, making the game more exciting—the one in the last wins.

# 17: Marco- Polo 2

  • One swimmer keeps his/her eyes closed and says an animal name.
  • The others have to respond with the noise of that particular animal to reveal their location.
  • The swimmer will go to tag them, closing his eyes, and others have to run but can’t leave the pool.

# 18: Boat race

  • Make a boat cutting a cardboard box and tapes.
  • After the whistle, players, paddle across the pool as soon as they can.
  • The first in the race wins.

# 19: Pool Basketball- “Water troops”

Just like basketball, the game will be performed but no dribbling, instead splash the ball to immerse it into the basket by swimming

# 20: Beach ball

Set up a shallow net along the two poles of the pool. Make two teams and grab the ball and play!

Beach ball game

Final Thought

These are the games that can be played and enjoyed while swimming. But the most important thing is you have to perform these most safely in case of children. The water never hesitates to show its magic of soothing us, so we should grab its charm and enjoy the beauty of nature.


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