How to install sub pump

How To Install Sub Pump | These 7 Steps Should Not Miss

Using a sump pump to drain water from the pool and to remove water from the basement is crucial. Sump pumps are better in many ways than other types of pumps. It is very durable and creates less sound. You need to check some factors that you should consider at the time of buying a sump pump. Choosing the right type of sump pump is not enough to get the maximum result. You need to know how to install sub pump


Step-By-Step Guide | How To Install Sub Pump

Either you install or you hire a pro plumber, you need to be careful at the time of installing sump pump. If you install a new pump or your replace you old one, you need some tools before installing it. You need the following tools to install a sump pump.

How to install sub pump
You may not need all tools to install pump.

Step 01: Find A Suitable Location

This is the first step you need to select to get the best water flow from the submersible pump. Find a place from where you can easily plug the cord. You also need to know the closer the discharge point and pressure point of the pump, the better to get water flow. Outdoor drainage problems create most basement water problems. Make sure gutters and downspouts can carry the water flow. Leaves and debris block the gutters. Select a place for sub-pump that is at least 8 to 10 inches away from the foundation wall. 


Step 02: Dig a Hole for installing Sub Pump

Remove the concrete floor with an electric jackhammer. Cut the floor’s concrete in a square shape. You need a wire cutter in case of installed steel mesh. Dig the sub-pump hole deeper more than the sub-pump liner. Keep some coarse gravel in the hole to sit sub-pump liner perfectly. Coarse gravel ensures a good drainage system. If you the soil is wet, wait until the soil becomes dry. 

Hole in the sub-pump liner so that water can enter into the liner but be careful of gravel. Entering gravel can damage the pump. 


Step 03: Seat the liner in the hole and use gravel

Now keep the sub-pump liner in the hole and use gravel around it so that liner doesn’t more. After placing gravel, use concrete over them. Use a trowel for smoothing the surface around the liner. 


Step 04: Assemble the PVC piping and attach the adapter

Now attach the male adapter to the discharge pipe and place into the female adapter which is placed on the pump. 


Step 05: Use pressurized fittings to channel water

Use a PVC pump to channel water to your desired place. To hand the PVC pump use “J” hooks. If you need to channel the water outside of the house and hole the wall, you can use a rotary hammer to safely make a hole in the wall. Use silicone sealant around the pipe for recover the hole. 


Step 06: Install the check valve

Check valve is necessary to remove the water after turning off the pump. It is also used to avoid motor burn. Appropriately set it on the riser and 


Step 07: Plug the pump and test the function of the pump. 

To check the leak and ensure the fittings of the submersible pump, plug and press the start button. 

When I need to Replace My Sub Pump

If you can choose the right sub pump, it will last a long time. But no product last forever so you need to replace the sump pump for getting the maximum benefits. A question raises in main ” Do I need to replace my pump now or later?” You don’t need to be a professional to check this. There are some signs which indicate you need to take step now to replace the pump. Carefully observe the following signs to ensure the necessity of replacing.


When you buy a sump pump, you should check this feature in your pump. Most of the high-grade sump pump comes in the noiseless feature. If you buy one of them and install properly, you will not hear any harsh sound. Over time, it becomes damaged and produces high sound. If your sump pumps produce high sound, it is better either to fix or replace the pump.

Take More Pump

New sub pump require less time to drain pool water and drain water from the basement. The performance decrease after some years and take more time. If you see it takes approximately double time, you need to think of a replacement. Some people don’t want to replace the pump because of they replacement cost. But they should consider the electricity bill for the extra time it takes to pump water.

Factors that affect the cost of sump pump installation

If you don’t have enough time and previous experience, you need to hire a professional to install sump pump. The professionals can’t tell the exact cost of installing at the time of contacting over the phone because the cost depends on many factors. Let’s see some factors that affect the cost of sump pump installation.


Like the other higher cost in the urban area, the cost of installing a sub pump is also higher. If you are living in a low living area, you can find a plumber who will not charge a lot. On the other hand, you have to pay more at the time of living in an urban city.

Types of Pump You Want To Install

The types of the pump also affect the price of installation because some pumps require special parameter and drainage system.


Type of Floor

If your sump pump is installed in a solid base, the plumbers have to dig the floor. Digging through the floor with jackhammer also increases the cost. You have to cover the hole after finishing the installation. Digging with jackhammer also produces a lot of dust in the pump area so you need more bucks to clean them.

Place For Installation

Installing a sump pump in an open place is easy. But we want to install in safe place where the accessibility is not as easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a sump pump myself?

Installing a sump pump requires hard work. If you are not DIY enthusiast, it will be tough for you to install it. But you can easily install if you have proper tools and your partner is ready to help you at the time of installing.

Final Words

I hope this process will help you to install the submersible pump. Depending on the purposes of the usage, select a suitable pump for you. You can also see the manual book to see the installation process. 

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