Mesh Pool Cover

Mesh Pool Cover | Does It Fulfill Your Safety?

Nothing is more important than safety in the pool. Many children die due to lacking of safety in the pool. Pool cover, pool alarms, and pool fence are the most popular pool safety products. Mesh pool cover is one of the most popular type of safety cover for pool. Let’s know about mesh pool cover deeply.

Benefits of mesh pool cover

Many people like mesh pool cover for the following advantages

Low cost

Most of mesh pool covers cost $75 to $150.


The general life-span of the mesh pool cover ranges from 8 to 12 years. So, you can use the mesh pool cover for many years.

Less Maintenance

As mesh pool covers let the pool water pass-through, you don’t need to use a pump on the top of the cover. So, you don’t need to work hard to maintain the effectiveness of the pool cover.

Easy installation

The materials of mesh pool cover are very light-weight. So, you can take it from one place to another easily.

How To Install Mesh Pool Cover

Proper installation of mesh pool cover requires lots of in-depth knowledge and cares. Let’s know the required tools for the installation process.

Required Tools

  • Heavy Duty Hammer Drill
  • Hammer
  • 3/4-inch concrete drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk
  • Extension cords
  • Wooden block
  • Spray silicone
  • Buckets

Step 01

Unfold the cover on any side of the pool and adjust mesh pool cover for perfect overlap. Overlap the cover in such a way that side should equal side as well as end should equal end.

Step 02

You need two corner anchors for each corner of the mesh pool cover. Using the spring installation tool, attach the springs to the anchors.

Step 03

Stretch strings on each side and each end. Find the deep end anchors by extending cover straps till they don’t intersect the deep end string line. Follow this process for each side to find and mark anchors.

To know more details with pictures, download the mesh pool instruction guide.

Solid vs Mesh Pool Cover ( which is a better pool cover solid or mesh)

Both solid pool cover and mesh pool cover are used for the safety in off-seasons. Many people still like to use the traditional tarp to cover the pool. But safety covers do much more than the general pool covers. Before determining the best pool cover, let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of the solid pool cover and mesh pool cover.

Advantages of Mesh Pool Cover

  1. Cost-Effective: It cost of mesh pool cover is less compared to solid pool cover.
  2. The life-span: The life-span of the mesh pool cover is 10 to 15 years.
  3. Little Maintenance: The pool owner requires less maintenance at the time of using mesh pool cover. As the water pass through the pool cover, you don’t need to give more effort to get rid of cover damage.

Disadvantages of Mesh Pool Cover

  1. Waste Water: As the water can pass through the mesh pool cover, dirty water can easily add to the pool water.
  2. More prone to grow algae: As the sunlight can enter into the pool water, algae can grow easily in the pool water.

Advantages of Solid Vinyl Pool Cover

  1. Sunlight Can’t Get Through The Cover: As the vinyl pool cover is made of high-call vinyl materials, the sun rays can’t enter into the pool water. So, this pool cover protects from harmful rays of the sun.
  2. Always Clean Water: As water can’t get through the vinyl pool cover, no dirty water can pass after a storm or at the time of heavy rain.

Disadvantages of Solid Vinyl Pool Cover

  • Expensive: The cost of vinyl pool cover is higher than the mesh pool cover. As it made from high-quality vinyl, it costs higher.
  • Requires maintenance: As water accumulates on the pool cover, it creates pressure on the pool cover. So, you need to remove water after a storm or heavy rain.

How To Repair A Mesh Pool Cover

Though the lifespan of the mesh pool cover is very high, you need to check regularly whether it punctures or tears. Don’t worry about tears because you can easily repair it. First of all, finds all tears on the net or mesh pool cover. Then sew over the damaged area using industrial nylon thread and needle.

How to install mesh pool cover

How To Unhook Pool Mesh Cover

Mesh pool covers last long if you properly care about it. You can increase the life-span of mesh pool cover by unhooking and storing properly in offseasons. To store properly, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 01: Remove all things from the cover

You need to clean all leaves and debris before unhooking the mesh pool cover.

Step 02: Remove springs and screw

Every mesh pool cover comes with an installation rod. Like the installation, you can easily uninstall the mesh pool cover with this installation rod. First, remove all springs with this rod and lower the brass with the hex key. Lowering the anchors will reduce the risk of snagging the cover.

Step 03: Remove Cover Properly

You need to remove cover properly to reduce the risk of damage. After removing springs from the cover, fold the cover in small sections in an accordion-style.

Step 04: Wash The Cover Thoroughly

Many pool owners skip this step at the time of storing pool cover and finds damaged pool cover while they restore it. We always recommend to wash the mesh pool cover before storing it. After removing pool cover from the pool, spread it on the lawn. Spray water over the mesh pool with a gardern hose. If you find heavy dirt and debris on the pool cover, use detergent and brush to clean the cover. Using a brush will be convenient to scrub the cover. After scrubbing the cover, rinse with clean water and let it to be dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mesh pool cover Work?

Mesh pool cover is great for safety and protects large debris. But, you can’t stop water evaporation wtih mesh pool cover.


The mesh pool cover is one of the most popular pool covers for its durability and safety commitment. It is easy to install and store at the time of offseason. Moreover, the mesh pool cover is also cost-effective in compared to other safety covers.


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