how does pool heater work

How Does Pool Heater Work

Pool heaters are used to extend swim time. If you have a pool and you are looking for a way to use your swimming pool as much as possible, then you should have a pool heater. We all know the benefits of pool heater buy do we know “how does pool heater work?”

Now we are going to discuss the advantages of a pool heater, various heating options, and the costs of each option initially and on a monthly basis. The great benefit of a pool heater is you can enjoy your swim time at any time of the year. without a pool heater, your swim time may only be four or five months but if you install a pool heater, you can enjoy your swim season year-round. By adding a pool heater into your swimming pool will enhance your swim season and you can enjoy it whenever you need it.

How Does Pool Heater Work

There are three types of pool heaters. Solar pool heaters, electric pump pool heaters, gas pool heaters. The process of working each heater is given below

how does pool heater work

Solar pool heater

In southern climates, a solar pool heater is very effective and it can enhance swim time in northern climates. This process uses the sun’s energy. Basically, a solar pool heater is located on a frame constructed in the yard or on the rooftop. The pool pump circulates the water through the heater. The disadvantage of a solar pool heater is, it requires a system equal to 50%- 100% of the pool’s surface. There, solar energy will be free, but you have to properly operate the pool pump running for the solar heater, which may increase your electricity bill.

Electric heat pump pool heater

Amazingly, electric heat pumps are a form of solar energy. Typically, these are based on the sun’s energy. As we all know, the sun warms the air, and through this process that heat is pulled from the air. Electric heat pumps are used to pull in warm air, then enhance it and transfer it into the pool water. This process requires approximately  55°F (12°C) or higher temperatures to function properly.

Gas Pool Heater

The gas pool heater is a method that uses natural gas or propane. It can operate outdoor temperature conditions independently. This method burns the fuel within a combustion chamber and makes the pool water warm. So, pool water goes through copper coils and returns to the pool warm

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The Benefits of Pool Heater

Pool heaters have many benefits. Such as you can extend your pool season, it can help you extend your swim time in any climates.

It enhances your pool season

If you add a heater to your swimming pool that can help you to extend your swimming season and you can enjoy the water at the perfect temperature whenever you need it. It will give you access to year-round pool time. You know, a heat pump transfers warmth from the air to your pool and it helps you to enjoy a heated pool. This method has fewer energy costs.

It gives you more ways to enjoy time with your family

By adding a heater to your outdoor swimming pool you can optimize time with your family. A pool heater will help you to jump into the 80-degree water at any time of the year. Now imagine, you are jumping into your pool over winter break with your family.

It helps you make the most of your investment

You can increase the value of a property by adding a pool. When you invest a pool for your home and you want to get the most value from your investment, you should add a pool heater to the pool. undoubtedly, the pool heater will extend your pool season so that you can use it longer throughout the year. After adding a pool heater you can optimize the investment you have made into your pool. Extending the pool with a heater means you want to enjoy your swim season throughout the year-round. Definitely, it will help you to make the most of your investment.

It is durable

By keeping your water warm throughout the year you should have a pool heater. It requires very little care to continue offering you the ability. A pool heater also can be used in occasional pool service. You can operate it the way you need it and you can always enjoy the water temperature that you want. If you are thinking about adding a pool to your yard then you should consider adding a pool heater to enjoy all these opportunities. Without a doubt, the pool heater increases the swim time and it also gives you benefit. Definitely, the pool heater will increase your pool’s durability.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is BTU pool heater

BTU or British Thermal Units is known as a measurement that is used for rating swimming pool heaters. BTU can raise the temperature of 1lb of water by 1-degree Fahrenheit. Swimming pool heaters are rated according to BTU. Whether BTUs produces more pool heater, these will heat the water very fast in your swimming pool. To know more, click here

How much is pool heater installation

In the solar pool heater, solar pumps are maybe free but you have to leave the pump running in order for it to function. This raises your electricity bill by $300 to $950 a year. Electric heat pumps are more effective, it will cost on average $50 to $100 per month. Gas heaters can cost $300 to $500 per month. This cost depends on the fuel you choose. According to our research, we find that 20 to 30 of our customers who install heaters choose heat pumps because of their low operating cost and dependability.

Final Thought

At last, we hope this advice will be helpful to you. If you are interested in heating your pool then these steps will help you to provide the best pool heater. There are three options in your hand, now you can choose according to your cost ability.

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