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Pool Deck Stain | Pool Deck Stain vs. Paint

Pool deck stain is the most recommended decorative concrete solutions for almost any concrete surface. It has two types; acid and water-based. Both come with a wide selection of colors, and you can customize it with patterns and designs. The colors can be matched to create custom designs. But it yields a semi-translucent color. Stains can effectively cover-up blemishes.

Acid stain contains metallic salts that induce a chemical reaction. When it comes in contact with lime or minerals, that is natural concrete content. So, these reactions create unusual but highly appealing effects on the concrete. It will be similar to marble and leather. Water-based stains are very consistent. Because it dries in the same color that it was before installation. It will be a better option if you are planning to incorporate a specific design, image, or pattern on the pool decking surface

Pool Deck Stain vs. Paint

There are many differences between pool deck stain and pool deck paint. Now, we are going to discuss pool deck stain vs pool deck paint. The differences are given below;

Pool deck stain is budget-friendly

Pool deck stain is cheaper than pool deck paint. The stain will cost between $20 and $35 per gallon. The exterior paint suitable for decking ranges from $30 to $60 per gallon. In pool deck paint, you will have to factor in an extra $15 to $40 per gallon of wood preservative. And you will need $15 to $30 gallon of primer although most commercial wood stains contain a chemical and don’t require an introduction to adhere.

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Stain offers a natural look to your pool deck.

By using wood stain, you can give a natural look to your pool deck. Wood stain transparent to semi-solid in opacity, and it fills the pores of the wood. It forms a thin film over the deck. If you like a natural look, the natural grain pattern and superficial cracks in the wood show through ideal. Pool deck paint has a high percentage of pigments and resins. Paint fills the pores of the wood and dries to an opaque surface that hides cracks. It will cover the distinct wood grain. A solid wood stain, which is highly pigmented and virtually opaque, will be the right choice for you.

Paint can afford more variety for pool deck.

Paint is available in a host of colors. You can use from neutrals like chocolate brown or forest green to royal blue or crimson for a contemporary vibe. Basically, wood stain is designed to accentuate the native qualities of wood. And it is limited to clear shades of brown. 

You can apply stain easily.

A stain is easier to apply on your pool deck. For staining, the deck will require preparing the surface by sweeping it clear. You have to scrub it with a store-bought or homemade deck cleaner. Then, you can directly apply stain by brush or roller in a single coat. Stains transparency minimizes the appearance of lap marks in the finish of your pool deck. The thick consistency of paint means that globs and lap marks crop up in the pool deck’s finish. Once you paint your pool deck, then the surface must be sealed with a clear polyurethane sealer. 

Pool deck paint lasts longer

Paint lasts longer than the pool deck stain. Both paint and stain pool deck has unique problems. Color has a chipping or peeling problem. And stain has heat-related discoloration problem. But if we compare them according to their durability, then paint comes out as the more durable and colorfast finish. Generally, paint lasts 10 years or longer before requiring re-application. Oil-based paints will offer you the best protection from moisture. But latex paints will provide the best defense against UV-related fading. Pool deck stains are short-lived. Without requiring re-application, it will last from one to eight years. 

Maintenance of pool deck paint is easier

You can easily maintain pool deck paint. Paint dries to a slick surface that makes sweeping away dust and dirt. But, stain dries to a more matte finish that demands massive effort to sweep clean. Sometimes, you have to use a pressure washer to your stained decks. But the sheer force washer can gouge the wood pool deck. You will need to deep clean your deck, at least once in a year. For removing bacteria and mold from the pool deck. Maintenance of pool deck paint will be simple for you.

Stain can be painted easily

You can easily paint a stained deck with a new shade. By dulling the old finish with sandpaper, you can create a new shade of stain. It’s easy to paint over a painted deck. Converting from paint to a stain requires the effort-intensive process by stripping the old paint and primer with either commercial stripper or sandpaper. Now, clean it with a deck cleaner, sanding deck imperfections, then apply the stain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best pool deck stain colors?

There are various products that you can use to stain a wooden or concrete pool deck. The most recommended product is the antiquing concrete stain. Because this concrete stain is easy to apply,spray-on, quick-dry colorant for outdoor concrete. And antiquing stains come in over 40 colors. So you can customize your deck colour to extend your landscape or outdoor furniture. You can use brown, blue, grey, naturals and red are the best stain colors for a wooden deck.

Which deck stain lasts the longest time?

Semi-transparent stains can do better. Generally, it needs to be redone every two years. Solid stains last longer. Most of the time, this stain lasts at least three years. And even after three years of trial, it still looks good enough.

Final Thought

Pool deck stain is not as simple as painting the deck. This is highly recommended to hire a pro to apply the stain to your pool deck. The floor needs to be prepared to ensure proper adherence for acid stains. The acid stain look depends on how much lime and mineral the slab contains. And the color may not also dry precisely as it looks. You have to make sure to test a bit of the stain on an inconspicuous spot to see how dark or light it will be when it will thoroughly dry. The stained pool deck is one of the most preferred decorative concrete solutions for almost any concrete surface.

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