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Pool Alarm | Are Your Pool Safe For Children And Elderly?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, every year, more than 300 kids lose their life by drowning into pools. Toddlers are always quick and curious, and they love to play with water. Besides, it is quite impossible to monitor the toddlers all the time. This curiosity of children and parents’ negligence results in hazards to kids’ life. So it is wise to install a pool alarm in your pool to avoid these unwanted hazards.

What is a pool alarm?

A pool alarm is a warning system that is designed to detect something in your pool. It has the potential to save the life of a child or an animal. An alarm of the pool can notify you by its alarm or siren when any object accidentally falls into the swimming pool.

Inground Pool Alarm

Why do we need a pool alarm?

A pool alarm is regarded as one of the best investments that can save lives. You can reduce the risks of the accidental drowning of your adorable babies and pets with the help of a pool alarm.

1) Protect your children

Most of the people buy pool’s alarm to protect their children. Babies move one place to another place very frequently, and it is hard to monitor them 24/7. Here, the pool alarm can ensure your children’s safety because it has a loud siren system. Therefore, you will be able to save your children from drowning in the pool.

2) Ensure the safety of neighborhood children

Water is a big attraction to the children, and they are naturally very curious about it. You may not have any children or pets, but a pool alarm is essential for saving your neighbors’ children. You can save the life of your neighborhood children who can’t hold the urge to play in your pool. An extra loud alarm is the best fit for this purpose because it will draw the passersby or your neighbors’ attention when you are not staying in your home.

3) Protect animals and pets

For protecting your adorable pets and other animals, you need to use a pool’s alarm. Pets and animals are generally less heavy than babies. Here, you have to install such a pool alarm that can detect lightweight falls in your pool. Besides, you can clip unique immersion tags to your pet’s collar for getting a quick notification on your smartphone.

How Do Pool Alarms Work?

The pool alarm has several types. These are Surface wave detection alarm, subsurface detection alarm, and pool immersion alarm. Let’s discuss how each type of pool alarm works:

Surface wave detection alarm

Surface wave detection alarm typically sits on the pool deck. It extends its rest part on the surface of the pool water. When someone disturbs the pool water by jumping or falling in, this alarm will set on. You can connect the surface wave detection alarm with your phone. It has a loud siren that can alert anyone staying in the surrounding.

This device can be installed with a waterproof battery because it is a wireless device. As the alarm depends on the pool water waves, the alarm can sometimes be triggered by the wind-made waves. If you connect the surface wave detection alarm to your smartphone, you will able to set it off from your phone.

Subsurface detection pool alarm

Subsurface detection pool alarm is installed below the surface of the pool water. This alarm doesn’t measure the waves of the pool water. The subsurface detection pool’s alarm feels the changes in the water pressure and turns on. When someone slowly walks into the pool, the water pressure will be very slight.

Besides, when someone drowning in the pool, the water pressure will be very high. In this case, the alarm’s sensor catches the changes in water pressure and is set on the alarm instantly. The sensors of this alarm generally connected to a smartphone with a mobile app. The alarm uses a waterproof battery as it submerged into the pool water, and it is completely wireless.

Pool immersion alarm

Pool immersion alarm is different from the previous pool alarms. It refers to a wristband that children wear. As the wristband falls into the water, it will provide an alert through a mobile app. Whether you go to a pool party with your child, this alarm will help you if your child falls in water-related hazards. So you can monitor your baby in a better way by using pool immersion alarm.

A Buying Guide For Buying A Pool’s Alarm

A pool alarm is a must for all types of pools. It provides the necessary safety features to protect babies, pets, non-swimmers, and animals from drowning into the pool.

Type and size of the pool

Determining pool types is very crucial before buying a pool alarm. If you have an inground pool, you need to buy an alarm which is specially designed for inground pools. Besides you can choose a pool alarm which works both at the inground pool and aboveground pool. You need to measure the pool size because the pool alarm has upper limits according to the size of the pool. It will help you to decide how many alarm devices you need in your pool.

The detection system of the pool alarm

Different detection technology is available in pool alarms. Apart from it, the most effective pool alarms utilize a combination of technologies to detect the victim. Surface and Subsurface detection pool alarms work best in these circumstances. It enables the chance of catching pets or persons into the water and also avoids false alarms.

Loudness of alarm

Pool alarm’s loudness is an essential factor or consideration of a pool alarm. Some pool alarms are ranging from 86 dB to 120 dB. You need to test the pool alarm loudness from inside of your house and nearby roads. It will ensure the original loudness of the alarm.

Frequently Asked Questions | Pool Alarm

How big does a child need to be to activate a pool alarm?

When any object or person, including a child of about 15 lbs, a pool alarm can easily detect it. Besides, you can customize the weight sensibility of your pool alarm according to your preference.

Are Pool Alarms Required?

A pool alarm can keep your pool safe by protecting accidental drowning. It is required by pool safety law. You will have peace of mind ensuring that the pool alarm will notify you to save your adorable child or pets.

Final Thought

Having a pool is an excellent experience for the pool owners. But it has some potential risk when you have kids or pets. A pool alarm can reduce the risk with its rapid alert system. It will cost a little amount, but you can save your lovable child or pets with pool’s alarms help. Otherwise, you may regret for the rest of your life by losing your lovable one. Be cautious and use a pool alarm to avoid any kinds of pool hazards.

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