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Liquid Solar Cover | Don’t Use Before Read This

A solar pool cover can hold the water temperature of any kind of pool. It is an excellent choice for the pool owners in both the summer and winter seasons. In summer it will help to retain water from evaporating. You can keep your pool water warmer by using a liquid solar pool cover in winter. Besides, it will help you to reduce energy costs and decrease chemical needs.

What is a liquid solar cover?

The liquid solar cover is a combination of calcium hydroxide and alcohol. As it is lighter than water, it creates a thin layer on the surface of the pool and works as a protective barrier. Liquid solar cover slows the evaporation of pools water and retains heat for a longer time. This liquid solar pool cover is too thin to see in open eyes.

The Benefits of Using a Liquid Solar Cover

A liquid solar pool cover has several benefits. Let’s take a look at them below:

Preserves pool water

A pool can lose about ¼ inch of water because of evaporation on every single day. This evaporation can result in 20000 gallons of water evaporation per year. But this problem can be solved with a liquid solar cover. It can decrease water evaporation up to 30-50%.

Retains heat

The liquid solar cover helps to reduce evaporation and retains the heat of the pool. Because anything that obstructs evaporation will assist in keeping your pool water warmer. So, you can enjoy your pool comfortably by using a liquid solar cover.

Reduces energy costs

As the liquid pool cover works to retain the heat of your pool water, you dont need to use your pool heater all the time. That means you can save a lot of money on gas or electricity.

You can swim with a liquid solar cover

The liquid solar cover is so safe that you can swim with it. You dont need to remove it like vinyl or plastic covers. Besides, it doesn’t do any harm to your adorable pets.

Liquid pool cover ( You don't need to uncover pool cover to swim

You will find a liquid solar cover very convenient to use by directly pouring it on your pool surface.

Cons Of Using liquid solar cover

The liquid solar pool cover has some disadvantages too. These disadvantages are as follows:

Less effective

Liquid solar pool covers are 75% less effective than bubble solar pool covers. Regular bubble solar covers retain more heat and work better to reduce the evaporation of pool water.

Affected by the weather

The liquid solar cover doesn’t work better in windy areas. Apart from it, liquid solar pool covers are less effective in the areas of heavy rainfall. So, go for alternative options if you are living in heavy rain or windy areas.

How does the liquid solar cover work?

A liquid solar cover is not as efficient as solid covers in terms of reducing evaporation.  But it is very convenient to pool owners because they can swim with it. The liquid solar cover works by dispersing its molecules in the water and then return together. It forms an invisible cohesive layer on the pool surface which helps to reduce evaporation,

One study said that liquid pool covers have up to 15.8% proficiency compared to solid covers. Because of the liquid solar blanket, the sunlight gets obstacles to evaporate pool water. They also stated that the result of the testing might vary in high wind and rainy weather. Another report suggests that liquid pool covers decrease heat loss and energy usage by 50%. And it retains more than 30% water of the pool.

How to use a solar cover?

The using procedure of the solar pool cover is very easy. You need to shake the liquid pool cover bottle and pour it on the pool surface according to the instructions. You will need 4 ounces of this liquid per 20000 gallons of water. Add the solution weekly to get better results. It is best to pour the liquid solar pool cover into the skimmer. Run the pump at the time of applying it to distribute thoroughly. When there is a critical weather condition, you need to add a liquid solar pool cover twice a week.

How to remove the solar cover from the swimming pool?

Removing solar cover every time may be regarded as a hassle. You can remove the solar cover by cutting it into smaller pieces. It will help you to remove the panels at a time. You can use a solar cover reel if you dont want to cut your solar cover. Place the solar reel at one end of the pool then attach the solar blanket to the reel. Now turn the wheel or handle of the solar reel and your solar cover will be removed within some minutes. It will save you time and effort at the same time.

Liquid Pool Cover Vs Solar Blanket

There are some significant differences between liquid pool cover and solar blanket. Let’s have a look at them below:

Liquid solar pool cover

It keeps heat and water from evaporating, and you need not remove it at the time of swimming. Besides, a liquid solar cover is non-toxic and safe for filtering and pumping of your pool. It is less effective in windy and heavy rain areas.

Liquid pool cover vs Bubbble solar cover

Solar blanket

Solar cover also helps to retain pool water from evaporating. Compared to liquid solar cover, it is less comfortable because you need to remove and place it regularly. Besides UV rays and chlorine can break down its materials. It is useful for any kind of weather where liquid solar cover cannot work appropriately in windy areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does liquid solar cover last?

Liquid solar cover can last for one week in a pool. You can use 4 ounces of liquid solar cover for 20000 gallons of water at a time. If your area is windy or has severe weather conditions, you need to use liquid solar cover twice a week according to the mentioned measurement.

Is it safe to use the liquid solar cover?

Liquid solar cover has a minimal amount of chemical. So it is incredibly safe for anyone in the pool. There is no chance of a child or animals trapped underneath of liquid solar cover like a plastic cover. A plastic or vinyl cover can make bacteria and algae. But with a liquid cover, it is 100% safe. Apart from it, it is safe for your pool pump a filtration system.


Now you know everything about liquid solar pool cover. It is more usable and comfortable than typical solar blankets. You dont need to remove and replace the liquid solar cover every time. Even you dont need a solar cover reel for using the liquid solar cover. So it will save your money and effort at the same time.

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