Inground Pool Skimmer | Are You Using The Right Tools For Replacement?

An Inground pool skimmer cleans the pool water through water circulation and water filtration system. Generally, it is made of white plastic and built at the side of the swimming pool. The skimmer has a door which is called a weir. It opens and closes as per the pool water level and movement. The skimmer has a basket and it collects debris from the pool water. Skimmer generally found in a rectangular shape and the water level covers beneath half area of the skimmers 

How to replace the inground pool skimmer?

Replacing inground pool skimmer needed more effort than the above ground pool skimmer replacement. But after proper replacement, you can use it for a long time. Let’s take a look about inground pool skimmer replacement:

Break up concrete

Firstly, you need to cut the deck of the skimmer properly. You can use a saw to start cutting the deck. Then, you need to break the concrete around the skimmer area with a small jackhammer or sledgehammer

Remove the old skimmer

Clean all kinds of dirt around the skimmer area. Dig the area with a shovel to find the pipe below the skimmer and cut the pipe. Remove the faceplate from the pool wall. Thus, you can remove the old skimmer.

Inground Pool Skimmer
Break concrete carefully to avoid danger

Repair the wall

Repair the skimmer chamber and the wall. You can repair it with flat sheet metals for heavy damage. Drill new screw holes if the old screw holes are damaged or rust away. Keep it in good shape and clean it thoroughly.

Install new skimmer

Install a new skimmer into the skimmer chamber. You can use silicon for the back side of the skimmer wall. Affix a gasket at the front side of the skimmer with glue. Repair the plumbing connection of the skimmer. Connect the pipe into the fitting with Teflon tape and PVC glue.

Backfill and cover

Backfill concrete carefully and tamp it duly. After filling concrete, place some gravel on it at the top 4″. You need to use foam to make the expansion joint rightly. Again mix concrete mix for proper strength. Dry it  carefully and maintain the slope of the deck

The Process of Installing Inground Pool Skimmer

An inground pool skimmer installation is easier than replacement. Let’s dive into the details of installing inground pool skimmer:

Step 01:

After removing the old skimmer, you need to expose the plumbing lines beneath the skimmer. This will make the skimmers’ new connections easier. Ensure putting caps over the pipe of the newly installed skimmer. Covering up the pipes will prevent leaves and other debris to enter into the lines and clogging your pipes. If you want to provide a correct finished orientation of the pipes, you need to hold the new skimmer for a few times. By this way, you can measure for the correct possible fit of the pipes underneath.

Step 02:

You need to utilize PVC fittings in your skimmer installation. Because the poly style fittings are backdated. Use glue to attach the PVC fittings duly. For switching from the poly fittings to PVC fittings, you need to use an inset barbed adapter. Then, use a heat gun to heat the poly pipe. After that, you can set the fittings. you can add steel clamps which are facing to the inverse direction to make the fittings more secure.

Step 03:

Now place a new inground pool skimmer in the skimmer chamber to check the measurement. Connect the pipe with the skimmer downwards and check for any kinds of leakage. Every connection should be set up perfectly without having any kind of leakage. You will need a 90-degree elbow for ensuring these connections.

Step 04:

You need to hold the skimmer with tie wire. Then you can drill and insert screws in the pool wall to hold the skimmer gently in place. You need to attach rebars dowels to the pool wall to attach the skimmer box with the pool wall.

Step 05:

Place the skimmer faceplate properly with screws. You can use a magnetic screwdriver to insert the screws to its holes. Align the faceplates hole and the pool wall holes accordingly. Then tighten up the screws perfectly. 

Step 06:

Rise up the water level of the pool to the skimmer below half level. The bottom half of the skimmer should be drowned by the pool water.

Step 07:

Put the skimmer basket in its place and close the lid of the skimmer. Then you can run the pool pump to check its suction force and the other issues. 

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How to replace inground pool skimmer gasket

Sometimes you need to replace the skimmer gasket of your pool skimmer when it is damaged or cracked. Let’s dive into  the ways about how to replace inground pool skimmer gasket:

Inground Pool Skimmer
The proper gasket improves the function of the skimmer
  1. Before installing a new gasket you need to lower the pool water. Here you have to drop the water level 1 to 2 inches of the old skimmer gasket. By doing this, you can remove the old gasket more comfortably. It is also beneficial for your pool liner. 
  2. Now remove the screw of the damaged gasket faceplate with a magnetic screwdriver. When the removal of the screws is completed, you can open the gasket and faceplate easily from the skimmer. Then the old rubber seal will also peel off without difficulty. But never scratch the pool liner in the time of removing the skimmer gasket.
  3. Here, you have to put the screw of the gasket in the old holes, because it will prevent the shifting of the pool liner from the skimmer area. If your new faceplate and gasket are not ready yet, you need to put the screws in the bottom holes of the gasket. You need to replace the new gasket quickly. Because the water weight of your pool shifts the pool liner.
  4. At this point, you need to remove the screws from the existing gasket bottom holes and place the new ready gasket around the skimmer properly. Set the holes of the new gasket according to the screw points so that you can attach the screw with the skimmer face duly.
  5. Now, install the faceplate on the gasket and place the rubber seal. You need to line up the holes of the rubber seal according to the hole of the faceplate. Then you need to line the gasket, faceplate, and rubber seal with the existing hole in the pool liner.
  6. Dispel the placeholding screws so that you can utilize them to attach the new skimmer faceplate with the pool wall. Here you need to tighten up the screws perfectly in order to prevent water leakage between the pool line and the pool wall.
  7. Rise the level of water to the former water level as the bottom half part of the skimmer face go underwater.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace an inground pool skimmer?

Inground pool skimmer replacement is a little bit costly. You need to cost nearly $1000 to $1500 to replace an inground pool skimmer. Because it needs professional knowledge to complete this task.

How many skimmers does a pool need?

It depends on your pool size. If your pool is medium, you need two skimmers. And when your pool is large then it will need more than two skimmers. For every 500 gallons of water, you need one skimmer.

Final Thought

So, installing and replacing an inground pool skimmer is a little bit tricky. When you have proper knowledge of this kind of work you can proceed to do it. otherwise, you had better call for a professional to get this job. Because skimmer is a very essential part of your pool and it can give you a clean and shiny pool experience.

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