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Pool Fences Above Ground | Know The Regulations Of CPSC

Many of us want to know “ Do above ground pools need a fence?”. If your children are young and they know how to swim, you can avoid installing pool fences. But, do you want to miss the beautiful design of pool fences. Some pool fences such as wood will not only increase the beauty of the pool but also ensure privacy.

You can also get rid of cool wind in the winter season by installing wood and glass pool fences around your pool. Installing pool fences above ground save your children, old parents, dogs, and other pet animals. 


Do above ground pools need a fence

As there are sidewalls in the above ground pool, people always want to know whether they actually need a fence around the above ground pool. The authorities of the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends using childproof fencing and gates. 


Regulations of Pool fence for Above Ground Pool

Every year lots of children get injured and drawn in the home and commercial pool. So, to ensure the safety of the children, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has given ‘’Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools”. Some communities strictly follow the regulations to ensure the safety for both inground and above ground pool. Here, I am going to describe briefly the guidelines of CPSC. 


In case of Installing Pool Fences

The minimum height of the fence should be 4( Four ) feet. So, you should choose a fence of 5 feet or higher. Some countries, states, and municipalities make it mandatory to use  barriers of 60 inches. 

If the fences of your pool have handholds or footholds, children can eaisly climp and get over the pool. In the case of solid barriers, masons should not construct any indentations or protrusion. If the horizontal members of the pool fences is less than 25 inche, It should be set on the side of the pool. The authorities advise to keep the spacing between verticel members less than 1-¾ inches. Maintaining this measurement, you can reduce the chances of gaining a foothold and climbing. You can keep the spacing between two verticle member 4 inch ( not more), if the distance between two horizontal members is more than 45 inches.  


The maximum spacing of the lattice should not exceed 1-¾ inches. If you don’t use stats to reduce mesh openings, you should keep mesh size not more than 1-¼ squire inches. 

Aboveground Pool itself has barriers. If your pool has shorter sidewalls, you can mount the barrier on the top of the pool structure. To prevent young children from climbing up into the above-ground pool, you should either design steps or ladder securely or you can construct a barrier around the steps or ladder. 


Prevent a kids from getting under a pool fence or barrier

The maximum vertical clearance between the bottom of the barrier and the top of your above-ground pool should not be more than 4-inches. And, the maximum spacing at the bottom of the barrier should keep less than 4-inces. This measurement is for the solid ground. If the bottom of the gate is not solid, the maximum clearance should not exceed 2-inches. 


Preventing child from getting through a pool barriers

You should use self-latching and self-closing gates to prevent a child from getting through a pool fence. All opeting of the pool fences should be designed in such a way so that a 4-inch diameter sphere can’t pass through. 


In Case Of Portable Pools

The popularity of the portable pools are increasing day by day. But they are highly risky for toddlers and pets. So, CPSC recommends using fences around your portable pool. You also should empty after use or cover with an anti-child pool cover. 


In Case Of Mesh Fences

Though the mesh fences are cost-effective and easy to install, they should be locked into the deck. By locking into the deck, you can prevent access to the pool by your child. The height and other measurements of the fence should follow strictly to avoid danger.


Gates Of the Fence

Regardless of the types of gates, you should use a locking device in the gates. Pedestrian gates and vehicles or other gates are generally found on residential property. Follow the follwing instructions at the time of designing pool gates. 

  • In case of pedestrian gates, pool gates should be self-latching and self-closing. Young children can enter the pool pushing the gate if the gates are not properly latched.
  • You should set the release mechanism of the self-latching device at least 54-inches high from the bottom of the gate. The release mechanism also should be set on the side facing the pool and at least 3-inch below the top of the pool fence gate. 


Door alarm and Door Locks

We sometimes forget to close the door perfectly. So, install door alarms and make sure the doors have self-latching and self-closing devices. According to the UL 2017 General-purpose Signaling Device and Systems( Section 77), you should choose a door alarm that meets the following features. 

  1. After opening the doors, the alarm should start ringing within 7 seconds and last at least 30 seconds. 
  2. The loudness of the alarm should be at least 85 dBA. 
  3. The alarm of the sound should not be the same as the smoke alarm, doorbell, and telephone. 
  4. The alarm system should have an automatic reset feature so that the adults can pass through house doors. You should set the deactivation switch at least 54-inches above the floor. 
pool fences above ground
Some pools are attached to house and are risky for the children, old parents, and pets

In case of of Pet or Doggy Doors

If you don’t have an isolation fence around the pool, you should not keep pet or doggy doors. Children can go outside by getting access to these doors. 


Pool Covers

It is not enough to use pool cover for the safety of the kids. At the same time,  you also should keep control devices out to the reach of the children. Before choosing a power safety cover for your pool, check whether the manufacturers are complying the standards set by ASTM F 1346-91. 


In case of Indoor Pools

If you have a indoor pool and the walls of the pool are acting as the fences of your pool, you should follow the requirements of pool alarm, door alarm, and pool covers. 


Barriers For Outdoor Swimming Pools

Outdoor swimming pools include above ground / onground pools, inground pools, spas, and hot tubs. You must follow the following informations to avoid accidents. 

  • The height of the vertical barrier around the pool should be at least 48-inches. 
  • The spacing between the bottom of the barrier and the surface should not be more than 4-inches. Keep this spacing 2-inches in the case of a non-solid surface and 1-inch in the case of mesh fences. 
  • Mount the fences on the top of the above ground pool . The spacing between the top of the above ground pool and the bottom of the above ground pool fences should be 4-inch. 
  • Openings should not allow passage of 4-inch diameter in the barriers. In the case of solid barriers, you should not construct any indentation or protrusions in the masonry joints. 
  • If the fence is composed of vertical members and horizontal members and the distance of them less than 45-inches, set the horizontal members on the swimming pool side of the fence. 

To know more deep information, click here. 


A buying guide to choose an above ground pool fence 

There are many types of above ground pool fences. Whatever types of fences you buy, you need to focus on the following factors.


Types of Fences

Mesh, aluminum, glass, wood, vinyl, wrought-iron, chain link fence are the popular types of fences used around the pool. As the mesh type pools are easily removable, you should be careful about them. Lock the mesh pool fences into the deck so that your children can’t remove it. 

Aluminum, glass, and vinyl pool are suitable for durability. On the other hand, wood and glass will make your pool environment mesmerizing. Wood pool fences will ensures durability, privacy, and customization. To know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the types of fences, click here


Height of Fences

Minimum 4 feet. 5 and higher are preferable. Regardless of the types of pool you choose, you should set the fence in such a way so that children can’t access your pool. Consumer Product Safety Association recommends the height to remain at least 4-feet. 



In the case of durability, aluminum pool fences, steel pool fences, wrought-iron pool fences, and glass pool fences are the best. 



If you can choose the high-quality pool fences and install properly, all the pool fences looks amazing. But are they the same? NO. In my point of view, the glass pool fences and wood pool fences will ensure the highest aesthetical view. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How To Ensure The Safety of Your Child

You want to set the pool fences around the pool to ensure the safety of the pool. You should also set the door alarm, and use a safety pool cover over the pool water to prevent accidents. 


Final thought

Installing above ground pool fences around the pool is mandatory in some communities. If you have toddlers or old parents in the house, you should follow the above safety measures. 

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