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Fiberglass Pools | Is It Perfect For Me?

Installing the right pool is a very critical matter. You need to think a lot to choose the right type of pool. A fiberglass pool is one of the most popular and renowned types of pool due to its easy installation, low maintenance, and longer durability. You can’t deny the advantages of a fiberglass pool.

What is a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are readymade and handcrafted pools made of millions of interwoven glass threads. You can easily install this type of pool in your home within the shortest period of time. The smooth surface of this type of pool will prevent the growth of algae.

Benefits of Using Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are very popular among the pool owners. Let’s see some benefits of the fiberglass pool.

Faster Installation

Installing an inground pool is very time consuming and need to take regular maintenance. You can easily install a fiberglass pool in a few days. Installing a fiberglass pool takes 6 to 10 days.

Installing Fiberglass pool

Lower maintenance

As the surface of the fiberglass pool are porous and smooth, you don’t need to take regular maintenance. The growth of algae is a common problem in the pool. But, the smooth surface of the fiberglass pool prevents algae to grow. You can also clean other dust and debris easily from this type of pool.


Fiberglass pools come with high strength and so they last for a long time. The quality of the products, the use of pool affect the durability of the pool. Wtih proper care, you can use this pool up to 30 years.

Long-term Facility

The durability of the fiberglass pool is very high and it requires less maintenance. Ans so the annual expense of this type of pool is very low.

Different Shapes of Fiberglass Pool

You can choose a number of different shapes at the time of installing fiberglass pools. They come with following shapes.

  1. Aruba
  2. Astoria
  3. Axiom
  4. Barcelona
  5. Bay Isle
  6. Bermuda
  7. Cambridge
  8. Cancun
  9. Cancun Deluxe
  10. Cape Cod
  11. Caribbean
  12. Carmel
  13. Chespekake
  14. Claremont
  15. Clearwater
  16. Corinthian 12
  17. Corinthian 14

To see more shape and details about please visit: Latham

Available Colors for Fiberglass Pool | Which Color Is the Best?

Fiberglass pools come with differnt colors. Here are some colors that are available in the fiberglass pools.

  • Maya
  • Caribbean Sparkle
  • California
  • Sandstone
  • Diamond
  • Graphite
  • White

The best color for fiberglass pools depends on personal choice.

Variation of Fiberglass Pool

There are different variations in the fiberglass pool. Here are some of them.

1. Fiberglass Inground Pool

2. Small Inground Fiberglass Pool

3. Above Ground Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools Cost

The cost of fiberglass pools depends on size, shape, design and features. Including patio and accessories, the average price of the fiberglass pool is $40,000-$85,000. The initial cost of the fiberglass pool is higher than the liner pools and lower than concrete pools.

But the maintenance cost of the vinyl liner and concrete pools is very high. Here, I have collected data to give you an idea about the cost of the fiberglass pool.


Name of cost Fiberglass Vinal Liner Concrete
Acid Wash

( Every 4-5 years)

———- —— $1000

( 2x $500)

Pool Cleaning Service

( $500 per season)

———- ——— $4,000

( 10 x $400)

Replace the pool liner

( Every 5-90 years)

———- $4,000 ———–
Tile/ Replaster the interior

( every 5 to 15 years)

———- ———- $8,000
Electricity usage $2,000

( $200x 10)


( $200x 10)


( $200x 10)

Chemical usage $1,500

( $150x 10)


( $400x 10)


( 700x 10)

Total Cost $3,500 $10,000 $22,000

Figure: 10-year pool cost projection

Fiberglass Pool Problems


How To Remove Rust Stains From Fiberglass Pools

Though you don’t need to clean the fiberglass pool regularly, you must care about it. Prevention of the rust is very great and convenient. Maintaining water chemistry and cleaning your pool regularly can prevent the growth of rust stains in the fiberglass pool.

Don’t worry if you find rust stains in your fiberglass pool. Using harsh materials and robust chemicals can destroy the beauty of the surface of your fiberglass pool. Use rust stainer remover, compatible with fiberglass pools, to remove rust stains from the pool.

Fiberglass Pools Vs Gunite | Which One Is Better?

Both fiberglass pools and gunite pools are very popular to the pool owners. No one of these two pools is bad. Which one will fit you depends on the situations. Here I have tried to collect different information to facilitate your decision.

Initial Cost of Installation

The initial cost of the fiberglass pool includes the cost of labor and materials. The average cost of a fiberglass pool is around $45,000. As the labor cost varies depending on the location, the cost of installing this type of pool rises.

The labor cost ranges from $15,000 to $20,000.

Maintenance Cost and Time

As the surface of the fiberglass pool is smooth and nonporous, alage can’t grow on the surface. So, the cost and time required for maintenace of fiberglass pools are very low.

On the flip side, the surface of the gunite pool is porous and alage can grow on the surface easily. So, you need more time and money to keep the gunite pool clean.


The average lifespan of the fiberglass pool ranges from 20 years to 30 years depending on the materials used, proper maintenance, and the extend of use.

Which Is Better Fiberglass Or Concrete Pools

Both fiberglass and concrete pools are good options. The choice depends on the person. People who want easy installation, less maintenance cost & time and less initial cost for installing pools should choose a fiberglass pool.

On the flip side, people who want their pool fully customizable should build concrete pools.

How To Install Fiberglass Pool?

Installing fiberglass pools is easy. Some DIY enthusiasts like to install fiberglass pools by themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions | Fiberglass Pools

How long do fiberglass pools last?

The lifespan of the fiberglass pool is about 25 to 30 years. But the lifespan depends of the quality of the products, proper installation, and regular maintenance.

Do fiberglass pools crack in the cold weather?

Fiberglass pools are made of high-quality materials and so they can withstand in any harsh weather.

Why the lifespan of a concrete pool is higher than a fiberglass pool?

Due to the construction method and materials, a concrete pool lasts longer than a fiberglass pool. You can use a concrete pool for more than a decade

Final Thoughts

Every type of pool comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Your backyard space, your budget, time for maintenance, and flexibility affect the decision. So, first of all, you need to fix your requirement and capacity, then choose the right type of pool.


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