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Electric Pool Heater | How To Install An Electric Pool Heater?

An electric pool heater provides heat to the swimming pool and makes the pool water warm. An electric pool heater relies on electricity. The electric pool heater transfers heat to the swimming pool, and it will extend your swimming season.

By using this pool heater, you can enjoy a warm swimming day in the winter season also. It is budget-friendly also. You can customize an electric pool heater according to your pool size. It will help you to make your pool water warm within a couple of minutes. For instant use, you can install this electric pool heater.

What Is An Electric Pool Heater?

An electric pool heater relies on electricity to provide heat to swimming pool water.  Most of the modern pool heaters use their primary heating source to heat the water. But these heaters use electricity to power the basic control electronics. Electric pool heaters transfer heat to the swimming pool. And it also keeps pool water warm during the winter season, windy days, and during evenings.

Electric pool heater
Coldwater can damage your skin and cell.

Electric pool heaters are budget-friendly than gas or large solar heaters. This pool heaters’ monthly cost depends on local electricity consumption rates. It is popular because it’s safer to use. Typically, these electric pool heaters require less maintenance than gas or solar heaters. Moreover, it can also heat the pool faster than other types of pool heaters. Its heating ability depends on the model and size of the heater.

What Size Of The Electric Pool Heater Do You Need?

You have to make a lot of decisions during the heater buying process. Sometimes, purchasing an electric pool heater depends on the pool size. There are some steps to choosing the perfect size of the electric pool heater. Those steps are given below :

1) Calculate the swimming pool’s surface area

The primary step is calculating your pool’s surface area. Whenever you are going to determine which size pool heater to buy, you have to calculate your pool’s surface area first. Many pool owners presume that the pool’s gallon size is used to determine the pool heater size. Even some websites use the number of gallons.

If you have a pool with a large surface area, the heater has more water to heat. And the heat has more space to escape. So, the heater has to be large enough to compensate for the surface area. There is an easy method to calculate the surface area of your pool. You can multiply the length times with the width to measure the surface area of your pool. If your pool size is 20x 30, then your pool surface area is 600 square feet.

2) Divide the pool surface area by three

When you divide the pool surface area by three, you will get the minimal BTU size for a particular pool surface area. For example, for 20 x 30 pool, after dividing by three, you will get 200. Here you will need a 200000 size pool heater.

3) Consider your variables

You need to concern about all the variables like the solar cover, climate, etc. before deciding the size of the pool heater. By using a solar cover, you can make your pool water warmer for more time. Besides, a solar blanket can help to retain the temperature of the pool. You will need a large amount of money to install a more extensive pool heater. With a solar blanket, you can cut your expense effectively and efficiently. So it is wise to consider these variables before buying a pool heater.

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How To Install An Electric Pool Heater?

An electric pool heater can help you to enjoy your pool all time. Follow these steps to install your electric pool heater.

Step 1- Choosing your heater location.

Place the electric pool heater as close as possible to the commercial power outlet. Besides, the heater should be placed near to the pool pump and filter.

Step 2- Cutting your PVC pipe.

After choosing the perfect location of your pool heater, you need to find a place to put the exit pipe. This exit pipe will come out of the pool filter. Now mark a spot on the pipe area that is adjacent to the water pipe connection. Then place the second mark 6″ from the previous mark.

Cut a piece of the water pipe between the two marks and cut two pieces of PVC pipe.  Use this PVC pipe to extend the exact length from the fittings on your heater’s water connection and attach the water pipe to connect the elbow fittings. For example, the two pieces are each 24″ in length.

Step 3- Connecting the PVC pipe to your heater.

Apply glue in a PVC elbow fitting to the end of the exit pipe that comes from the pool filter. And now insert one of the  24″ PVC pipes you have cut. This is the perfect time to attach a fitting to the heater at its water input opening.

Then, you can insert one end of the 24″ PVC pipe into the elbow. Insert the other end of the PVC pipe into the fitting that you have just attached to the heater. Apply glue to the joints at the elbow and the heater fitting. Repeat this process to connect the other PVC pipe at one end to the output opening of the heater.

Step 4- Completing the installation.

First, you have to plug in the heater’s AC cord. Turn on the pool electric heat pump. After a couple of minutes, you need to test the water of the pool near the place where the water enters the heater. If the water is warm, your installation process will be completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install an electric pool heater?

The average cost of an electric pool heater is between $1500 to $5000, plus installation cost.  Electric pool heaters often require wiring upgrades or alterations to existing electrical supply channels. This electric pool heater installation can cost up to two or three times more than that of a heat pump or gas heater.

It’s also necessary to consider costs incurred after installation. The basic cost of this heater is your monthly utility bills.  An electric heat pump runs around $100 per month. It captures heat from electricity. Use an efficient electric pool heater to minimize your cost.

How does an electric pool heater work?

Electric pool heaters work to heat the pool water. This pool heater works by bringing water into a heating tank. And it also pumps the warmed water back into the swimming pool. Electric pool heaters are based on two types;water-source and air-source—both types of electric pool heater work in similar ways. Water-source transfers heat from a water source. The air-source heater uses heat from the air source to your swimming pool.


Your swimming pool needs heat throughout the year, and an electric pool heater can be the best choice to heat your swimming pool. This electric heat pump extracts heat from the air. And use this heat to warm your pool water. It has less installation cost. And it also has a less monthly cost. So, the electric pool heater is budget-friendly also. Here, you have all the information about the electric pool heaters. Make the right choice according to your swimming pool.

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