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How To Open A Pool | A Complete Guide For Pool Owners

Swimming is an enjoyable activity, and a pool is an excellent place for hanging out with your friends and family. However, a pool requires a lot of maintenance. For proper maintenance, you need to know the way of opening your pool in spring or summer.  To open a pool, you can hire a good pool service. Even you can open a pool on your own and can save a lot of money.

How To Open A Pool

Opening a pool is an easy task. For opening a pool, you have to follow some steps. The steps are given below:

Step 1- Spruce up the surrounding area

The easiest solution to opening a swimming pool for the season is to hire an excellent pool service. But if you want to do it on your own, it will save lots of money. And you can use this saved money to upgrade your pool equipment to make the job easier. how to open a pool

Clean up plant debris from your pool’s surface area. You should clean visible debris that has the potential for producing trash in your pool. Plant mess-free shrubs, trees, or vines because these won’t end up in your pool.

Step 2- Clean that mess off the pool cover.

Use a cover pump or resent a submersible pump when the accumulated gunk on your pool cover is in liquid form. This cover is used to remove the murky water living on top of the cover. You are lucky if you have dried debris on your cover. Because this dried debris can be removed by sweeping, use a quick spray of the hose or pressure washer to clean the mess off the pool cover.

Step 3- Remove the pool cover.

You will need someone else to help you with the task. Each person should grab a corner of the pool cover to start the removal process, and it depends on the type of protection. And there are a couple of ways to remove the pool cover properly. You have to fan-fold the solid winter cover into 3-to-5-foot folds. Mesh covers need to remove springs or fasteners from anchors with a removal tool.

Step 4- Cleaning and storage

After completing the removing process of the pool cover, take it to a driveway for easier drainage. A cleaner can be used if the manufacturer of the cover recommends it. Dry this cover entirely before storing it. Tightly roll the pool cover and wrap with rope to keep the cover tight. Store the pool cover properly away from insects, rodents, and moisture.

Step 5- Inspection, removal, and replacement

First, remove expansion or freeze plugs from the surface skimmers and wall returns, and restore directional fittings. And also remove empty water from the water tube.  Check the filter and pump properly and buy a replacement for possible damaged or worn parts.

Here, the light fixture is an outstanding job. It helps to prevent lights from cracking in areas where it freezes. You have to check for cracks. Examine fiberglass or concrete pools for cracks in the pool and on the tile—search chips in the plaster and indentations on the deck. You need to remove the calcium scale and stains from the tile. You can use household tile cleaner, baking soda, and a tile brush for this purpose. Use a pumice stone for removing tougher stains.

Step 6- Reinstall equipment.

You can clean up safety rails with a chrome cleaner or polish before installation.  It can be reattached tightly and spray bolts with a metal lubricant.

Step 7- Pump it up

Now, it’s a good time to install your new purchased pump, heater, or filter to replace a damaged one. You can also replace the other things in your pump that have been damaged. Before replacement, check manufacturers’ instructions that came with the new parts or equipment. Or you can visit the company website for other information.

Step 8- Clean pool and add water

Clean the whole pool by using a long-handled wall and floor brush. This the right time of dust off your algae brush and pool vacuum and put them to good use. Scrub walls and surfaces to remove any trace of dreaded algae also forms it and colours.

Step 9- Power to the pool

Check all the connections of your swimming pool before giving power to the pool. After providing power to the pool, if you discover any damage, shut off the power and contact your local pool service.

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How To Open A Pool Hall

Generally, a pool hall is a relatively large building. Poolhall is suitable in urban areas and downtowns, where commercial space is expensive and limited. The way of opening a pool hall is given below:

Create a pool hall business plan

First, create a craft for a pool hall business plan. This craft will help you to think about your new business. It provides a way to work out questions and concerns of a pool hall. This pool hall business plan will help you to recognize holes in your budget. You also can find solutions for them.

Rent or lease a space

If you are planning to open a pool hall, pool hall square footage is an important consideration to choose a space to lease or purchase. A regular size pool table is 88 inches long and 44 inches wide. Many pool halls are stocked with slightly tables. Every table needs to be surrounded by a sufficient amount of space. Because the players need the right amount of space to play comfortably. Finding a space could be challenging to accommodate a pool. So, many business owners utilize buildings created for other types of businesses to open a pool hall.

Purchase all necessary equipment

You will need a considerable investment to open a pool hall. A single pool table can cost $1000. Besides, some necessary equipment like lighting fixtures, pool cues, a security system, a front counter, etc. is needed to decor a pool hall. Different operational costs, like the cost of labor and utilities, can increase the pool hall’s total expenditure.

Market the new pool hall

The marketing of a new pool hall is crucial. You need to begin the marketing activities far in advance of the pool hall opening. A grand opening event can be a very effective way to encourage players to visit the new pool table hall. The marketing activities should be continued as long as the pool hall is open. There are some other marketing strategies like retro night, half-price admission coupons, and a robust social media presence. These activities will help make the pool hall more popular.

Frequently Asked Questions | How To Open A Pool

How much does it cost to open a pool

The cost of opening a pool can vary in different factors. In general, if you open your pool yourself, you need to spend around $50 for chemicals and assistance. When you prefer to open your pool by a professional, it will cost about $225 for a 12×24 foot pool.

When to Open the Pool?

There is no specific time to open a pool. It will depend on where you live. While the ground is no longer frozen, you can open the pool. Some other factors define the time to open a pool. These are no threat of freezing weather and getting the correct PH balance. Then the pool can be adequately cleaned.


Now, you know about the full procedure to open a pool. You can hire a swimming pool service. If you want to open a swimming pool on your own, it can save hundreds of dollars in pool professional fees. So, follow the steps for opening a pool. Ensure your family gets to enjoy the pool for many years.

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