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Lap Pool | You May Change Your Mind After Reading

Are you worried about the excessive heat this summer? It is not only you who are facing the effect of global warming. To relax in the summer season, people are going to different commercial pools. But, it takes time and money when time you visit there. Building a lap pool can be a good option for swimming and relaxing after a long tiring day.

There are many options when you think to swim at home. Inground pool ( fiberglass pool, lap pool, and vinyl pool), above ground pool, are the most popular types of pool.

Every type of pool has some pros and cons. Here, I am going to describe everything you want to know about a lap pool.

What is a lap pool?

A lap pool is a special type of swimming pool built and used for the purposes of keeping body healthy. It is narrow and long and designed in a rectangular shape. There are many health benefits of a lap swimming pool including hydrotherapy.

Lap Pool Ideas

Here, I am going to display some popular lap pool’s pictures so that you can take ideas about the lap swimming pool.

Lap pool Lap pool

Lap pool ideas Lap pool ideas

Here are some popular lap pool pictures. If you want to get more ideas about lap swimming pool ideas, you may visit some commercial lap swimming pool sides. Local pool construction contractors may give you some awesome designs of a lap swimming pool.

Lap Pool Cost

The cost of installing a lap swimming pool depends on many factors such as size, materials, and the type of lap swimming pool. Let’s assume you want to build a 45′ x 8′ lap pool in your yard.

  • The cost of an inground concrete lap swimming pool is approximate6 0,000 dollars.
  • The cost of inground fiberglass lap pool ranges 45,000 to 55,000 dollars.
  • The cost of a vinyl lap swimming pool (inground) ranges from 35,000 to 40,000 dollars.

The residential area where you want to build a lap swimming pool also affects the cost. Buying an above-ground model is the most affordable option.

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Things That You Should Keep In Mind While Lap Pool Designs

Designing a lap pool is a crucial factor for the pool lovers. Redesigning may satisfy your expected design but it will cost a lot. So, before installing a lap swimming pool, you should consider the following things.

Pool Dimensions

There has no standard length and width that you should follow to build a lap pool. People generally build a lap swimming pool according to the dimension of the backyard. Try to keep a decent length of your lap swimming pool. You can build any of the concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl lap pool. The fiberglass and vinyl lap pools are affordable options to the pool lovers. On the other hand, you can give any size of your lap swimming pool by constructing a gunite lap pool.

The dimension of the lap pool may vary if you want to build a lap swimming pool for commercial purposes. Good depth of the lap swimming pool help the swimmer to tumble turn.


You will get more space for playing in the backyard at the time of building a lap pool.

Heat Maintenance

You need to maintain the heat of the pool water to use pool all seasons. The sun evaporates pool water and increases the heat of the water. Using pool cover protects the evaporation of pool water and keep the water of the pool cool.

In the winter season, you can use a pool heater to keep the pool water warm. But the external environment and wind can turn warm water cool. So, using a pool cover is a good option.

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Frequently Asked Questions Of Lap Pool

How long is a lap pool

The length of a lap pool ranges 45 to 70 feet and the width of a lap pool ranges from 8 to 10 feet.

How much does a lap pool cost

Inground fiberglass lap pool costs $5,000 to $55,000. Inground gunite/concrete pool costs about $60,000. Inground vinyl pool costs approximately $35,000 to $40,000.

How deep is a lap pool

The depth of a standard lap pool is about 4 to 5 feet.

Final Thought

Swimming every day keeps your body healthy and muscles active. Lap pools are specially designed for many health benefits. As it is narrow, it requires less space in comparison to the traditional pool inground pool.

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