floating chlorinators for pools

Floating Pool Chlorinator | Do You Know How To Use Them?

Pool owners frequently use floating pool chlorinator. But what are floating chlorinators? Floating chlorinators refers to a dispenser which ensures your pools water purification and sanitization. It generally needs chlorine tablets to sanitize the pool. The chlorine tablets come into different varieties.

So you can choose the right variation of chlorine tablets according to your pool size. Whether you have an inground pool or above ground pool you can use floating chlorinators for every kind of pool. You can get the benefits of floating chlorinators for a long time as it dissolves slowly in the pool water. So it can save your time and energy as well.

How to Use a Floating Pool Chlorinator

Floating chlorinator tablets are used to sanitize pool water, remove algae, kill bacteria, and keep pool water sparkling clear. So now you need to know how to use floating chlorinators for pool. You can use it by following some simple steps.

floating chlorinators for pools
Adjust the pH level of water.

( pre-step)

First of all, you have to adjust the pH level of your pool water and it should be between 7.2 to 7.6. when you can ensure that pH level it will save your eyes from burning. 

Step 1

Open the lid that stays at the top of the dispenser. You have to turn it in the opposite direction of the clock moving. Remove the lid from the chlorinator. 

Open the lid to Keep floating chlorinators
You need to turn lid anti-clockwise to open the lid of the dispenser

Step 2

You need to insert an inner cup-shaped screen to your dispenser or chlorinator. You can add a filter in your dispenser but it is not a mandatory task. The screen which you inserted will assist to dissolve the chlorine tablet to your pool. It can also break the chlorine tablet into pieces when the chlorination process will turn on.

Step 3

Now enter the chlorine tablet into the chlorinator. You can either use 3-inch chlorine tablets or 1-inch chlorine tablets for this process. Only one type of chemical you can use in the dispenser. Such as you cannot mix chlorine tablets with bromine in your dispenser. Because it will just do the opposite. Besides, never mix chlorine tablets directly to your pool. You need a chlorinator to apply the sanitization process here. Then close the lid of the dispenser and seal it properly.

Step 4

Then concentrate on the base part of the chlorinator. There you will find a plastic collar. It helps to release more chlorine to your pool and this will speed up your sanitization process. You have to turn the collar counterclockwise to set up properly. Make sure the grooves of the collar are half-opened.

Step 5

Here all your set up process is done. You need to place it in your swimming pool. At first, sink the dispenser below water for several seconds. By this process, the air bubbles will come out from the dispenser. And that will help to sink only the base portion of the chlorinator to your pool.

Step 6

Now fix a leash in the lid of the chlorinator. Need to settle your dispenser at one place of your pool and ensure that it doesn’t move to here and there. When you will attach a tether on your chlorinator, it will stay in a fixed place. And that will help the dissolving process of the chlorine tablet. Besides, you need not search the dispenser after the sanitization process as it doesn’t float anywhere.

Step 7

Check your pool water chlorine level from time to time. When you need more chlorine to add to the water, you have to twist the collar of the chlorinator. You can adjust it according to your needs. You have to move the placing area of the dispenser after 3 to 5 days. When the chlorine tablet will dissolve completely.

The difference between Pool chlorinators and Brominators?

You can use both chlorinator and brominators to shock your pool. Here you need to know that you need to buy a brominator when you want to use a bromine tablet to your pool. Similarly, with chlorinator, you need to use chlorine tablets. Both of the chemicals have the potentiality to sanitize your pool.

Each of the sanitizers has its own features. If your pool is in hot weather or you need to use hot water than bromine will work best. But chlorine is cheap than bromine. And it can both oxidize and sanitize your pool. In terms of bromine, it can only sanitize your pool. Besides, bromine produces bromamines that also have the sanitization power and chloramines don’t have the sanitization power that remains that generated from used chlorine.

You can instantly raise the chlorine level by adding chlorine to your pool. But you can not do the same with bromine. It takes a long time and also stays a long time in your pool. On the contrary, if you have sensitive skin and nose then bromine is suitable for you to sanitize your pool. And it doesn’t have an irritating odour like chlorine. So, you can choose chlorinator or brominator according to your preference for using the chemicals.


Are Floating Chlorinators For Pool good?

There are many benefits of the floating chlorinator. It is not as complex as using liquid chlorine and granular shock. Even a child can learn it easily.

Here you can determine the number of chemicals that your pool needs within a short time. And when the chlorine tablet disappears than you need to insert or replace it again. You can adjust the chlorine adding by simply twisting the collar of the chlorinator.

Floating chlorinators kill bacterial
Healthy pool water is crucial when your child swim in the pool water

In addition, using a floating chlorinator is inexpensive. It costs $10 to $20 in retail shops. When you compare with other chlorinators like automatic chlorinator, you find floating chlorinator cost-efficient. It is a great solution to the people who have a low budget. The floating chlorinator has several variations and you can purchase it according to your choice.

Frequently Asked Question

Do pool floating chlorinators for pool work?

Answer: Like liquid chlorinators, floating pool chlorinators also work to sanitize your pool, kill bacteria, and remove algae from the pool. 

How many chlorine tablets are in a floater?

Answer: There are two types of chlorinator tablets such as 1″ chlorinator tablets and 3″ chlorinators tablets. If you use 1-inch chlorinator tablets, you require more tablets. A general thumb of rule is a 1″ tablets for 1500 to 2000 gallons water and a 3″ chlorinator tablet for 4500 to 5500  chlorinator tablets. 

Where should I put floating chlorinating tablets?

Answer: You can put floating chlorinating tablets in the pool skimmer basket, feeder or floating dispenser. Some people claim that their floating chlorinator dispenser sinks in pool water. So, buy a balanced floating pool chlorinator. 


So the floating chlorinators can make your pool shiny where the entire process is very simple. But before swimming, please pull up the chlorinator from your pool. And don’t use bromine tablets in a chlorinator at the same time. Now you know about the usage of floating chlorinators for pools. And we hope, it will be advantageous for you as it is inexpensive and has great potential to sanitize your pool.

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