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Best Chlorine Tablets (May 2020) | Have You Fail To Sanitize Pool

Choosing the best chlorine tablets is a crucial decision for pool owners. All chlorine tablets can’t kill bacteria and eliminate algae from the pool water as effectively as you expect. Though using chlorine tablets is a little bit more expensive way to sanitize, you will get some awesome benefits over liquid chlorine. 


Why Do We Need To Use Chlorinating Tablets

Using chlorinating tablets is the most effective way to sanitize pool water. You will get the following benefits if you use chlorine tablets. 

  • It is easy to use than liquid chlorine. Firstly measure the volume of your pool water and then keep chlorinating tablets in the floating dispensers. 
  • You can easily measure the number of chlorine tablets required for your pool. See the capacity of a single chlorine tablet and then measure the number of chlorine tablets. 
  • Using chlorine tablets instead of liquid chlorine is less labor-intensive. 
  • As the chlorinating tablets are wrapped, you will get the most effectiveness from the tablets. 


Best Chlorine Tablets | Top 8 Brands

Using chlorine tablets to sanitize pool water is easy to keep your pool water. But are all chlorine tablets are effective

Pool Chlorinating Tablets(1-Inch) By Clorox Pool&Spa 

Clorox chlorinating tablets are sunlight protected that lasts for a longer period. It kills bacteria from your pool and keeps your pool water sparkling clear. Tablets contain 90% of chlorine that perform better in your pool. 

Its high-active chlorine fight against algae. You can turn cloudy water into clear water using these chlorine tablets. Best Chlorine Tablets

Key features

  1. It protects tablets from harmful sun rays. 
  2. It prevents the tablets from burning off in the swimming pool and keep your pool water safe for you and your children. 
  3. You can remove green water and algae using these chlorinating tablets. 
  4. It keeps your pool water healthy by killing bacteria. 

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Kem-Tek Chlorinating Tablets For Pool and Spa ( 1-inch) (Rec)

Kem-Tek chlorinating tablets last more than one week. These stabilized chlorinating tabtes dissolve very slowly and keep the chlorine level of your pool healthy. It is made of trichloro-s-triazinetrione ( 95%) and other chemical ingredients. Best Chlorine Tablets

As the size of these chlorinating tablets are small in size, you can easily use more tablets in any floating chlorine dispenser. 

Key Features

  1. It is UV resistant tablet so it doesn’t burn on the pool water. 
  2. You can easily use these 1-inch chlorinating tablets in floaters and feeders. 
  3. It keeps your pool water out of algae and kills all bacterias.
  4. You can use it in saltwater for its salt system compatibility.
  5. Its slow dissolving allow you to use chlorinating tablets for a longer period of time.   

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Star-Plus 3 Inch Chlorinating tablets For Pool water 

These individually wrapped chlorine tablets last for a long time. It completely controls mineral and algae as well as kills all types of bacterias by these jumbo 3-inch trichlor tablets. Best Chlorine Tablets

You can use these tablets in inground, above ground, and vinyl pools. It will not harm to your health because it complies with the standards of the EPA. It also turns cloudy water into sparkling clear water with its even dissolving system. 

Key Features

  1. It keeps algae and bacterial out of your pool. 
  2. It makes your pool water fresh, healthy and sparkling clean. 
  3. You use it for a long time for its stability. 
  4. The harmful rays of sun can’t burn these tablets

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HTH 1 Inch Chlorine Tablets For Swimming Pools 

HTH chlorine tablets sanitize and keep your pool water healthy for swimming. Its high power chlorine kills bacteria and algae. You can use it both an inground pool and above ground pools. Its chemical doesn’t affect the color of the pool liner.  Best Chlorine Tablets

You can easily use it up to one week as it is sun protected. It can be used in any floating pool dispenser. 

Key Features

  1. It keeps your pool water safe and healthy. 
  2. Its built-in algaecide prevents and removes algae from pool water. 
  3. It completely kills bacterias from your pool. 
  4. You can use it in the pool’s saltwater systems and in vinyl liner pools. 
  5. It only requires 4 tablets per 10,000 gallons of pool water. 

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3-Inch Chlorine Tablets By In The Swim

Its 90% chlorine availability has ensured that the highest safety of your pool water. It dissolves very slowly in pool water and protects from harmful sun rays.  Best Chlorine Tablets

You can easily use them in any automatic chlorine dispensers or floaters. Its powerful trichlor kills bacteria, eliminate non-living organic contaminants and micro-organism. It also removes algae from the pool water. 

It properly sanitizes and balances a healthy level of the pool water. These chlorine tablets are safe to use as every chlorine tablets come in wrapped ways.

Key Features

  1. It is completely safe and ready for use as they are wrapped in a separate way.
  2. It adjusts and balances pool water chemistry. 
  3. You need less number of chlorine tablets for its stabilized chlorine. 
  4. It is perfect for any chlorine feeder or floating chlorine dispenser. 

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50 lbs Chlorine Tablets By Pool Brand ( 3-Inch)

These stabilized chlorine tablets protect them from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It complies with the standards of the EPA so you will get the most benefits out of these tablets.  Best Chlorine Tablets

It also manufactures in the USA that ensures the highest quality of the product. Every chlorine tablet is wrapped separately so that they don’t become damaged. It kills harmful bacteria and eliminates algae from pool. You will get balanced water if you use them regualry on pool water. 

Key Features

  1. It contains 90% of chlorine. 
  2. You can confidently use them as it is EPA approved product. 
  3. Tablets are not diluted and they leave behind no residue.
  4. Its UV protected stabilized feature prevents from burning off in pool water. 

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NAVA 3” pool Chlorinating Tablets ( Recommended)

NAVA pool chlorinating tablets are also popular chlorinating tablets that sanitize and clarifies your pool water. It improves chemical mix kill bacteria, eliminates non-living organic contaminants, and removes algae from pool water. Best Chlorine Tablets

Its slow dissolve feature prolongs the sanitization and balance of the water. It can be used in automatic skimmers, feeders, floaters, or floating dispenser. It can be used in all types of pools such as inground, above ground, outdoor, indoor, fiberglass, and vinyl pools. 

Key Features

  1. This U.S.A.-made product suits in all types of pool. 
  2. Its 99% of active ingredients kill bacteria and removes algae. 
  3. This 3-inch chlorine tablet reduces pH and leaves no residue. 
  4. You need to replace the tablets after a long time as they dissolve slowly. 
  5. It features with individually wrapping for preventing from damage. 

Available Sizes

25 lb, 35lb, 50lb

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Rx Clear Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

Rx clear chlorine tablets last for a long time as they dissolve slowly. It contains 99% trichlor and 90% available chlorine. Its improved chemical protect from damaged and cracked. The effectiveness of these 1-inch chlorine tablets doesn’t reduce in case of breaking for any reason. Best Chlorine Tablets

Key Features

  1. It is adaptable to your pool and requires fewer number of tablets. 
  2. You can easily use them in any floating chlorine dispenser.
  3. These tablets protect from ultra-violet rays. 
  4. It keeps a healthy chemical level of your pool water. 

Available Size

8lbs, 15lbs, 25lbs, 50lbs, 100lbs

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Where to put chlorine tablets in the pool

You should not throw chlorine tablets directly in the pool water. Throwing chlorine tablets in pool water instantly raise the chlorine level and imbalance the normal chemical level. You can use chlorine tablets in the following places of your pool. 

  • Pool feeders 
  • Pool floaters
  • Skimmer baskets

Can chlorine tablets go bad ( Safety that You Should Follow)

Using chlorine tablets in the pool is a great way to kill bacterias, prevent, and remove algae from pool water. But it can go bad if you don’t become careful at the time of using it. It can badly affect the children so keep these tablets out of them. Follow the following tips to keep you safe. 

  • Wash your hand perfectly after keeping chlorine tablets in feeder or dispenser. 
  • Read the manual provided with chlorinating tablets so that you can use the right number of tables according to the size of your pool. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are stabilized chlorine tablets?

Stabilized chlorine tablets are UV protected tablets that prevent the burning off chlorine in pool water for harmful sun rays. It lessens the necessity of pool chemical and protects pool liner. 

Will chlorine tablets kill algae?

Using chlorine tablet is the most effective way to kill algae and keep pool water sparkling clear. 

Will chlorine tablets kill mosquito larvae? 

Chlorine tablets and bleach tablets that contain chlorine kill the larvae of mosquito. It also prevents the growth of mosquito larvae. 

Final Thought

To remove microorganisms like algae and keep your pool water out of bacteria-free, you should regularly use chlorine on your pool. Using chlorine tablets in floating chlorine dispenser is the easiest and the safest way to keep your pool water neat and clean. I have chosen the 8 most popular brands of chlorine tablets. I hope choosing any of these will give the utmost benefits to your pool sanitization.  

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