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Pool deck is used to beautify your pool and provide space to relax beside the pool water after swimming or before swimming. It ensures the cleanliness of the grass of your pool edges. Moreover, it increases the beauty and eases the entry to your pool whether it is an inground pool or aboveground pool.

Types of the pool deck

There are different types of pool decks. Some of them are cost-effective and others are a little bit expensive. Let’s take in-dpeth look at the types of the pool deck.

Brushed concrete

Concrete pool deck is very simple. It has a levelled layer of concrete. When you use brushed concrete it will make the concrete layer beautiful. Know more about concrete pool deck, visit here.

Hand seeded p-gravel

In this type of decking, concrete decking is used with natural colorful Peebles. As you use this decking in your pool, the beautiful colorful pebbles will twinkle and build a charm to your swimming pool.   

Deck coating

Deck coating is better than the concrete pool deck. It comes in all kinds of shape and this deck coating is slip-resistant. So there is no chance of an accidental fall in this pool deck.  

Lime coat

It is the mixture of quartz and limestone and this will provide you smoother finish to the pool deck. Here the deck ground will look like a real stone that enhances the elegancy of your pool deck. 

Tile decking

The tile decking id favorable for eco-friendly pool deck. You can see the reflection of nature in some kinds of tile decking. As most of the tile decking comes in a large size, you dont need to use a hammer to install it.

Pool Deck Ideas

First, choose the best location for your pool. Here you need to consider the shape and orientation of the house and think about views from the windows of the house. The location of entrances and exits should be appropriately considered. You have to find the direction of the prevailing wind and allow the house to protect that direction.

If you don’t want to locate your pool in a deep shade area, you should have to look at sun and shade angles in the yard. You must have a deck in the northeast or northwest area of the pool because it helps to enhance the beauty of the pool. That deck’s location depends on the region of the country and the angle of the sun. You need a pool deck for taking advantage of afternoon sunlight reflecting off the pool’s surface. Here, are some pictures get in-depth ideas about pool deck.


Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

There are various above ground swimming pool deck ideas. But the one above ground pool structure has multi-purposes. This idea serves multi-purposes from resting, sunbathing to playing sports within the netball facility. And the wide decking area allows for entertaining and fun. It has safety fencing too.  Above ground pool deck ideas has an elevated area of the pool.


The pool deck enhances the durability and strength of the swimming pool. And this pool deck idea is budget-friendly. The reasonable above ground pool deck ideas may attract many customers who have limited budgets. These ideas don’t have fancy and costly design structures. But still, they stand out as they also convey above ground pool landscaping ideas on a budget. You can use these ideas in your indoor swimming pool. Above ground deck ideas are also suitable for small yards.

Inground Pool Deck Ideas

Inground pool deck ideas are needed when building a deck, porch, or patio around a pre-existing pool. And the goal is always synergy, creating both spaces superior together. Usually, we want the pool deck designs to look better and be more enjoyable too! Inground Pool deck ideas


An inground swimming deck with stunning outdoor living space is an accessible blueprint.  The best inground deck ideas present a unified vision to them. Many deck ideas for inground pools use elevated decks and porches to build a layered theme. Most inground decking ideas can express the homeowner’s personality.

Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool deck resurfacing is a method that repairs damaged concrete surfaces or updates their look. By applying an overlay product, the constructor is adding strength to your pool deck, patio, or other surfaces. Generally, the overlay is a thin layer of cement, sand, polymer resins, and other additives. The best thing about deck resurfacing is that it allows you to bring life to a colorless pool deck.

Popular colors for pool decks include shades of brown, tan, or grey. That blend well with the natural surroundings and make the deck resurfacing beautiful. Moreover, the color choices are unlimited. There are white, blue, black, and bold color combinations used on pool deck coatings for resurfacing it. It can spice up your old deck. It will separate the old concrete and pouring new.

Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing ( Step by step guide)

Concrete pool deck resurfacing steps are given below:

Step-1: Prepare and repair

Etch, grind, or shot blast the concrete surface to make it full of holes. So, fix all the cracks or other existing damages.

Step-2: Clean and prime

Wash the deck with pressure and let the surface thoroughly dry. Then, apply the primer if necessary.

Step-3: Make a mixture of products

By following instructions, mix all the products properly to prepare it for application. Mix some color also, if you want.

Step-4: Apply an overlay

Apply the overlay by spraying, rolling, or troweling, and it depends on the desired look.

Step-5: Sum up patterns and texture

You can complete it by using hand-trowels, rakes, stamps, and other speciality tools.

Step-6: Cure and seal

After the overlay cures, you can add a sealer for additional protection. This sealer gives greater strength and enhanced stain resistance.

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Pool Deck Pavers

Typically, Pool deck pavers are used in the landscaping of outdoor swimming pool areas. It can be beneficial to homeowners and users of the pool area. Concrete, brick, and stone are the primary materials that we used to make these deck pavers. These materials will be best for pool paving purposes because they can take the rigid effects of chlorinated or salt water pools.

Deck pavers will give your pool safety. You can use the pool deck paver, for realizing the desired and chosen texture and color effect of the pool area. These pavers make the surface non-slippery and durable also. Safety is essential for children if they play and run around on wet and slippery surfaces. The opportunities for these pavers are durability, affordability, easy installation, non-slip surface, wide variety, secure repairing capability. For enjoying the opportunities, people want to utilize deck pavers in the landscaping of pool areas.

Pool deck pavers can make a fantastic effect by enhancing the authenticity. It will also create a great natural atmosphere. Deck pavers are good alternatives to natural stone pool pavers. And it is affordable too. You can enjoy huge savings primarily if a mortar-less installation procedure is implemented in the pool pavers. This procedure is also durable.

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Pool Deck Furniture

Deck furniture shopping involves a lot of decision making. You can buy pool deck furniture from online shops. Online shops of outdoor deck furniture have all the most significant access to styles and options. Some retailers only carry these items in-store on a seasonal basis. You can often score free shipping and in-store returns for making the buying procedure more comfortable.

Pool deck furniture

Your deck furniture is based on how many people you expect to entertain and use your outdoor space. You can use the pool deck furniture for commercial conversations also. Many pool furniture includes conversation sets with two chairs and an accent table.

Pool deck chairs

Pool deck chairs are used for relaxing or sunbathing. When you are going to buy a new deck chair, ensure that it has a sturdy hardwood frame and ergonomically designed. Because it will provide excellent support and enhance durability too, many deck chairs come with adjustable positions for comfort. So you can relax and enjoy your sunbathing.

Pool Deck Ladder

Every swimming pool needs a pool deck ladder. Inground pools or above ground pools will not be complete without a pool ladder.  Without a ladder or having a cheaper one deck ladder can cause severe brain and spinal injuries. Purchasing a much better ladder can make your pool deck safer for youngers and seniors too.  Swimming is a fun-filled or enjoyable activity. But you can’t enjoy it if you are constantly worrying about safety. By using the right type of ladder, you can remove that worry away.

How Much Do Above Ground Pool Decks Cost

You will need $15 to $30 to for per square feet for building deck to above ground pool. The price varies on the material and design that is used on the deck. The total deck can cost $2800 to $10000 and in terms of the small deck, it can cost from $800 to $3000.

How To Build A Deck For The Above Ground Pool? 

When you want to build a deck for the above-ground pool, you need to follow several steps. These are as follows:

Step 01: Framing the pool

The pool deck floor framing forms of 4 sided frames and there, two sides angle toward each other, and rest two sides stay parallel at the pool deck. Here you need to build 18 frames where 17 frames are identical. You can speed up the frame building process by using galvanized-metal corner brackets. It will help to affix the perimeter boards.

Step 02: Setting piers and posts

The deck will set up on the piers and posts and concrete pier blocks are best for the balancing of the deck. Place the first 2 blocks on the ground and here you dont have to remove the grass. But you can level up the ground if it is extremely uneven. Place the first block as per its centre remain 12 in. far from the pool wall. And the second block should be 18 in. far from the first block.

Step 03: Laying the decking

Make each board tapered to radiate them from the center of the pool. You need to slip the angled end of the 1st decking board beneath the pools coping. Now place the long edge of the board with the joint running directly. It should remain between the two adjoining floor-joint frames because it ensures the efficiency of the decking.

Fasten the boards with deck screws and place another board tightly against the first board. Install all the decking boards in the same manner. Put a deck board and identify where it overlaps the joint between the two frames. Now cut the board according to the marked line and trim the other two boards in the same process. After completing this task, install full-length boards again. Use a saw to trim up the extra ends.

Step 04: Building the guardrails

Place a post at every joint where two floor-joist frames meet together. Then fasten the frames with two long galvanized screws. Lay the board between two posts and tighten up its deck screws. Enclose the open places of the railing with precut balusters that must be perfectly plumbed. Then screw them and set them on center. The last step is to construct the stairs. Here you need a precut stair stringers and set the bottom parts of them on concrete patio blocks. Then screw the upper parts of the stringers with the floor joist.

How to repair pool deck cracks

If you want to repair the pool crack, you need to clean the deck first. When the crack is small, you can fix it by purchasing materials from your nearby stores. In the case of large cracks, call a professional to fix your deck cracks.

After washing the deck, remove any kinds of loose pieces of pool deck material from the damaged area. Now prepare concrete patching powder and apply it on the crack area of your deck. Smooth the area and remove the extra mixture. Let it dry for some hours and you are ready to use the deck again after it gets dried

How to clean the pool deck

To clean a deck, you will need some materials like bleach, soap, bucket, and scrub brush. Follow these steps to clean your pool deck:

1)Take a bucket full of water and add dish soap and a cup of bleach. Put on gloves and mix the materials with water by the handle of the brush.

2)Spread the mixture on the deck and use the scrub brush to brush the deck properly. Clean the expansion joint and between the different sections of the concrete. 

3) When scrubbing is completed, use a pressure washer to clean the pool deck. Make sure the washed water must not fall into your pool water.

Final Thought

Now you have everything about pool deck installation and maintenance. The deck will provide you a great space to relax beside your pool in the morning or evening. Without a pool deck, the pleasure of having a pool remains half-baked. So it is necessary to have a pool deck to have a nice experience of swimming. 


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