how to replace skimmer on above ground pool

How To Replace Skimmer On Above Ground Pool | Don’t Mistake

Is replacing skimmer on the above-ground pool tough or does it need special expertise? The answer is, ‘No’. Skimmer replacement is easy. It takes a little bit of planning to replace an above-ground pool skimmer. If you focus carefully, you will notice the manufactures name and skimmer model number on your old skimmer. You need to buy a new skimmer and replace it with the former one. But for better longevity, you need to know how to replace skimmer on above ground pool. This will be described in the following. Firstly, learn how to clean an above-ground pool skimmer.


How to clean above ground pool skimmer

When you are a pool owner, you need to ensure the cleanliness of your pool water. In that case, you need a skimmer for your above- ground pool. And the skimmer should be cleaned regularly. Let’s dive into the skimmer cleaning process.


First of all, remove the skimmer lid from the skimmer. If you open it after a week or two weeks, you will find the skimmer basket is overflowed with debris. So, check it regularly.

Then, remove the skimmer basket and dump the debris far from the pool. It will ensure the cleanliness of your pool will stop turning debris back to the pool. You can clean the skimmer basket with a garden hose by spraying water. You can wash it with detergent to get a fresh look.


Finally, Place the skimmer basket in the skimmer. Replace the basket if it is cracked or damaged. And close the lid of your skimmer properly. 


How To Replace Skimmer On Above Ground Pool

If you want to replace your above-ground pool skimmer, you have to follow several steps. And you need to work step by step. Follow the instruction below to replace your above-ground pool skimmer.

how to replace skimmer on above ground pool
You should be careful at the time of replacing pool skimmer to prevent damage of skimmer

 Step 01: 

Turn off the pool pump. Ensure that your pool water level is below the skimmer bottom line. Bring down the water level at least 2 inches below the skimmer bottom level. By doing this, you will find a proper room to replace your new pool skimmer properly. Besides, it will help to prevent the access of water between your pool wall and the pool liner.

Step 02: 

Now, you need to remove the hose from the old skimmer. And put the hose to your pool water. Here, the hose water will float back to your pool again. Keep the hose by your poolside to find it when it is necessary.

 Step 03:

Loosen and remove the screws from the skimmer faceplate with a magnetic screwdriver. Here your faceplate screws will never be lost. The faceplate is the cover which is affixed in the face of the skimmer.


Step 04:

After removing the faceplate from the skimmer, place the screw on the faceplates hole accordingly to the previous skimmer faceplate settings. Thus, you can install the new skimmer quickly. And it will help to prevent the shifting of your pool liner from the pool wall. You need to do this as soon as possible to remove the old skimmer. Because your pool water can shift the pool liner within a few moments that you cannot imagine. And this will cause you a great loss both physically and financially. Attach some of the screws to the bottom screw holes and it will also prevent the pool liner from shifting and stay the pool liner in place.


Step 05:

Then install the new skimmer in the skimmer chamber with the rubber seal. You will get the rubber seal with the replacement above-ground skimmer kit. Insert the rubber seal but never affix it tightly with the pool wall by the screws now.

 Step 06:

Here, you need to remove the screws from the bottom screw holes attached previously for removing the pool liner shifting. You need to insert these screws to attach the faceplate to the skimmer face. So place the faceplate holes according to the screw holes and insert the screws again to affix the faceplate properly. Tighten up all of them with the pool wall.


Step 07:

Now you need to connect the hose between the pool pump and the new skimmer. This will help to flow the water of the skimmer. The pump will continue the suction of the pool water through the skimmer and the total water circulation will be started properly.


Step 08:

Turn on the pool pump and add water to the pool. Make sure that the water level sinks the bottom half of the skimmer. Inspect the pool filter and any kinds of leakage of the pool water.


How to adjust pool skimmer suction


You can adjust your pool skimmer suction in various ways. Let’s take a look at them below:


1)You have to check the pool pump impeller. Because different kinds of debris can be jammed into the pump impeller. This can happen at the time of cleaning the pool. Here you need to turn off your pool pump and open the cover or lid of the pump. then remove the pump basket and you will find the pump impeller there. Check for debris in the pump impeller and clean the debris from there. I hope your skimmer suction will be adjusted.

2)After following the first step, you need to check the piping of the skimmer to the pump. sometimes debris can also clog into the piping of the pump and stops the total water circulation. This will hamper not only your skimmer suction power but also the water purification process. So, it is a must to check it properly. If you find any kind of debris there, you need to clean it with an air compressor and force the debris out from the piping.

3) If the skimmer suction power is still decreasing, you need to check the skimmer valve. It needs to be fully opened to keep the suction power adjusted. The skimmer valve can be clogged with debris. Clean it with an air compressor to remove the debris from there. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Should pool skimmers be on all the time?

It is recommended to run the pool skimmer 24 hours a day. It helps the water circulation system of your pool. But sometimes you can stop the pool pump for a necessary reason. When you turn off the pool pump, pull out the chlorine tablet from the skimmer if it was previously inserted.


What is a skimmer sock?

A skimmer sock is used to collect smaller debris which the skimmer basket cannot collect. It is made from durable elastic and you need to attach it with the pool skimmer basket to collect the pollutants.




Now you have everything about replacing skimmer on an above-ground pool and other skimmer related issues. As skimmer is an essential part of your pool, never delay replacing the older skimmer when it is unusable or cracked. Thus you can maintain your pool pump and filtration system effectively.



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