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Best Pool Stain Remover Reviews 2020

Pool stain is a common problem for the pool owners. It appears on your pool both organic ways for leaves, algae, mud etc. and a non-organic way for using chlorine. Using pool shock, most of the organic pool stains disappear. To remove metal stains from the pool, you should use pool stain remover. All pool stain removers are not as effective as they promise. I have chosen 5 most effective pool stain removers for facilitating your buying decision. Choose the best pool stain remover based on the size of your pool.  

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Top 5 Best Pool Stain Remover ( 2020)

You can not remove your pool stain if you choose an ineffective pool stain remover. Here are 5 most effective stain removers by which you can remove both metal stains and organic stains. 

Let’s know ” Why every professional pool owner use pool stain remover

Puri Teck Calcium Hardness Increaser For Preventing Stains

Prui Teck stain remover’s calcium chloride raises calcium in the swimming pool water. You can prevent foaming, surface and equipment erosion and scaling by using this stain remover regularly. 

It keeps the calcium level balanced that keeps the pool from etching or staining. Its 100% calcium chloride doesn’t leak your above ground Pool. It easily dissolves in the pool water and easier than more uniformed products.

You can easily store this stair remover with its resealable bags. It improves the clarity of the pool water and prevents scaling on the surface on the pool water. 

Key Features

  1. It features resealable bags that facilitate easy storing after use. 
  2. It raises the Calcium level in your pool water. 
  3. You can also increase the hardness of the Calcium of your pool. 
  4. It prevents erosion and scaling of the equipment used in the pool. 

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EasyCare ProTec Pool Stain Remover

EasyCare Stain Remover Protects your pool from depositing minerals. It saves your pool and pool pump from damage. Its advanced chemical mix is safe for your skin. 

You can remove stains from the surface of the water. It also removes white calcium deposits, copper, and manganese stains. 

Key Features

  1. It removes and prevents white calcium deposits quickly. 
  2. It dissolves water easily for its precision manufacturing. 
  3. You can keep your pool water neat and clean by using this stain remover. 
  4. It protects your Pool equipment safe from erosion. 

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Pool Mate Mineral Out and Stain Remover

Pool Mate Stain remover prevents discoloration of pool water caused by calcium, iron, manganese, copper, and other metals. It also removes the discoloration of pool water caused by minerals. 

Its improved chemical protects plumbing and pool walls from scale, rust, and stain. You should use this stain remover in openings and closings. You require less amount to remove rust, scale, and stain. You can remove stain from 10,000 gallons pool water by 1 quart of this stain remover. 

Key Features

  1. Its versatile usability removes stain, scale, and rust from pool water. 
  2. It keeps your pool walls and pool equipment safe from erosion. 
  3. You can remove discoloration with this excellent product. 

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Pool & Well Stain Remover by Natural Chemistry

Natural chemistry pool stain remover prevents stains and water discoloration from the pool. Its balanced chemical mixture doesn’t affect the pH level of the pool water. Best Pool Stain Remover

You can remove cloudy water from your pool and prevent scaling on the surface. It deactivates iron, copper, and other trace materials. It dissolves easily in water and keeps your pool water soft and sparkling clean. 

Key Features

  1. You require less amount to remove stain from the pool water. 
  2. It removes discoloration by deactivating trace metals. 
  3. It doesn’t affect the pH and other chemical levels. 
  4. You will not feel any skin and eye itching using it in your pool. 
  5. Its eco-friendliness does not affect any animals and fishes in your pool. 

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BioGuard Pool Magnet For Stain Remover 

The concentrated formula of the BioGuard pool stain remover removes fresh metal stains. Its advanced formula prevents and removes stains caused by copper, iron, and manganese. Best Pool Stain Remover

It eliminates the discoloration of the pool water due to metals. There has no hassle for using it in the pool. It doesn’t affect the pool walls and other pool equipment used in pools. 

Key Features

  1. You can remove all kinds of stains from the pool water. 
  2. Its advanced chemical feature eliminates discoloration and keeps your pool water neat, clean, and sparkling clear. 
  3. You can easily and quickly use this stain remover as it dissolves on water easily. 
  4. It requires less amount to remove stain from the water.  

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Safety at the time of using Stain Removers

Stain removers are powerful chemical mixtures and cause serious health problems if you don’t become careful. Always keep your skin and eye-safe at the time of using a stain remover. Follow the following instructions before using stain removers. 

  1. Regardless of types of stain removers, you need to wear long-sleeves shirts and full pants. Wear protective Goggles to prevent eye contact. 
  2.  Wash thoroughly with fresh water in case of skin contact. 
  3. Flush your eye with fresh water at least 10 to 15 minutes in case of eye contact. 
  4. Go to the nearest hospital in case of severe skin and eye problems. 


Frequently Asked Questions- Best Pool Stain Remover

How do I remove brown stains from my pool?

Answer: First of all, shock your pool with pool shock and scrub it thoroughly. You can use pool stain remover to easily eliminate all kinds of stains from the pool. 

Will pool shock remove stains?

Answer: Pool shock is a simple and easy way to remove organic pool stains. You can use granular chlorine shock to disappear stains instantly from your pool. 

How do you get stains out of pool plaster?

Answer: You can remove light pool stains with pool shock and smooth brushing. If your pool is full of extreme stains, you need to use acid washing with muriatic acid. The acid washing can damage your pool plaster in some extend. So, regularly use a pool stain remover to protect your pool plaster from serious algae blooms and extreme staining. 


A good pool stain remover eliminates both organic and metal stains from the pool water. As pool stains make your pool water cloudy and erode pool walls and other equipment, you should use pool stain remover regularly on the pool. I have chosen the 5 most effective stain removers. Choose one of 5 best pool stain removers to get maximum benefits. 

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