Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Above Ground Pool Skimmer | Don’t Work Skimmer Properly?

Skimmers are used in the above ground pool to clean the debris from the surface of the pool water. There are different sorts of above ground pool skimmers such as a floating skimmer, integrated skimmer, or static skimmer that is placed on the side of the swimming pool.

You can choose these above ground skimmer according to your need and preference. Among them, an integrated skimmer is the most expensive. You need to change the whole pool liner when installing an integrated above ground pool skimmer. Above all, the skimmer is an inevitable part of the pool and it meets the primary purpose of cleaning your pool. Because it removes leaves, twigs, and other debris from the water surface.

How Do Above Ground Pool Skimmers Work?

An above-ground pool skimmer starts the cleaning process of your pool water. But how? Let’s dive into it.

Pool water circulation

Water circulation is a crucial need for a swimming pool. And this circulation starts with skimmers. The pool pump sucks water from the pool through the skimmers. Skimmers are the gateway to circulating water from the pool to the water pump. For every 500 square feet of area, you need 1 skimmer to circulate the water properly.

Skimmer pulls the water from the pool surface, transfers it to the pump, and the water again returns to the pool through the return jets. A skimmer has a basket. The skimmer sucks water from the pool and collects leaves, twigs, and other debris to the skimmer basket. So, the large debris cannot create a blockage to the pool pump pipe. If the debris clogs into the pump pipe than the total circulation process will be stopped. So, the skimmer has a great role in the pool water circulation process.

Water filtration

Skimmers are the mediator to the water filtration process of pool water. The skimmer sucks contaminated water from the pool and the suction force is generated from the pool pump. Then the contaminated water enters into the filter and the water purification started. After that, the purified water returns to the pool again. So the entire filtration system depends on the pool skimmer.

Maintaining the pool pump and filter

The above ground pool skimmer not only collects debris from the pool water but also it also maintains the expensive equipment of the pool. You know that the pool pump and the pool filter are the most expensive equipment in the pool. By collecting larger debris, skimmer prevents access to the pool pump and the pool filter.

After heavy use of your swimming pool, it becomes contaminated with body oil, soap, shampoo, and other particles. In that case, you can put some tennis balls to your pool skimmer basket. They help to absorb the oil of the contaminated water. And this will alleviate the workload of your filter. Besides you can cover your skimmer basket with pantyhose or pool skimmer filter socks. This will collect both the smaller and the larger debris as well. So, skimmer helps to keep the pool pump and the pool filter in good condition.

Using chlorine tablets

You can add chlorine tablets by your pool skimmer. So, if you don’t have a floating chlorine dispenser, you need not worry. By using a skimmer, you can directly use chlorine tablets to your pool water which purifies your pool water. In addition, there is an advantage of using chlorine tablets in the skimmer that the floating chlorinator doesn’t have. The chlorine tablets will dissolve quickly in the skimmer because water always flows through the skimmer. So, the purification process will work faster here.

But you need to be conscious when using chlorine tablets in your skimmer. When the pump is switched off, you need to remove the half dissolved chlorine tablet. Otherwise, the chlorine will dissolve at one place of the pool excessively. And it will cause damage to your pool equipment also. So use a chlorine tablet in the skimmer when the pool pump is running on.

Vacuuming the entire pool

You can vacuum your pool manually with the pool skimmer. For vacuuming the pool with a skimmer, you need to enter the vacuum hose into the skimmers suction hole and the vacuuming process will be started. Another way to vacuum the pool water is to use a skimmer vacuum plate. In these ways, we can use the skimmer for vacuuming the entire pool.

How to clean above ground pool skimmer

Proper cleaning of your above ground pool is very necessary for maintaining your pool water. Leaves, twigs, and other debris are collected into the skimmer basket to keep your above ground pool clean and maintain proper water circulation. There are some simple steps of cleaning the above ground pool skimmer. Let’s take a look at them below:

Above Ground Pool Skimmer
keep Pool Water neat, Clean and sparkling clear
  • Firstly, turn off the pool pump to clean your skimmer. You already know that the skimmer sucks water and that suction force comes from the pool pump. So you need to turn off the pool pump in order to pause the suction of the skimmer. Check the weir of the skimmer is closed or opened. If it is opened, close it first. Then start the skimmer cleaning process.
  • You need to remove the skimmer lid. Generally, the skimmer lid or cover is white in color and plastic made. After opening the cover, you may be wondered by seeing the spiders or other insects exist there. Don’t be afraid and find the skimmer basket from the skimmer.
  • Remove the skimmer basket from the skimmer. You need to clean the skimmer basket at least once a week. Otherwise, the accumulated debris will create more pollutants inside the skimmer and mix with the pool water. Then you need to dump the debris out of your skimmer basket. Be sensible when you are cleaning the basket. Never dump the debris near the pool. It will hamper your pool beauty and cause odor near your poolside. Sometimes there have some sticky particles in the basket, that you might not touch by your hands. Then take a garden hose and spray water to remove the sticky particle.
  • Now place the clean skimmer basket to its former place. Check the basket properly if there have any crack or damage in the basket or not. If yes, replace the basket as soon as possible. Never use a broken skimmer basket. Because the pollutants can pass through it and can damage the pool pump and pool filter.
  • Then, place the skimmer lid again to its place. Close it properly. Otherwise, it can be opened randomly and debris can fall into it from poolside leaves or by winds.

The Process Of replacing a pool skimmer

You already know that a pool skimmer is a very essential element of an above-ground swimming pool. But sometimes it can be disabled or cracked. Then you need to replace your pool skimmer. Let’s know the process of replacing a pool skimmer. 

First of all, lower the water level of your pool and open the lip of the skimmer.

Then, remove the hose from the old skimmer and keep it near the pool so that you can easily find at the time of installing new skimmer.

Now, remove the screws from the skimmer with a screwdriver.

Finally, install the new skimmer using the screwdriver and rubber seal.

Here, I have given a short description of the process of replacing pool skimmer. Click the link below to learn in detail about the process of replacing skimmer on the above ground pool.

Note: replacing skimmer on above ground pool

How to replace above ground pool skimmer gasket 

Pool owners need to know about how to replace parts of the pool when they get damaged. When the skimmer gasket gets damaged or becomes unusable then you need to replace it as early as possible. Because it will ensure your pools’ entire equipment’s efficiency. If you don’t replace your cracked or damaged above ground pool skimmer gasket, your pool’s other equipment can also be damaged. To replace the skimmer gasket, you need to follow some steps

above ground pool skimmer
Carefully attach the gasket to get better performance from the pool skimming
  1. Before installing a new gasket you need to lower the pool water. Here you have to drop the water level 1 to 2 inches of the old skimmer gasket. By doing this, you can remove the old gasket more comfortably. It is also beneficial for your pool liner.
  2. Now remove the screw of the damaged gasket faceplate with a magnetic screwdriver. When you use a magnetic screwdriver, you can easily find the screw later on the time of replacing the new skimmer gasket.
  3. When the removal of the screws is completed, you can open the gasket and faceplate easily from the skimmer. Then the old rubber seal will also peel off without difficulty. But never scratch the pool liner in the time of removing the skimmer gasket.
  4. Here, you have to put the screw of the gasket in the old holes, because it will prevent the shifting of the pool liner from the skimmer area. If your new faceplate and gasket are not ready yet, you need to put the screws in the bottom holes of the gasket. You need to replace the new gasket quickly. Because the water weight of your pool shifts the pool liner.
  5. At this point, you need to remove the screws from the existing gasket bottom holes and place the new ready gasket around the skimmer properly. Set the holes of the new gasket according to the screw points so that you can attach the screw with the skimmer face duly.
  6. Now, install the faceplate on the gasket and place the rubber seal. You need to line up the holes of the rubber seal according to the hole of the faceplate. Then you need to line the gasket, faceplate, and rubber seal with the existing hole in the pool liner
  7. Dispel the placeholding screws so that you can utilize them to attach the new skimmer faceplate with the pool wall. Here you need to tighten up the screws perfectly in order to prevent water leakage between the pool line and the pool wall.
  8. Rise the level of water to the former water level as the bottom half part of the skimmer face goes underwater.

How To Increase Suction In Pool Skimmer?

There are several ways to increase the suction of pool skimmer. Let’s discuss them:

Clean the pump impeller

Firstly, you need to check the pool pump impeller. Sometimes pollutants can clog into the pump impeller at the time of cleaning the above-ground swimming pool. For checking the pump impeller, you need to switch off the pump. Then you need to open the cover of the pump and remove the pump basket thoroughly.

After removing the pump basket, you can see the pump impeller downside through the hole. Then take a screwdriver and check for debris inside. You can clean all of the debris with the help of an air compressor from the pump compeller. After cleaning your skimmer suction power will be increased.

Inspect the piping

When you check the pump compeller but don’t find any kind of debris there. And your skimmer suction power is also decreased significantly. Then the problem can occur with the piping. It can be clogged with debris which can hinder the proper suction of the skimmer. Here, you need to use an air compressor to force the debris out of the pipe to increase the skimmer suction power.

Check the skimmer valve

After practicing the above two ways you can find the skimmer suction power normal. But what if the skimmer suction power is still deteriorating. The problem also can be occurred with the skimmer valve. Diagnose the skimmer valve is fully opened or not. If not, you have to understand that the problem is here. It can be jammed with debris. the solution is very easy as the former solution. Use an air compressor to pull out the debris from the skimmer valve. Then you will find the normal suction power of your pool skimmer

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Frequently Asked Questions | Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Does my above ground pool need a skimmer?

An above-ground pool needs a skimmer for its water purification. It is the first task to keep the pool water beautiful and shiny. Skimmer forces the pool surface water into it and collects the leaves, twigs, and other pollutants before drowning into the pool ground.

What are the above ground pool skimmer parts

A skimmer has different parts such as skimmer basket, lid, weir, skimmer gasket, etc. a skimmer basket is used to collect debris from pool water. Skimmer lid covers the topside of the skimmer. Weir is used to increasing the water flow towards the skimmer. And the skimmer gasket is attached at the skimmer face with a faceplate.


Skimmer keeps your above-ground pool clean and removes all the debris. Install a skimmer in your pool and half of the cleaning process of your pol is done. Besides, it is used to close your pool every winter. Thus, it is an indispensable part of your pool. So, Maintain the pool skimmer properly and in return, it will take care of your pool.

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