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13 Questions About Pool Floats That You Must Know

Pool floats are very popular with children as toys and to adults for relaxing. Keeping pool floats on the pool water also increases the beauty of the pool. You should know how to choose the right pool floats, how to use them properly, and how to store at the right time and right place. A thorough understanding of the reality of the pool floats help you to choose the right pool floats. Here, I am going to describe 13 common questions about pool floats that float buyers must know.

How to store pool floats

There are some special factors that need to be considered to store pool floats. Any person can deflate the pool float and vacuum pack them. Here, you should transform the inflatables to the smallest form because it will help you to store it properly. The tubing of the floater should be in proper diameter. You will need a copper tubing to proceed on. The outside diameter should be no longer than 1/4″. By this process, you can dry the pool float easily

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You should keep the pool floats in a perfect place. The storing place should be smooth and any kind of sharp edges should not stay there. Because it will cut the valve flap of your pool float and it will be damaged.


How to inflate pool floats

Take a plastic water bottle and a hairdryer to inflate the pool floats. You need to cut the plastic bottle from the middle. Then cut and discard the bottom section of the bottle. Now take the drinking end of the bottle to the float valve and place it properly. Take your hairdryer and blow air through the plastic bottle into the pool floats. The hairdryer will inflate the pool float within a few minutes and you can place it to the pool water now.


How to clean pool floats

You need to follow some steps to clean the pool floats. Let’s take a look at them below:

When you want to clean your pool float, you need to deflate them duly. The pool floats when remaining inflated, it is hard to clean them. Then the pool floats appear bigger than the deflated one. To deflate the pool float, the valve needs to be opened and the air of the pool float will be removed from it. 


2)If extra water stays in the floater, you have to remove it. The process will be started after removing the air from it. Ensure the removal of the water from the opening of the floater.


3)Now all the preparation work is completed. You can proceed on at this moment to clear the pool float. You can clean the floater both naturally and by chemical usage. But the natural cleaning method is safer. And the chemical method will clean germs from the pool float easily. So, each of the cleaning methods has its uniqueness and benefits. You will need some cleaning materials such as soap, vinegar, baking soda or chlorine bleach to clean the floater properly


Why are foam pool floats so expensive

Foam pool floats are more expensive than the vinyl pool floats. Because these floats have some extra features which rise up the price of the floater. Let’s know those features of foam pool floats. 


the foam pool floats are made of soft and long-lasting foam. For that reason, you will not experience any leak or water-absorbing there. Besides the foam pool, floats have a vinyl coating and it assists to prevent sun damage and other organic and chemical damages.

Extreme comfort

you will find the foam pool floater softer than normal pool floater. Besides, it can easily set in the water. Both kids and adults can adjust themselves easily into the foam pool floater. Most of these floats have a pillow for head support which will give you the ultimate comfort feelings.

Easy to use

foam pool floats are user friendly. It is long-lasting and will also look great after using a long time. You can use it in the pool, beach or lake without any problem. Moreover, it is easy to inflate and deflate. So you can use it easily.


How to keep pool floats from blowing away

When air blows roughly, it can blow the pool float. And it can damage your float. Here a float holder is a solution to keep pool floats from blowing away. By leaving the pool float in the pool, you can lose your favorite pool float. You can keep your flats together with the help of the float holder. So you need to wrap a rope around the float holder. Then enter the floats into the float holder and the rope together. Then fix the rope again downside of the float holder. That will make sure in order to keep your pool floats from blowing away.

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Can you use pool floats in the ocean

Pool floats are great in the pool. It can give you a royal feel when you lay on it with a glass of cold drinks in summer. But, it is not perfect for the ocean or sea. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution(RNLI) announced a warning to the general people not to use floater in the sea. Because these pool floaters are not designed as per to use on the sea. Moreover, the usage of a floater on the sea can bring a tragedy in a person’s life.

Most of the sea rescues occurred every year for the usage of a floater on the sea. As a result, it can be a threat to the life of the people who want to float on the sea like a bird. As the pool floater generally found in a lightweight, they can easily be swept away by the tide of the sea. So don t use pool floats on the ocean or sea out of curiosity or adventure.


what are pool floats made of

Normally, pool floats are made of two types of materials. These are vinyl and foam. The vinyl pool floats are very flexible. So it can be shaped in different forms whether like a dinosaur or round tubes. The plastic layer of the pool floats ensures the prevention of water leakage. Moreover, the foam pool floats are a little bit expensive than a vinyl floater. This float is made of durable foam which will give a long life to your pool float and you will feel very comfortable than the vinyl pool float here.


What are inflatable pool floats made of

Inflatable pool floats are made of nylon which floats on the water more efficiently than cotton and other kinds of rope. On the other hand, these cotton and rope are made of polymers which is harmful to health. Sometimes the inflatable pool floats are made of PVC which makes it more cost-effective.


Are pool floats recyclable

Pool floats and pool toys that are made out of PVC are not recyclable. And this type of plastic is very hard to recycle. Besides PVC is one of the plastics which is normally dangerous to mankind. Because it contains harmful chlorine and other dangerous elements. if it damages a small amount, you can patch it and use it further. But, until PVC recycler invented, the pool floats are not recyclable.


Where to store pool floats

When you have pool floats, you need to store that after using it. The storing process will be easy if you have a large wall near to your pool. All you need to gather large hooks, cargo nets. Then attach the hooks on the wall with the cargo nets. Now you are all set and add the floats on the hooks after using. Maintain a proper distance of the hooks to keep more and more float without any trouble


How to store pool floats for winter

In winter, we need to store our adorable pool floats in order to reuse them in the coming summer. For that reason, you need airtight storage and containers to store the floats properly. You can save a lot of money if you store it properly. So it will appear to you as an investment. As the temperature changes in different seasons, it can damage your pool float. These temperature changes are the biggest foe of your pool floats lifetime.


You have to choose such a container which will ensure and maintain a consistent temperature. And that will prevent the pool float from being damaged. The pool float can also be damaged by your pet. They can tear your float with great fun because they like such kind of toys. So keep the pool float far away from the animals and pets reach.


Dry the float properly before storing it. Clear it with water and dry it to store it. If you don’t drain it, mold can be spread from it. And it will cause damage to your pool float. As a result, you will need a new float during the next year. If you store it in a nice way, it will save you time, money, and efforts. On the other hand, you will not need to buy new floats and waste your money every year.


How to fix pool floats

Assume that you reached your pool on a summer day with your pool float. But at the time of inflating it, you find it damaged. How irritating will be the situation! Let’s discuss now how to fix pool floats below:

Find the leak

You have to identify the leakage of the pool float. For this purpose, you need to inflate the float first. When the pool float will inflate totally, you will able to find the source of the water leakage. Here you can submerge the float underwater and you will see bubble comes out of it. It is a very easy process to find out the source of the leakage. When you discovered the leakage area, mark the area with a pen or other marker. Then let it dry because you cannot place it until it fully dried. Place the tape in the marked area when the float dries and your leakage problem will be solved.


Use the right tools

Arrange the right tools before start repairing the leakage of the pool float. Some pool floats and inflatables come with bonus patch and in this condition, you don’t need to buy an extra repair kit. If you don’t find any repair kit then purchase it from the nearest store. Make sure that you have strong adhesive near you that will help you to join the patch more effectively. Every kind of material should be waterproof and strong. You have to use duct tape to fix the water leakage if you are not using a patch.


Patch the hole

When you find the source of the leak and have proper material and tools near your hand, just patch the hole. Inspect the marked area and take a patch. The patch should be larger than the leakage area. Apply adhesive or glue to the marked area and place a tape or patch on the spot. After applying the patch, let it dry. It will be usable within a few hours. Then you will be able to use it in your pool.


How to deflate pool floats fast

Arrange a binder clip at the time of deflating the pool float. The binder clip will provide pressure to the valve and the air will come out more easily from the float. Now press the pool float with your hands. Soon you will get your pool float deflated.

I have tried my best to give the answer thoroughly. If you even interested to know any further question, your can comment in this post or let me know through the contact page.

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