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Best Pool vacuum Head | Top 5 Reviews Of Vacuum Head( 2020)

The pool vacuum head is an innovative pool cleaning tool that removes leaves, dust, debris, and other pollutants from the bottom of the pool. A good pool vacuum head also improves the water circulation as well as mixes chemicals evenly. 

Best Pool Vacuum Head – Reviews for 2020

Some brushes of the vacuum head are soft and some are sturdy. You should use a perfect vacuum head according to the type of your pool. Read the reviews of the following 5 vacuum heads for choosing the best vacuum for you. 

Pentair Residential and Commercial Pool Vacuum Head 

Pentair pool vacuum head’s unique suction chamber vacuum velocity equally. Its full flex strips capture and send into the suction chamber. It can automatically decrease or increase the velocity of the vacuum with its adjustable wheels. 

Best Pool vacuum Head

You can easily maintain it with its 1-½-inch vac hose. Its commercial model and powerful vacuum system help to clean your pool easily and quickly. The combination of the metal swivel handle, stainless steel shaft, and ball bearing wheels make your pool water clean, fresh, and sparkling after vacuuming. 

Its high-quality materials increase the lifespan of the pool vacuum. You can remove leaves, dust, debris, and other small particles from the bottom of the pool. 

Key Features

  1. Its advanced vacuum mechanism vacuums your pool in half-time. 
  2. You can easily set this vacuum with its easy connectivity. 
  3. Its well balanced weight system has facilitated the holding and vacuuming. 
  4. It appears to be high-quality and its flexible head fits any edge of the pool. 
  5. You can turn the vacuum head easily without lifting it. 

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Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head 

Milliard pool vacuum heads are manufactured by following the standards of pool cleaning. Its advanced vacuum head mechanism ensures the safety of users and products. Its flexible flat-edge vacuum head can vacuum any surface regardless of shape. You can remove algae even from the non-flat area. Best Pool vacuum Head

You can easily install the hose from your pool filter pump into its 1.5-inch suction port. Its easy accessible pole adapter fits any standard telescoping pool pole. Its free-rolling wheels move along the pool floor with less effort and at the right height. You can maintain this vacuum head for its distributed weights along the attachment. 

Key Features

  1. It is made from high-quality materials that ensures higher longevity. 
  2. You can easily pull and push on the bottom of the pool for its wheel. 
  3. Its balanced suction velocity collects any debris from the bottom of the pool. 
  4. Its smooth vacuum doesn’t affect pool linings or painted surfaces. 
  5. You can use it in any kind of pool whatever its shape. 

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FibroPool Professional Pool Vacuum Head

FibroPool vacuum head’s flexible thermoplastic body fits in any shape of the pool bottom. Its 6 integrated weights assure superior cleaning of your pool. You can connect a standard 1.5” hose to the vacuum suction port. 

Best Pool vacuum HeadIt features a chrome-plated metal handle that fits any standard sized telescopic pool pole. You can easily maneuver this vacuum head for its rolling-wheel. It is made from high quality materials that ensure higher longevity and better performance. 

You can run this machine on the bottom of the pool easily with its long-lasing metal ball bearings. Its ergonomic design has made this pool vacuum head lightweight and so you can carry and lift from the pool almost effortlessly. 

Special features

  1. It features very flexible and so you can run even on bumpy surfaces. 
  2. Regardless of material or contour, you can easily move this machine for its thermoplastic urethane. 
  3. Its balls of the bearings are made from non-corrosive, robust materials. 
  4. Its stainless steel hardware and bearings last for many years with proper maintenance. 
  5. It can move smoothly with a high-pressure pool filter pump. 

Short Details

  • A flexible mechanism fits all types of surfaces. Stainless steel bearings ensure more lifespan. 
  • Its advanced pool vacuum mechanism ensures easy movement. 
  • It fits with a standard size hose and a pole. 

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Pool Vacuum Head for Concrete Swimming Pool By U.S. Pool Supply

It is made of high-quality pool-grade materials that ensure the safety of your pool. Its flexible body removes dust, debris, and other pollutants from the bottom of the pool. Its metal handle fits in any pool surface. 

You can use both 1-½ inch or 1-¼ inch hose into the swivel head. Its weighted body can be maneuvered easily on the bottom of the pool. Its metal wheel bolts last many years. You can easily use this vacuum head with an aluminum spring-action pole handle. 

Its even suction velocity improves the circulation of pool water and helps to mix chemicals easily with water. Its flexible design collects leaves, dust, and debris from every corner of the concrete and vinyl pool. 

Key Features

  1. It is specially designed for concrete swimming pools and so it doesn’t affect pool paint. 
  2. Its flexible and improved mechanism fits in any pool shape.
  3. You can easily clean your pool bottom for its supper suction performance. 
  4. You can also use this inground vinyl pool with its smooth structure.  
  5. It has more options for the connecting hose on the hose connectors. 

Specific Details

  • Its professional flexible feature removes from any shape of the bottom. 
  • Its supper suction feature prevents the growth of algae on the bottom of the pool. 

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Poolmaster Pool vacuum Head for Vinyl liner Swimming Pool

Poolmaster pool vacuum head removes dust, leaves, and debris from vinyl liner pools. You can maneuver easily in the underwater pool for its weighted mechanism. Its replaceable perimeter brushes are made of high-quality & durable polypropylene that clean the bottom of the pool very professionally. 

Its triangle design cleans the corner of the pool very nicely. You can use any standard size telescopic pool pole with its pole adapter. You also can use a standard size hose such as 1-¼ inch or 1-½ inch with this vacuum head. Its standard design works well with any pool pump. 

Key Features

  1. Its simple mechanism has made it attractive to the users. 
  2. You can use it as a regular brush because of its design. 
  3. It features a replaceable brush that are very durable. 
  4. Its strong bristle scrub stain, leaves, and debris from the vinyl liner pool. 
  5. You can easily hook up the hose into the hose adapter and you can attach a pole into the pole handle. 

Short Details

  • Its simple triangle mechanism removes debris from every corner. 
  • It can be used for its sturdily built and clean the bottom of the pool very quickly. 
  • You can increase the suction power of this vacuum head by increasing the power of the pump. 

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Factors that you should consider at the time of buying a pool vacuum head

Choosing a good vacuum head is crucial for clean, fresh, and sparkling clear water. You should focus on the following features before choosing a vacuum head. 

Type of Pool

Although the pool vacuum head removes leaves, dust, and debris from the bottom of the pool, all vacuum heads are not suitable for all types of pool. If you are using an above ground pool, you need to buy a smooth vacuum head. The above ground pool vacuum can be leaked if you use a sharp and high-velocity pool vacuum head. 


The materials of the vacuum structure, vacuum bristle are crucial factors. Nylon, polypropylene, and horsehair are popular materials used for the brush of the pool vacuum. 

Availability of wheels

The availability of the wheels facilitates the task of vacuuming the bottom of the pol. You can move easily from one side to another using hole. The bearing of the wheels should be made from stainless steen ball so that it lasts for a long time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a pool vacuum head work?

Answer: You need to attach a hose with a filter and vacuum head. When you move the vacuum head on the bottom of the pool, the vacuum head sends dust, leaves, and debris to the filter through the hose.

What is the best vacuum head? 

 Answer: The suitable vacuum head depends on many factors. First of all, consider the type of pool. A hard brush designed for vinyl and concrete pool may not be suitable for above ground inflatable pool. 

Final Thought

The pool vacuum head is a very important pool product to keep your pool water neat and clean. A high-quality pool vacuum head can remove debris, dust, and other pollutants from the bottom of the pool. Moreover, it improves the circulation of the pool water. I have chosen 5 most durable and professional pool vacuum heads. One may not fit for all type of pool and so select the best one depending on the type of your pool.

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