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Best Pool cover for All Season | Reviewed in 2020

Whatever pool cover you use will block the evaporation of the water. Some pool covers are used to only get rid of the leaves and debris and some are used to keep from the danger of falling our child and parents on the pool. So, you need to identify which pool cover is the best for you. We have also reviewed some best pool cover for all seasons so that you can use them in any seasons.

Types of Pool Covers

There are generally 5 types of Pool covers found in the market. 

  1. Solar Pool Covers/ Bubble Pool Cover
  2. Automatic Pool Cover
  3. Thermal Pool Covers
  4. Winter Pool Cover
  5. Hidden Pool Covers

Type 01: Solar Pool Covers/ Bubble Pool Cover

Why to use

  • The least expensive in comparison to other pool covers
  • Saves Energy: As the bubble of this pool cover absorbs the heat from the sun during the day, you will get the hot water in winter without a heater. So, you can save the bill of the heating bill. 
  • Saves the water Bill: As this cover lessens the evaporation process of the pool water, you need not to pump the water everyday. Thus you can save the water bill of the pool. 
  • Keep the pool out of leaves and other debris. Leaves and debris sometimes sinks on the water of the pool so it becomes tough to remove the debris. 
  • Lightweight: Solar Cover is very lightweight and easy to use. 
  • Perfect for all seasons: Direct heat in the time of winter makes the pool water warm and we can’t feel better even after swimming for a long time. 

Type 02: Automatic Pool Cover

Like the name, this type of cover opens and closes automatically. Though they are very easy to install and operate, this pool cover is very expensive. The cost of the automatic Pool covers varies from $10,000 to $20,000. 

Why should you use it? 

  • Add heat on water: As the automatic Pool cover is made of high-end materials, it can trap the head from the sun and keep your water in the winter season. Since it adds heat in the water, you need not use a heat pump. Thus using automatic pool covers saves money. But sometimes it heats too much in the summer season and we can’t feel better after swimming. 
  • Ensure Safety: Sometimes our hyperactive kids go outside and go near to the pool. We become worried when our kids can’t swim. Using an automatic pool cover removes the tension in the time of playing our kids near the swimming pool. Its high-end vinyl materials can take the weight of the children and adults. So, our children and old parents are safe from the deep pool. 

Type 03: Thermal Pool Covers

Thermal Pool Water is very popular among the domestic pool owner and commercial pool owner because it protects you from the Ultraviolet Radiation as well as reduces the evaporation. 

Why Thermal? 

  • Prevent the growth of algae, the most important factor of getting pool water green, and blocks the dangerous UV rays of the Sun. 
  • It lessens the rate of evaporation approximately 100%.  

Type 04: Winter Pool Cover

This type of pool cover is specially designed for keeping the water warm in the winter season. But it also covers the other fundamental benefits of pool cover. 

Type 05: Hidden Pool Covers

Hidden Pool Cover ensures the aesthetics of the pool. These pool covers are easy to install and operate. You can operate it automatically, semi-automatically, and even manually. 

Benefits of a Pool Cover

Protects from the UV

The direct rays of the sun are sometimes harmful for our skin. The high Ultraviolet Radiation from the sun which generally gets from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. is dangerous. 

Protects the Evaporation and Saves Energy and Money

Pool cover prevents the evaporation of the pool water approximately 95% so you don’t need to fill water every time you go swimming. So, it indirectly saves your energy and money as well as it prolongs the lifespan of the pump.

Can Be Used In All Seasons

We may become tired of removing the leaves and debris from the surface of the water. Using cover gets rid of this boring problem. In the summer season, it decreases the rate of evaporation as well as keeps the water cold. In the winter season, it keeps water warm. 

Factors to Consider When Getting Your Cover

  • Purposes of the Pool Cover: Where there is a risk of falling our children and parents in the swimming pool, we need a pool cover that can carry the high weight. Automatic pool cover with nyile material, and mesh pool covers. It is also known as safety pool covers. On the other hand, if you have many trees around the swimming pool, you can use solar pool covers. 
  • The climate in your Locality: In the case of adverse climate, you should use mesh pool cover. Mesh pool covers are also suitable in the place of the heavy rainfall. 
  • Warranty: Buy a pool cover that gives the longer time warranty. 
  • Shape and size of the Pool: The shape and size of the pool are good considerations before choosing a pool cover. You don’t need to invest your money by buying universal pool cover if you have only a small pool. Buy a pool cover that covers the full area of the pool. 
  • The Type of Pool: The type of the pool is a good consideration before choosing a pool. 


Best Swimming Pool Cover 2020 ( Updated June)

We have used observed the following solar covers from every perspective such as quality, durability, and safety. I hope our reviews will help to choose the right product for your pool.

Rectangle Solar Cover By Sun2Solar

Sun2Solar Blanket is made of a film of thousands of tiny bubbles that collect heat both at night and chilly days. Its high-end materials minimize the rate of evaporation up to 95%. 

Its downwards bubble helps to produce free natural heat. Its built-in air bubbles transmit UV rays into free heat to provide a more enjoyable swim. Sun2Solar solar cover protects any unwanted dirt and debris. 

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Key Features

  1. It reduces the necessity of using an extra pool heater to keep the water warm. 
  2. It protects from all kinds of dust and leaves. 
  3. You don’t need to pump water for the evaporation. 
  4. It can be used in both in-ground and above ground rectangular Pool. 

Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover By Blue Wave

Blue Wave 12-ft pool cover is suitable for a round above ground pool that eliminates the mess. Its dirt defender leaf net over the cover traps even the smallest leaves. To remove the leaves just remove the leaf net from the surface of the pool. 

Its durable woven polyethene ensures the high longevity of the pool cover. You will get extra 3 feet to overlap with winch and cable to fasten the cover over the pool. Its grommets are made of metal. 

Key Features

  1. It has an extra leaf net over the pool cover. 
  2. You will get your swimming pool neat and clean
  3. Its heavy-duty cable and winch help to fasten easily. 
  4. Keep the water warm. 

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Intex Solar Cover For Easy Set And Frame Pools

Intex Solar Cover for 12ft pool cover is suitable for the round pool. Its built-in drain holes prevent water accumulation. Its air bubbles transmit the sun’s UV radiation to the water to keep the water warm. 

Its high-quality materials insulate pool water and minimizes the rate of evaporation. You need not use chemicals to keep the pH level optimum. Its reusable carry bag is convenient to store in the off-season.

Key features

  1. It is the most eco-friendly product. 
  2. It absorbs the heat of the sun and retains the heat for a long time. 
  3. You don’t need to run the water pump again and again.
  4. You don’t need to use a heater to keep the water warm in the cold season. 
  5. It is found in different sizes. 

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Thermo-Tex Swimming Pool Solar Cover

Thermo-Tex Solar Pool Cover is eco-friendly and cost-efficient pool cover. Its high-quality UV stabilized pool cover reduces the chemical loss from the water. 

Thermo-Tex Solar Pool Cover reduces the cost of heating water by absorbing and retaining the heath from the sun. Its light-weightness makes it easy to put on and take off the pool cover. You can use it for a long time for its durable materials.

Key features

  1. Its ergonomic design ensures the easy putting on the taking off. 
  2. Its heat blocking system saves the energy and money for heating water. 
  3. This made in USA pool cover maintains 100% standard of the quality products. 
  4. It prevents chemical and water evaporation from the pool. 
  5. The size of this pool cover is 12 feet by 24 feet. If you want a larger pool cover of this manufacturer, click here

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You Maybe intersed to buy Solar Pool Cover

How To Keep Pool Cover From Sagging

After setting a pool cover over pool water, it starts sagging. Falling leaves & debris, accumulating snow on the pool cover, and low water level are the most common reasons for sagging pool cover. Here are some tips to get rid of sagging.

Pool cover sagging

  • After covering pool water with a pool cover, secure them with pins or metal locks. Avoid using bricks, cinder, or huge rocks to avoid sagging again.
  • You can put styrofoam on the water of the pool. Then, use the pool cover on the top of the styrofoam.
  • If you don’t like to have the sagging in a pool cover, you can use a mesh pool cover.

FAQs on Best Pool Cover | Best Pool Cover

What is the best thickness for a solar pool cover?

Answer: You should consider the thickness of the solar pool cover at the time of buying this. While thinner blanket allows more heat through the cover, the thicker solar blanket absorbs more heat. Thicker blankets are puncture-resistant and last for a long time.

How to get water off pool cover?

You can use a pump to remove water from the pool cover. Using a siphon is another good way to remove water from the pool cover

How much will a solar cover heat a pool?

Covering pool with a good pool cover can increase the heat of the water 7 to 10 degrees.

How much snow can a pool cover hold

Safety Experts of the pool cover recommend that a pool cover need to hold 400 to 500 pounds to sustain in all seasons.

What is is the best color for solar pool cover?

The transparent pool cover is the best for heating pool water. On the other hand, a blue color solar cover is good for retaining heat.


I think you have got all information about pool cover. If you have any question related to solar pool cover, feel free to ask.

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