Glass Pool Fences | Don’t Make Mistake While Installing It Around Pool

Glass pool fences are simple to install and less expensive than other kinds of pool fences. In past days, glass was expensive, but now it is more affordable than other options. Besides, you can get a transparent view of your pool by using the glass pool fences. Moreover, glass fences are not climbable to your babies and pets. So, you can get extra security by using glass fences on your pool.


How to install glass pool fencing


To install pool fencing, you need to follow several steps. Let’s take a look at them below:

  1. Choose the access area of your pool for ensuring the gate of the fence. The gate should not be installed at any corner of your swimming pool.
  2. Keep a 6 cm gap between the last and first gate posts. Make sure that the internal posts have a minimum 83 cm gap. And the double post has an 8.5 cm gap. 
  3. When the preparation is done, start the drilling process for attaching the post on the pool patio. Place hollow rods in the drilling area for installing the post and insert plastic sleeves into it. 
  4. The double post should be assembled with 2 hinges and it will ensure the joining of the inner post to the gate panel. Install a lock to ensure proper safety.
  5. Install latches that will connect the end of the fence with the outer post and use screws at the top. Then adjust the safety catch to make ready the safety gate.



How to install glass pool fences on concrete

The process of installing a glass pool fences on concrete is different from other variations like on grass, deck etc. These are described below in detail:


  1. Check the codes of the local authorities and comply with the safety rules and regulations. Measure and mark the fencing area with a marker or chalk. Ensure the equal gaps of each glass panel. 
  2. Drill the marked area properly. The hole should be made at the centre of the marked area. Place a round holes timber to align with the mark duly. Drill up to 110mm and clean the area to prevent staining of the nearby surfaces. Take a hammer and chisel to make the hole cores lose. Then use tongs to remove the cores after drilling.
  3. Stack the glass panels with the support of a wall. Start loosening the grub screws and place a block of timber to make a room to work. Now measure 250mm from each side of the panels and slide the spigots into a perfect position. Tighten the grub screws as per. Make sure that the dress ring is slid over the spigot. Flip the panel and continue this process for all glass panels.  
  4. Identify the glass panel which sits at the highest point of the concrete because it will be the starting point of levelling and plumbing. You can use plastic spacers on the timber to adjust the glass panels height. Repeat the process till all glass panels get levelled. Check the fences straightness and plumb the fences again if it is found curved.
  5. Use concrete grout to fill the holes. Don’t apply it on the glass panels. If it falls on the glass accidentally, remove it as soon as possible. Then test it with a screwdriver to ensure whether it gets hardened or not. Remove the brace when the liquid concrete gets hardened.
  6. Then install the gate of your glass pool fences. Make sure the gate has to open outwards from the pool area. The gats latch side and the panel have a maximum 10mm gap. And ensure the gates should be closed automatically from any position. 


How much does glass pool fencing cost 


Generally, we can find two types of glass fencing. These are frameless fences and semi-frameless fences. The frameless glass fences are very popular among the pool owners. Because it provides an elegant look of the pool. Semi-frameless glass panels are also stylish and they cost less than the frameless glass panel.


The glass pool fencing cost varies on different types of glass panels. Semi-frameless glass pool fencing costs $ 200 to $275 per meter. And frameless glass pool fencing costs little higher that is $275 to $350 per meter.

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How to install glass pool fences on decking

The installation of the glass pool fences on decking is slightly different from installation on the concrete ground. Let’s dive into the detail of the installation of the glass pool fences on decking:semi-frameless glass pool fences


Step 1

Mark the position where you want to place the posts of the pool fence. Now hammer a nail in the decking and tie a string line to make it straight. Then mark the area where the mini-posts should be placed. You have to place the posts inline with each other. 

Step 2

Pre Drill the holes with a cordless drill for securing the mini-posts. Now remove the string line to install rings on the mini-posts. It will hide the screws from the post and your fence will look appealing. Attach plates and grips inside the mini-posts efficiently. Then insert spacers in the mini-posts to spread the rubber grips. 

Step 3

Check the glass panel whether it is level or not. You can utilize a spirit level for this purpose. Now insert the panel into the mini-posts. Ensure the same gaps among all the glass panels. Place Allen keys which will tighten the bolts with the mini-posts and make your glass panel more secure. 

Step 4

Attach hinges to install the door of the pool fencing. Now wear glass gloves to install the glass panel. Appoint someone to help you at this time. Place both hinges to the glass door and place rubber protectors on both sides of the glass. 

Step 5

Adjust the first and second part of the latch one by one. Close the door and test the alignment and lock. Now use a large pin to tension the hinge of the door and use a small pin to lock it in the proper place. It will ensure to close your fence door automatically. At last-place caps on the door hinges to prevent climbing over the glass fence door.  



The glass pool fences provide your pool with an elegant look and secure your babies and pets from drowning into the pool. Besides, you can get digitalized locking system in glass fences that are not available in other pool fences. As the glass has a crystal clear vision, you can monitor the pool from outside of the pool. Moreover, it is not climbable to babies and pets. So use glass pool fences and make your pool more secure. 


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