best way to get leaves out of pool

Do You Really Know The Best Way To Get Leaves Out Of pool

When it is summer, you will find your pool a refreshing and beautiful place. But the situation is totally opposite in winter and autumn. This is the time when leaves are dropped from trees in a huge amount to your pool. And it is a great trouble to constantly remove leaves from the pool. Besides, when you have a tree beside your pool ground then the situation will be a beggar description. Here I have describes the best way to get the leave out of the pool so that you can keep pool water sparkling clear. 

How does a pool leaf vacuum work? 

Pool leaf vacuum cleaners work greatly to remove all kinds of debris and leaves out of your pool. It is connected to the pump and the filtration system of the pool. When you start the vacuuming process, the suction will not go directly to the filter, rather it will be connected to the vacuum head and the hose. The process will continue till it reaches the filtration system of your pool. By following this process, you can remove the debris and leaves from the bottom of the water. You can push the vacuum head simply like a normal household vacuum cleaner.


There are three kinds of pool vacuum cleaners that you can use. Such as suction side pool cleaners, pressure-side pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners.

Suction side pool cleaners are adjusted to the filtration system and utilize the pump force of filters for gathering the debris. But pressure side cleaners work independently to clean the pool. And the robotic pool cleaners can be controlled with a simple mobile app to clean the pool.  It runs automatically across the pool surface, walls and bottom part

How to keep leaves out of the pool- Best Way To Get Leaves Out Of Pool

How to keep leaves out of the pool? There are several ways to keep leaves out of the pool. Though you give your best effort to clean leaves from the pool, this problem can’t be solved permanently. You have ensured your best efforts from time to time to remove leaves out of your pool. The way of removing leaves are as follows

 Using Skimmer Net

You can use a skimmer net to solve this issue. Pool nets are used long before for cleaning up leaves and other pollutants. It is regularly used among the pool owners. But when your pool is filled with a large number of leaves then this process will be difficult for you. Because the wet leaves are heavier than the dry leaves and it will take a long time to clean the pool thoroughly with the skimmer net. But it is suitable for less amount of leaves.

best way to get leaves out of pool
Skimmer net will remove the leaves from the surface for the pool water

 Using Leaf Rakes

Leaf rakes can be a great solution to you for removing leaves from the pool. It is generally used for cleaning large debris from the pool. When you notice it, it will look like the skimmer nets mostly. But there is some difference between the skimmer net and leaf rake. The leaf rake is comparatively durable than the skimmer net and it has a long and deep net. So it has the capacity to remove a larger number of leaves than the skimmer net.

There are some variations of leaf rake that build with rubber rims. And for this feature, it can clean small particles from the pool water that the skimmer net cannot do. It can be used for removing both the larger amount of leaves and the smaller particles thoroughly.


If you want to learn the ways to remove debris from the pool by leaf rakes, you need to practice some techniques to get a better result. If you move the rake too quickly, you will fail to collect debris into the net. On the other hand, if you move the rake very slowly, most of the debris will fall down from the net to your pool again. So, you have to move the rake at a perfect speed. You can learn it with little practice. So, no worry!


Firstly, push the rake on the surface of the pool. You have to push it simply like a broom. You should move the rack from left to right side or right to the left side of your pool. Just start moving the rake from one side to another. When your rake is on another end just flip the net and pull it back to the starting position.

When one side is done you need to walk to the other side of the pool and continue the same process again. You need to drag the rake down in the water to collect more leaves. And have to focus on collecting debris by keeping the rake close to the pool. Otherwise, you will find it harder to collect all leaves into the rake or there is a chance to lose the leaves that are already in the rack. This way will save you time.

 Using Pool Vacuum

Again, when leaves are in an extreme amount in your pool and there are many leaves at the bottom of the pool then you need a stronger solution. In that case, you can use a pool vacuum to clean your pool leaves and debris.

best way to remove leaves from the pool
Pool vacuum helps to remove leaves from the bottom of the pool

This will do the heavy-duty of cleaning your pool and you need not do this kind of heavy manual work.

 You can also use a leaf eater to clean your pool. This product will be connected with the water hose and can start the cleaning process. here the pressure power pump will enforce the leaves into the leaf collection bag and thus it can continue the cleaning process of your pool pollutants.


 Besides you can use pool skimmer to clean the leaves out of your pool. It will help you to clean a larger amount of debris from the pool. But you need to clean your skimmer basket regularly to get an effective result


How to choose leaf vacuum for pool

As we stated before, there are several leaf vacuum that you can use to clean your pool water. This will ensure to keep your pool water clean and shiny. You need to focus vacuum power, manufacturer, durability, and easiness for vacuuming. Click the link below to learn in detail about leaf vacuum for pool

Note: leaf vacuum for pool


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove a leaf net from a pool?

You need a person to the opposite end and grab the corner of the net. Then walk to the other side of the net and fold it. Continue pulling the net till it comes out of the pool


Can you vacuum leaves out of the pool?

Yes, you can vacuum leaves out of the pool, it is the easiest way to clean your pool. Here you don’t have to work manually and carry the heavy load of the pollutants.


What happens if you don’t rake leaves?

If you don’t rake leaves and it will be rotten into the pool water and creates bacteria and unendurable odour into the water.

What is the best way to get leaves out of pool

To remove leaves from the surface of the pool water, the best way to get leaves pot of pool is using skimmer net. On, the other hand, to remove leaves from the bottom of the pool, you should use pool vacuum.

Final thought

A swimming pool is a great asset to a pool owner. When you take proper care of your pool, you can enjoy its beauty. If you keep leaves out of the pool, it will help you to swim comfortably. So, maintain your pool properly and have a better experience.


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