How To Lower Alkalinity In Pool

How To Lower Alkalinity In Pool | Don’t Choose Wrong Chemical

Lowering pool alkalinity in the pool is a crucial task for the pool owners. People try to adjust alkalinity in pool in different ways such as using muriatic acid, soda, or vinegar. But they also want to know “How to lower alkalinity in pool in the most effective way?”. In this article, I have covered most of the topics about pool alkalinity.

What is pool alkalinity?

Pool alkalinity measures the number of alkaline minerals dissolved in the pool water. The pool’s water naturally adjusts the imbalance of pool alkalinity by either absorbing minerals or depositing excess minerals.

The reasons for high pool alkalinity

Adding too much sodium bicarbonate is one of the main reasons for high alkalinity. The source of water for the pouring pool is another big factor that raises pool alkalinity.

The Effects of High Alkalinity

You need to test the level of alkalinity in your pool. If you see the level of alkalinity is 200 parts per million or more, you need to take immediate action to reduce pool alkalinity. You will see the following effects at the time of high alkalinity.

  • The water of the pool becomes cloudy.
  • High alkalinity causes scale deposits to pool equipment, plumbing, and the sides of the pool. It is tough and time-consuming to remove scale from the pool equipment.
  • The pH level of the pool goes up due to high alkalinity of the pool.

So, you need to proper steps to lower pool alkalinity.

How To Reduce Alkalinity In Pool

The standard range of pool’s alkalinity remains 100 to 150 parts per million. Both high and low amount of alkalinity is bad for the pool. Many people want to know “How do you lower alkalinity without lowering pH?” There are number of ways to lower alkalinity in pool without lowering pH. Using muriatic acid is one of the most common and effective ways to lower pool alkalinity. Let’s step by step guide to reduce alkalinity in the pool.

Step 01:

First of all, you need to turn off pool’s pump to let it stop moving completely.

Step 02:

Read the manufacturer’s direction leveled on your bottles to measure the amount of muriatic acid. The present alkalinity level and manufacturer of muriatic acid affect the amount of numeric acid. Some types of muriatic acid may require dilution before adding into pool water.

How To Lower Alkalinity In Pool

Step 03:

Keep the muriatic acid into the deepest parts of your pool and let it mix with pool water evenly. After keeping muriatic acid into pool water, turn the pool’s pump again. Run the pump for 5 to 6 hours.

Step 04:

Test the level of alkalinity again and observe whether it is within in recommended level or not. If the level is above the recommended, follow the process again. But having a pool chemical calculator can reduce the task as you can measure the exact amount of muriatic acid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in a pool with high alkalinity?

You can swim with high alkalinity if the pH and chlorine levels of the pool are normal.

Will vinegar lower alkalinity in a pool?

Vinegar will not lover alkalinity in a pool effectively. Using muriatic acid is one of the most effective way to lower alkalinity in a pool.

Final thought

Higher pool alkalinity reduces the cleanness of the pool water. You need to lower alkalinity by adding alkalinity decreaser. To lower alkalinity in the pool, you need to use muriatic acid. Lowering alkalinity can reduce the pH level of the pool. So, you should read the key features of the best muriatic acid to choose the right brand.

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