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LED pool lights are used to illuminate the pools and increase the pool atmosphere in night and at the time of arranging parties. Most of the LED pool lights are waterproof and durable. We sometimes become confused to choose the right LED lights. We have reviewed LED pool lights keeping the brightness, durability, and the capability of the remote control. You can easily know the best lights after going through the articles. 

Are LED Pool Lights safe for Swiming? 

Some people think the LED pool lights are not safe as these lights use the battery to enlighten the lights. All LED lights use a silicon seal to protect water from seeping. So, there has no risk of short-circuiting and they are totally safe.  

Top 5 Best LED Pool Light Reviews 2020

Choosing the best LED pool light depends on some features that you should consider at the time of choosing it. A thorough reading of this article helps you to choose the right LED pool light for you.  

Qoolife Rechargeable Underwater Led Lights

Qoolife Underwater Led Lights’ USB port and USB cable help to recharge the light easily. You don’t need to replace the battery every time that minimizes the cost. It has a flexible fixing way designed with a suction cup, mounting holes, and magnet. So you can fix these lights anywhere you want. 
  Its dual waterproof mechanism and 2 silicon sealing rings protect your light from the water. Its new remote features increased brightness adjustment, increased On button, increased 4 timer button, enhanced the largest brightness by 25%. Now, you can control the light even having a wall between you want the light.  Its 20-key remote RF remote control helps to select the 7 static colors. The capacity of the battery 1500mAh. You can set this light in the baby room so that they don’t become frightened. It can also be used in the waterfall, fountain, and aquarium. Key features
  1. This Multi-colorful LED light has a strong rechargeable battery. 
  2. You can fix this light in 3 different ways. 
  3. Its 2 sealing rings ensure strong waterproof. 
  4. You can set this light as a night light or mood light. 
  5. You can use pool light, pond light, bathroom light, spa light, and party centerpiece lights. 

Hooima Submersible Waterproof LED Light for Pool

Hoomia underwater LED pool lights are made of high-quality materials and so you can use it any transparent base. Its simple, elegant, and discrete design adds an astonishing finishing touch to your home decor. You can set these lights for a clear view of the water in the pool, aquarium, water tanks. You can also make your home elegant and cozy with these submersible LED pool lights.    Its 3 AAA batteries are easy to use and provide a unique experience in your home decor. Its pad simplicity. Its 24 Keys IR remote control helps to switch the light mode or colors. You can set it for parties, important life events. You can use these lights to creates special effects that lead to a magical atmosphere.  Key Features
  1. It is made of durable raw materials. 
  2. You can create an amusing atmosphere using these pool lights. 
  3. Its 3 AAA batteries are easy to set and replace. 

Creatrek LED Submersible Color Changing Pool Light 

Creatrek’s 13 static colors and 4 lighting modes provides an amusing effect in all kinds of pool party. Its 10 units of mini RGB SMD LEDs gives you durable and high bright RGB lighting performance. It illuminates your pool from 10 to 12 hours with 3 AAA batteries.  You can use it in any party events such as Halloween, Chrismas, flower arrangement, wedding. It can also be used for table setting, aquarium, Ice sculptures.  Its’s IR remote controller helps you to change the colours sitting in up tp 10 meters distant place from the pool. It allows you to change the brightness of the light. The speed of the fade or transaction can be changed by a remote controller. Special Features
  1. You will get 13 static colors for fixing your desired color. 
  2. You don’t need to go near the lights to change the colors. 
  3. Its built-in IP68 waterproof system relaxes you from seeping water in the light. 
  4. It’s easy to replace the battery and set it for any place. 
  5. Its versatility helps you to set for any events either in your pool or in your house. 

LOFTEK Submersible LED Pool Light ( Our Recommendation)

Loftek’s 16 color changing submersible pool lights have e16 dynamic colors. Its 3 different modes create an amusing atmosphere in your parties. You can set the time for turning off the lightening before with its 4 different timer-off buttons.  Its radio frequency remote controller can control the lights up to 164 feets distant places. You can change these pool lights from your bedroom. Its optimized sealing ring protects from water and any kind of weather.  You can display lights up to 20 hours which is 2 to 3 times more durable than other normal pool lights. It has 10 level adjustment of the brightness. You can set the lights either with magnet function or suction cups function.  Key Features
  1.  Its radio frequency remote facilitates you to control these underwater pool lights from distant places.
  2. Its premium PC shell is reliable and compression resistant. 
  3. You will be able to use 3 x AA batteries that will provide lighting more time than AAA batteries. 
  4. Its IP68 waterproof system allows you to set these pool lights in the deep water. 
  5. You can use it in a pool, a bathtub, vase, fountain, fish tank, and aquarium. 

TEPENAR Underwater LED Pool Lights ( Recommend for cost-effectiveness ) 

Its double-layer waterproof structure, IP68 waterproof mechanism, silicone sealing rings provide a deep water setting. This high temperature and water-resistant LED light last for a long period of time.  Its 16 static colors and 4 lighting modes create a sweet atmosphere and give extra enjoyment to your parties. You can use it to decorate a variety of parties, wedding stage, showcase, aquarium, Christmas, and Halloween.  These submersible LED lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries that are convenient to replace at the time of running the batteries.  Key features
  1. Its ergonomic design protects the lights from water seeping. 
  2. The lights are corrosion resistant and can provide light in any weather condition. 
  3. Its remote will help you to change 3 differnt modes of the light. 
  4. It’s easy to set the batteries and replace the batteries at the time of draining the batteries. 
  5. Its thermostability protects your light from all kinds of weather. 

A Buying Guide for LED Pool Light

You already have known the factors that you should consider before buying submersible LED pool lights. I will describe here briefly 4 important factors that you should consider in the time of choosing LED pool Light.   

Number of Colors of light and the brightness

  To create a sweet effect on the parties, you need more colors in the light. The more the number of RGB colors, the more amusing effect the light can create. The quality is more important than quality in any case. So, you also should consider the brightness of the light.   

The time of Lighting

  You want the light to provide lighting for all time in your parties. If you buy the LED pool lights for commercial pools, you need to check the durability of the lights. Whether parties in commercial pool or family pools, parties start from evening to late at night. So, you should buy a LED pool  light that displays lighting more than 7 to 8 hours after turning on.   


  As most of the pool lights are set along with the pool and under the water, there has the provability of seeping water in the lights. So, the higher the water-resistant ability of the LED light pools, the better.   

The Power of the remote

  It is not possible to change the color, brightness, and the modes of the lights going near to the light. So, the capability of the remote controller is crucial in the time of choosing LED pool lights. There are two types of remotes are used to control the light. The RF remotes are better than the IR remotes because you can use RF remotes sitting in your bed rooms or distant places. 


LED pool lights are very popular for lighting the pools and indoor home decoration. The waterproof submersible pumps make your pool amusing in the night. Setting the pool lights under the pools creates a sweet and amusing atmosphere in the pool. So, you can enjoy any pool parties using the lights. After reviewing all the pool lights, I found the LOFTEK submersible pool lights better than others.

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