How To Level Ground For Rectangular Pool

Pool ground levelling is a crucial task for installing an above ground pool. If you don’t level your pool ground properly, your pool wall, surface, and other parts can be damaged or weakened extensively. So you need to know to how to level ground for rectangular pool before installing a pool whether it is an inground pool or above ground pool. Pool ground levelling will expanse the lifetime of your pool and increase the beauty of the pool.


Above ground pool levelling problems 

Installing a pool is a tough task when you do it yourself. Without taking proper preparation, such as levelling the pool ground, your DIY( Do It Yourself) pool projects will fail.

Problems of DIY pool installation

You can face different kinds of problems when you are not focusing on above ground pool levelling. Such as,

  •       Wrinkled pool liner
  •       The walls of the pool will be out of shape or bent
  •       Loose fittings and water leaks
  •       Loose connection etc.

Neglecting about preparation work

Most of the persons are neglecting the preparation work of pool installation. As a result, they don’t concentrate on pool ground levelling. But it is not a sign of proper pool installation. If the slopes are about one inch or less than it, it will not create any problem. But if the slopes are more than it, the situation will be problematic. Whether your pool is rectangular or circular in shape you need to level your pool ground first

Levelling an above ground pool on the grass

There are many above ground pools that are installed and levelled on a grassy ground without removing the sod. This process of levelling is doable but it is not recommended. Because it can create several problems for your pool. The lining of the pool can be damaged when the more grasses will continue to grow from the sod. However, if you use a protective layer, the grass will die. And you will get the rotting smell of the grass and it cannot be easily removed at that time.

Levelling above ground pool with water in it

Levelling above ground pool with water in it may sound impractical but it is possible. This process is very difficult and it should be done by a professional person. This situation arises when you find your pool surface very sloppy which is unendurable. And you don’t want to lose your pool water because this will charge you a lot. But all professionals are not aware of doing this kind of work. Here you have to dismantle your pool liner and proceed to level your pool surface. Then you need to use a new pool liner as your old pool liner cannot be reinstalled. So the process is problematic. So you are recommended to level your pool ground first and do the other necessary work later. 


How to level ground for a pool

Part 1: Leveling out a cleared spot for pool

Identify high spots

You can inspect your pool area directly to measure the unevenness of your pool area. Most of the time, you will find the higher slopes by visual inspection. Collect a wood plank and a carpenter’s level. Fix the carpenters level with the wood plank with a zip tie and place it in the centre of the pool ground. Then rotate the carpenters level clock hand wise. Do the same process across the entire pool ground. It is essential for your pool ground levelling.

Mark high slopes

When you use the carpenters level, you will find some high slopes on the pool ground. Mark the area with stakes. Because you need to fix these areas for levelling your pool ground.


Dig away soil from the high slopes

Never fill up low patches to level your pool ground. You have to dig the high patches of soil. Make it level to the lower areas. If you fill-up the lower areas, it will cause a problem in the long run. 

how to level ground for rectangular pool
At the time of Digging soil, frequently check the ground to prevent excessive Digging


Use some tools to dig the soil

You can use spade or shovel to dig away the high slopes. Then you can dispose of the soil in your garden or in your yard. This soil will work best for growing plants in your garden.


Use a skid-steer loader

If your pool ground is very sloppy then you can use a skid-steer loader for levelling. When the slope is about 1 foot or more, it is very tough to level the ground with spade or shovel. You can hire a skid-steer loader at that time. If you have the training to operate it, it will be a plus. Otherwise, you have to hire a professional for this job


Check the progress from time to time

You need to check the progress of the levelness periodically. Measure the evenness of the soil again and again. And if you find any slope further, continue the previously stated digging process.


Part 02: Prepare the levelled surface

Rake the pool ground

After completing the levelling, you need to rake the entire ground. This will remove sharp rocks, branches, and other elements which can cause puncture and damage the pool lining.

Make soil compact

After raking the ground, the soil will be loose. You need to make the soil compact in this step. Water the soil and tamp it properly. You can use a rolling tamper to do the work more efficiently


Spread sand on the ground

Now you need to provide sand over the pool ground. Before spreading the sand, filter it properly so that large debris, rock, and other things don’t mix in the pool ground. Spread a layer of 1 to 2 inches of sand and tamp it. You can also use masonry sand for this purpose.

Apply fungicide and herbicide

As the ground is wet, there is a chance of growing fungus. Use a fungicide to prevent fungus in the ground. Besides you need to use herbicide in order to prevent small plants growing. Plants will be a threat to your pool liner because it will damage your pool liner

Part 03: Clean sod from the ground

Use a plastic tarp

You should use a plastic tarp on the pool ground to kill or demolish grass. Through this process, you can easily remove grass from the ground. You need to set a plastic tarp over the entire pool ground and load some heavy objects on the plastic sheet.


Clean sod after watering

Sometimes the grass will not disappear by using only plastic sheets. Then you need to remove sod from the ground. You can remove the sod easily if the soil is moisturized. When the soil is dry, it is really hard to clean the ground. In that case, water the ground before removing the sod.


Use the necessary equipment

You can use spade or grub hoe for removing the grass or sod. Here you need a little bit of effort to clean the sod. You can divide the area into different sections and clean the sections one by one. You can invite your friends to help you with this issue. But if you don’t want to work manually, you can rent a sod cutter. By using it, you can clean the total area quickly. It is suitable for a larger pool ground.


Disposing of the sod and other debris

You should be very careful about disposing of the sod or grass. Don’t throw it to nearby land which is not yours. You can transfer them to your yard or the backyard of your house. You can use a wheelbarrow for transferring this garbage.

Part 04: Select a better site for levelling

Learn about your areas local building codes

First of all, choose a smooth ground for your pool. Besides you have to confirm the minimum distance from the other property lines and other local codes.

Be careful about underground power cables and other utility lines

Make sure that your spot is safe enough to build a pool. You can communicate with the local utility company to ensure underground utility lines. Moreover, be careful about overhead power cables or lines before choosing the pool spot.

Consider tree and drainage area

Never choose a ground which is near to a tree. Because if there is a tree near your pool, your pool will be full of leaves. Then concentrate on the drainage system of your pool area. You can connect the drainage to the backyard of your house. Always select a high land to build a pool. 


How to level ground for pool without digging

It is sometimes risky to dig in the backyard for levelling pool ground because there are many utility lines and underground cables in the ground. So, it is safe to level ground for pool without digging. But, many of us ask a common question “How to level ground for pool without digging ?” Here, I am going to describe briefly the process of levelling ground for pool without digging.

how to level ground for pool without digging

Step 01:

Check the ground whether it is level about 2 inches over the entire ground. Here you need to assemble some boards together according to the measurement of the pool ground. It should be a little bit longer than the pool area.

Step 02:

Place the board on the pool ground and attach a level on the top. By lifting the board, you will find the uneven part of the ground. Then mark the area of the uneven part.

Step 03:

Spread sand over the uneven area of the ground until it becomes level. Again, lift the board measure the levelness of the ground

Step 04:

When the ground becomes level, you need to tamp the ground. Here you can water the ground for better results. You can use a rolling tamper to do the work more effectively. Otherwise, you can tamp manually the entire pool ground and it will take some time to be tamped properly.

Step 05:

As the sand turns into a solid form, you should remove all kinds of sod or grasses from the ground. It will be great for your pool liner longevity. 

 Step 06:

Now you need to use the carpenters level again to ensure the pool ground levelness. You need to spread sand to the needed areas and never add soil to make the ground level. As soil will compress by the weight of the pool water, your all efforts will go in vain. Besides, you can use crushed limestone to your pool ground to get the better result


How much does it cost to level the ground for a pool?


If you hire a professional to level your pool ground, it will cost nearly $100 for 1 hour of levelling. This is just his or her labour cost. The total cost of levelling an area of 15 x 30 will cost about $700 about levelling up to six inches. This rate can slightly vary depending on extra debris, wet ground, and some other factors.


What do you use to level ground for a pool?

When you want to level your pool ground, you need several tools for levelling the entire area. With this equipment, you can make your work easier. You will need:

 1)sod cutter

It can be used for removing the sod from your pool ground. You need to use it if you want to get the work done quicker.

Sod cutter how to level ground for pool without digging

 2)Wood plank or board and level

By this equipment, you can measure the uneven part of your pool ground. For levelling your pool ground, it is the first requirement.

 3) shovel and spade

Sometimes you need to level the ground manually. Then you will need a shovel and spade. A shovel will be very helpful for removing hard rocks.

 4)Rake and wheelbarrow

You will need a rake to find debris from your pool ground. A wheelbarrow can be used for the transfer and disposal of the garbage. Besides you need to use a tamper to make the sand solid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest way for levelling ground of a pool?

The easiest way to level ground for a pool is to level the pool ground without digging. Here you need not dig the uneven part of the pool ground thoroughly. You have to spread sand to the ground and tamp it until it becomes solid.

Can you set up a pool on unlevel ground?

Some manufacturers ensure that their above ground pool will not puncture even setting on uneven ground. But, the water flow will not even and fall out of pool if you don’t level the pool.

Can you put an above ground pool on grass?

A hard grass can puncture the bottom of the pool so you should use a groundsheet or a bed of sand over the ground.

Final Thought

Now you have everything about pool ground leveling. By following the above-stated steps, you can level your pool easily. As pool ground leveling is considered as a first and primary step of establishing a pool, you need to be careful about pool ground leveling. If you do it in the right way, it is sure that you will not fall into any problem in the near future.


Meta: A sloped ground can damage an above ground or inground pool. For this reason, it is important to level the pool ground in the right way. Let’s dive into the pool ground leveling process.

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