Cyanuric Acid

Cyanuric Acid | Know How To Add Cyanuric Acid To Pool

What Is Cyanuric Acid?

Cyanuric Acid is a chemical compound generally produced in the laboratory. Chemically represented as (CNOH)3. It is white in color, odorless and powdery in form. It is widely used in the swimming pool business. It stabilizes or conditions the chlorine in the swimming pool water.

Chlorine is used in swimming pools to sanitize the water. Chlorine can be added in many ways. But the quality of the chlorine is degraded very quickly by the Sun’s ultraviolet rays. Cyanuric acid protects the chlorine in the water, especially the outdoor pools need it, hence it is called the conditioner of pool water.

The Effect Of Low Cyanuric Acid In Pool

When exposed to the sun the chlorine is oxidized by the UV rays. The half-life of Chlorine is only 45 minutes and almost 70% to 80% of the Chlorine is gone within two hours of sun exposure. As chlorine is very necessary to maintain the sanity of the pool, so something will need to protect it, and that is cyanuric acid.

make your pool water clean by cynuric acid

Picture 1: An Outdoor Swimming Pool

It has three molecules of Nitrogen which are free, so, when it goes into the pool water, it attaches with three molecules of Chlorine and forms a weak N-Cl bond. As the N-Cl bond is weak, there remains free chlorine which sanitizes the water but now it is free from the oxidation effects of the Sun. Thus the chlorine of the water is protected from the Sun damage and the life of the Chlorine is increased by the cyanuric acid.

But the chemical should be used in an amount that keeps the pool at the right ph level. A high amount of cyanuric acid decreases the amount of free chlorine by forming a strong N-Cl bond and thus decreases the sanitation level of the pool, making it vulnerable to forming algae and bacterias.

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How To Add Cyanuric Acid To Pool

To add the cyanuric acid in the pool water, we need a bucket, and we need to add warm water into the bucket and dissolve the cyanuric acid into it. Then we have to pour the solution through a skimmer. After a few hours, we have to run the pool pump to stir the acid in the pool water.

How To Lower Cyanuric Acid In Pool

The safer cyanuric acid level is 20mg/l, and once it crosses 60 to 70 mg/l, then it is dangerously high. So when the cyanuric acid level is high, we need to reduce it by diluting the water. We can drain the pool water and refill it, which is an expensive process. Another option is waiting for heavy rain to dilute the pool water. And an easy final solution is to buy a cyanuric acid reducer. There are many options available commercially.

Frequently Asked questions

how much cyanuric acid to add to pool?

Ans: Depends on the size of the pool and volume of the water. The minimum required amount is 20mg/l.

how much cyanuric acid to add to saltwater pool

Ans: The required amount of Cyanuric acid the saltwater pool is a bit higher. It’s around 50 ppm. To gain 50 ppm of CYA in a 10,000-gallon pool, we will need to add 65 ounces of cyanuric acid

Is it safe to swim in a pool with high cyanuric acid?

Ans: No. As the high level of cyanuric acid reduces the amount of free chlorine and thus decreases the sanitization level of the pool. So it’s always risky to swim in a pool where the water is not properly sanitized.

Cyanuric Acid is a very important chemical in the swimming pool business. As chlorine is used as a sanitizer, and to protect chlorine and to condition the pool water, cyanuric acid is a must. Let’s have the pool chemistry healthy. Happy Swimming!

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