Inground Pool Skimmer Crack Repair

Inground Pool Skimmer Crack Repair | Never Skip Five Steps

The purpose of a pool skimmer is to collect debris and make the pool water clean. The water circulation process of your pool begins with the pool skimmer. When you have an inground pool, you need to install an inground pool skimmer to clean your pool water. It also prolongs the lifespan of the pool pump and pool filter.

It is an indispensable part of your pool. Because it catches the larger debris and passes the contaminated water to the filter. Thus, pure water returns into the pool again. Regardless of the type and brand of skimmer you use, the crack may happen to inground pool skimmer. Don’t worry because I am going to describe the process of inground pool skimmer crack repair. 


Inground pool skimmer crack repair ( A to Z Guide)

When water leaks from the inground pool skimmer or the skimmer wall get cracked, you need to repair the skimmer as early as possible. There are several steps of inground pool skimmer repair. Let’s take a look at them below:

 Step 1

Identify the source of leak water first. Turn off the pool pump and the filter. Open the lid of the skimmer and remove the basket. Check the skimmer compartment properly. 

Inground Pool Skimmer Crack Repair
Find the crack of the skimmer first

Clean the walls and skimmer throat to find the crack. Observe carefully every side of the skimmer wall. Put some food color with an eyedropper and notice the color duly. If there have any crack, the food color will pull into that place. Please mark the area quickly.

 Step 2

Check the PVC threaded fittings of the skimmer. It is placed under the skimmer holes. You can find water leakage there for a poor seal of Teflon tape. Mark the area with a grease pencil. Seal the area properly to avoid water leakage.

 Step 3

Inspect the skimmer throat area. You can put red food coloring with an eyedropper to the suspect area to find the crack. Disturb the water simply and observe the color movement. If there is any crack, you will find the color pull into that crack. There you can notice the color water movement to the cracked or weak corners. Then mark the cracked area with a grease pencil.

 Step 4

Now, repair the breaks or cracks with epoxy putty. You can also set up the cracked area underwater with epoxy putty. Before using this putty, pour sand in the cracked area. Then use epoxy putty on the cracks and smooth it properly by exact forcing.

 Step 5

Further, you can use a silicone sealer to repair the cracks of your skimmer. This will work best when the skimmer pulled away from the wall of your pool. Besides, if you feel ground movement pressure in your pool, silicon sealer will better choice for you. The pool water should be lower under the skimmer area to dry the repaired place of the pool skimmer

How much to replace inground pool skimmer

An inground pool skimmer can last for a long time. And replacing it is a little bit tough. The inground pool skimmer replacement can cost from $1200 to $1500. But if you can do it by yourself, the cost can be reduced.


How to install inground pool skimmer 

For a newly constructed inground pool, you need to install an inground pool skimmer. And installing new skimmer is easier and less costly than skimmer replacement. Let’s dive into the details of installing inground pool skimmer.


Step 1

Remove the faceplate and screws from the new skimmer and keep them in near your skimmer area safely. Then open the lid of the skimmer and remove the skimmer basket from it.

Inground Pool Skimmer Crack Repair
Open the lid of the inground pool skimmer first


Step 2

Invite one of your friends to help you. Let him hold the skimmer up. The position should against the back of the wall. Then line up the skimmer face or opening and the screw holes accordingly. Here you can use four round head screws to complete the task duly.

Step 3

Now, attach one gasket with the skimmer. Here you can use glue or tape for attaching the gasket with the skimmer. Further, affix the second gasket on top of the pool liner. Again, place a faceplate on the second gasket and fix it properly. Line each material and tighten up perfectly.


Step 4

Every skimmer connects with the pool pump with a pipe. Here, you can use two types of pipes, rigid and flexible PVC pipe. A flexible PVC pipe will be better for the overall connection. In the case of a flexible pipe, your pipe connection will be long-lasting and the water can pass through the corners easily.


Step 5

Collect a male-threaded adapter and affix the flexible pipe with the skimmer with this adapter. Now, use Teflon tape to the fittings in order to prevent water leakage. You should use several layers of Teflon tape for this purpose. Then screw the fitting threads into the skimmer holes that stay underside of the skimmer. Attach it with any of the two skimmer holes.


Step 6

Use glue on the joint of the pipe and adapter and connect the pipe with the pool pump to ensure the water circulation system.


Step 7

Install the pool liner properly. Rise up the water level of your pool as per the bottom half of the skimmer should drown under the water. Make sure your skimmer faceplate screws very tightly. Now cut the liner inside the skimmer smoothly and the skimmer installation is done.


Frequently asked questions

Why my inground pool skimmer has no suction?

Answer: Sometimes your inground pool skimmer can lose its suction force. It can occur for some reason. If debris clogged into the pipes, then skimmer loses the suction power. Again if the skimmer basket is full of debris, it can be another cause of this problem. Poor pump force is also a reason of no suction force of the skimmer.


Why my pool skimmer has 2 holes?

Answer: Most of the skimmer has two holes. One hole is connected to the PVC and other settings. Another pipe saves the pool pump from unstable dry conditions.



You probably know that your pool skimmer ensures almost 75 percent of water flows of your swimming pool. And that water flows or circulation keeps the pool water clean by collecting debris and water filtration system. Moreover, it is an essential part of the inground pool. So, install the inground pool skimmer properly and get clean and sparkling water. A little knowledge about inground pool skimmer crack repair can save a good amount of money because you don’t need to hire a professional pool repair. 

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