Backwash pool filter

Backwash Pool Filter | Don’t Backwash Before Reading This Article

The backwash is a regular pool maintenance task. You should backwash your pool’s filter to clean filters as well as clean pool water. Many people ask, “How To Backwash Pool Filter?” In this article, I will try to answer all questions related to the backwash pool filter.

What is backwash pool filter?

The backwash is a process of cleaning the pool’s filters by reversing the flow of water. The debris and other contaminants of the filters go through the waste line of the filter and keep your pool neat and clean.

What does backwashing pool filter do?

Like other pool materials, you need to clean pool filters. But cleaning filters manually is tough and time-consuming. The backwash is an easy solution to clean the filter. It helps to work the filters correctly.

When to backwash pool filter

You should know the time when you need to backwash the pool filter. If you see the following signs when you run the pool filter, you should backwash the pool filter.

  • Water Flow: The consistent water flow of the pool filter hinders when contaminants and debris clog in the filter.
  • Water Pressure: Increasing water pressure is also a sign that you need to backwash your filter.
  • The clarity of Water: When the filter doesn’t work correctly, you will see cloudy water in your pool. Having murky water is another indicator that you need to backwash the filter of your pool.

The backwash is not enough to make pool’s filters out of debris and contaminants. In extreme situations of your pool filter, you need to replace the filters.

How To Backwash Pool Filter

Sand filter, cartridge filter, and DE filter are the most popular filters to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants from the pool. All types of filters have some unique benefits, and all of them have to be clean frequently. The backwash is an effective way to filter and let them function properly. Here, I have discussed the process of backwashing these filters.

The process of backwashing a sand filter

The sand filter is one of the most popular types of pool filters, as it requires less maintenance. To keep sand of the filter clean and out of all kinds of debris, you need to backwash sand filter often. But many of us want to know the proper way of washing the pool sand filter. Let’s have an in-depth look to understand the appropriate process of backwashing.

Backwash sand filter

Required materials

  1. Backwash hose

Step 01: Turn off the sand filter

You need to turn off the sand filter before starting backwashing. Turning off the pool filter will prevent damages to the valves of the filter.

Step 02: Set the valve to the backwash

Depress the handle of the valve and set the selector notch points to the backwash. Experts recommend the pool owners to turn the valve in the same direction to reduce the chances of uniting the spider gasket. So, you should always turn on either in the right or left direction.

Step 03: Tighten waste hose to the valve

You need to tighten the waste hose to the filter’s waste point. Kinks in the waste point can hinder backwashing entirely.

Step 04: Turn the pool pump

Now, turn on the pool pump and observe the sight glass of the sand filter. Many pool owners want to know, “How long should they turn on the pump for backwashing?” There has no exact answer to this question because different sand filters require different amounts of time. If your sand filter has a sight glass, observe it and run the pump until it becomes clear. Generally, sand filters require 2 to 3 minutes to complete backwashing.

Step 05: Rinsing the pool filter

You need to rinse the sand filter after backwashing to remove excessive dirt and contaminants. To set the filter at rinse mode, you need to depress the valve’s handle and set the notch at rinse selector. Turn off the pump at the time of placing rinse mode to avoid damages. Rinse the filter for 30-50 seconds to remove dust, debris, and other contaminants.

Step 05: Set the filter mode again

You need to turn off the pump again to set the valve mode at the regular filter mode. After placing at the normal filter mode, turn on the pump. Check the pressure gauge of the filter to ensure that the filter is running at the normal ” PSI” range.

How to backwash DE pool filter

DE filter is handy to remove tiny debris from the pool. But you need to maintain it regularly. Backwashing is a regular maintenance task to keep DE filter active. If the pressure gauge of the DE filter is higher and the water of the pool looks cloudy, you need to backwash the filter. The process of backwashing a DE pool filter differs slightly based on the brands of DE Filter. Here, I am going to describe the general process of backwashing a DE pool filter. You can also read the manufacturer’s direction to know in-depth information about the DE pool filter.

Required Materials

  • DE powder
  • Backwash hose.

First of all, you need to roll out waste hose at the ground and remove old DE powder from the filter.

Secondly, turn the pump off from at the circuit breaker box or at the power switch to avoid dangers. Changing the modes of operation keeping the pump on can take place accidents and damage the gasket in the valve.

Thirdly, set the Multiport valve hand handle from normal filter mode to backwash mode. To fix it correctly, depress the handle and rotate to the backwash mode.

After setting the handle and attaching the waste hose to the filter, turn the pump on again. Backwash the filter 2 to 3 minutes to strip old DE powder, contaminants, debris, and small particles from the filter’s grids. You can also observe monitor sight glass to see the water. When the water inside the “monitor sight glass” turn to sparkle clear, turn off the filter.

Before starting normal filter mode, you need to rinse the DE pool filter to remove all kinds of debris, dust, and contaminants from the pool.

After rinsing the filter, rotate the MPV handle and set it to the filter mode.

Note: Every time you want to change the handle to set different modes, you need to turn off the pump. It will help to prevent danger and prolongs the lifespan of the filter.

How to backwash a cartridge filter

Many people think that they will be able to backwash their cartridge filer like a sand filter. The design of the cartridge filter doesn’t support the backwashing. The design of the cartridge filter has been designed in such a way that you don’t need to backwash to clean this type of filter. Only cleaning cartridge filter by hand is enough to clean the filter and pool’s water.

cartridge pool filter can't be backwshed

I don’t want to show the cleaning process of cartridge as the topic of this article about the backwash pool. Click ” how to clean cartridge filter” to see the step by step guide to clean cartridge filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often to backwash pool

The cloudy water after filtering pool is first and foremost sign to backwash. The PSI of pressure gauge is another sign to backwash. You should backwash after treating for algae, heavy rains, pool parties, and heavy use of the pool.

What are the effects of not washing backwash?

You will see cloudy water in your pool if you don’t clean your pool regularly. The filter of your pool will also damage due to irregular backwash.

Final Remarks

Backwashing is an easy and effective way to clean the pool’s filters. It saves you time and effort. Here, we have discussed all things about the backwashing pool. If you have any questions regarding backwash, feel free to ask us.


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